Torino 2006 - the Official Video Game of the XX Olympic Winter Games Image

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  • Summary: In the spirit of the winter Olympics, Torino '06 Olympic Games lets you compete in 15 different events. The game includes such disciplines as bobsledding, figure skating, cross-country skiing, hockey, and biathlon. Up to four players can compete for Olympic glory through head-to-head or sequential gameplay. Collapse
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  1. Torino 2006 for the Xbox also suffers from the same stale one button simplicity of the PS2 version.
  2. As for Torino 2006, I would look in the bargain bin for "International Winter Sports 2002" instead.
  3. With no opening or closing ceremonies, or otherwise flashy presentation, the game is as boring to look at as it is to play.
  4. It's something you'll play for a little while but you'll soon realize that watching the real thing is far more exciting. It sounds better. It feels faster. And you'll get to see the podium and hear the anthem of the victor's nation.
  5. I expected Torino 2006 to use its licence to present a confident and solid portrayal of the Olympic experience. It does neither – to be quite frank – and feels like an incredibly rushed affair.
  6. 20
    It's being sold now for $20. In a week, when they are selling it for $4.99, it will still be overpriced.
  7. Seriously, I've seen shockwave games that had more excitement than this. For $20, do not buy this under any circumstances.

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  1. [Anonymous]
    Mar 20, 2006
    Despite all the bad reviews, I think it is a great game that needs a little improvement. The olympic games come every four years and last 16 days. As soon as you get hooked into the Olympics, they end. This allows you have some Olympics in the home while waiting to see them again. Expand