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  • Summary: Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict enhances both single and multiplayer gameplay, including all-new player acrobatics, third-person camera mode, vehicles, and intense melee abilities. In the single player campaign, you'll fight your way through new cities and arenas as Anubis, who attempts to retake his people's Nakhti Rite of Ascension Tournament from the machinations of the Liandri Corporation. The game also offer players the chance to fight head-to-head in eight-player tournaments over Xbox Live or System Link as any one of 14 characters--each with new adrenaline powers that enable offensive and defensive combos. Expand
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  1. This isn't merely an evolution of the franchise -- this is Unreal with the dial turned up to 11.
  2. What is easily one of the coolest things about Unreal Championship 2 is the ability to deflect ranged shots back at your enemies.
  3. The melee combat adds such a difference it almost feels like you're playing a new genre of game.
  4. The melee action has changed the strategy of the game quite a bit making it much easier to play for a lengthy period of time.
  5. 84
    If fast-paced action and bandage-wrapped fingers are your cup of tea, Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict is the game for you.
  6. Nothing says "beware of oncoming plot" like an extraneous subtitle. [June 2005, p.92]
  7. There are too many AI quirks and tic to make offline play a useful or even enjoyable tool for learning the ropes, so despite some promising advances, Unreal Championship 2 is just another game to file under the 'buy it if you have Xbox Live' sub-division of the FPS genre. [May 2005, p.86]

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