Mixed or average reviews - based on 28 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 13 out of 28
  2. Negative: 2 out of 28
  1. The gameplay, the story, the graphics, the music, the voice acting ... it's all imbued with such a central sense of style that the game just pops.
  2. 90
    If you can look paste the long loading times, then this is an awesome title and definitely recommended.
  3. Total Overdose doesn't do much that's new or innovative, but what it does drips with so much style that you can't stay away.
  4. Excellent. It is frantic, funny and violent, but in a good way. If you like "GTA" and "Max Payne," you will love Total Overdose. [Oct 2005]
  5. A pure action epiphany, with awesome gunplay and crazy combat, mixed with a shot of Tequila and South American spirit.
  6. A tequila-fuelled, high octane, explosive game that combines frantic gunplay and stylish combo moves with a distinctive and perfectly realised Mexican theme to produce a very entertaining and funny experience.
  7. 80
    The game's exploration elements are a little underwhelming, partly do to the fact that the vehicles aren't really all that fun to drive. It's also quite linear, though that hasn't really hurt many other titles in the past. On the flip side though, it's overall style makes up for some of these lackluster elements.
  8. A darn good adventure and one that should be taken by every serious gamer. It may not take the place of any "Grand Theft Auto" game but it could certainly hold its own against "Max Payne."
  9. While the gameplay is far from original, it is entertaining, especially when you're mowing down a field of gun-toting soldiers by blasting away, or launching a vehicle into a brigade like a missile. The side missions are loads of fun, too. It's just too bad the game's over too quickly, like a siesta.
  10. Total Overdose does not boast the richest and silkiest of graphics, yet it does have 20 levels of gameplay with an appropriate B-movie feel. Although the game's longevity may be in doubt, its ability to engross is assured.
  11. One of the most fantastically rubbish games of the year. It's a game that combines awesome with awful, cool with crap and it could tear the nation in two. Will you love it or hate it? Sorry, we can't help you out with that one because this is a Marmite moment and it's spread very, very thick.
  12. If Cheech and Chong meet "El Mariachi" sounds good to you, then pick up Total Overdose stat. If you can't stand the notion of a Mexican shooting range scored on accuracy and presentation, then you may want to hold onto those pesos.
  13. Sure, the action could be seen as mindlessly repetitive, but then to an extent you're only limited by your own creativity. Just kick back and lap up the theatrical gunplay in this sizzling shooter, and you won't get burned. [Official UK XBox Magazine]
  14. 74
    If they were allowed to finish this game before it was released, it would be a classic.
  15. The game's audio, variety of weapons and moves keeps you interested for a while, but the game isn't that long and is very repetitive, which certainly kills any buzz you originally had.
  16. Its repetitive structure and bland storyline creates a somewhat shallow experience, yet at the same time there's depth to be found in the combo combat system and the many side missions to partake.
  17. 70
    When it works, Total Overdose is a surreal blur of bullets keeping time to the merengue. But for each of those moments there are an equal number that run together into an indistinguishable mush of gunning down guys in sombreros to Latino rap.
  18. 70
    Total Overdose doesn't take itself too seriously; and you shouldn't either. It's a fairly solid action game that puts the emphasis on style.
  19. Total Overdose may be another unashamed clone, but its amusing Mexican underworld storyline and crazy acrobatic moves make it a load of irresistible fun.
  20. Action game fans ought to be able to settle in and blast their ways through Total Overdose's relatively brief campaign with reasonable levels of enjoyment. Just be prepared for one extremely cheesy ride.
  21. 65
    While substandard scripts and voice acting can be forgiven, when someone pays upwards of £30 for a game lasting ten hours maximum they do not expect to be faced with fiddly controls or to be confused by poorly thought out level structures.
  22. As much as I would like to recommend that people see the insanity that unfolds, the shoddy play will likely drive most gamers into a mental institution. [Jan 2006, p.138]
  23. There was never any doubt that Total Overdose would fall foul of one of its genre's various pitfalls, but it's unfortunate that it ultimately had to be one as irksome as excessive length... At its best, the game still shakes up a loud and spicy Mexican cocktail, but what it's added to the mix has been more than enough to weaken the taste. [Nov 2005, p.103]
  24. An amusing, individual game that delivers an initial hit of fun but whose essential concept becomes stale. [Nov 2005, p.121]
  25. The style aspect of the game is fun, and the simple run and gun missions are enjoyable. However, some technical glitches, horrible enemy AI, a weak plot, and some under whelming gameplay features manage to keep it far from great.
  26. Just fun (and wickedly funny) enough to make it worth a rental. [Jan 2006, p.71]
  27. There really is no replay value for Total Overdose: A Gunslinger's Tale in Mexico. It's too easy and it does nothing very well.
  28. Cheap AI, lame graphics, dull gameplay. It's all there for the suffering.

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