• Publisher: Midway
  • Release Date: Apr 18, 2005

Generally favorable reviews - based on 54 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 49 out of 54
  2. Negative: 0 out of 54
  1. This isn't merely an evolution of the franchise -- this is Unreal with the dial turned up to 11.
  2. The action's a teenage fan boy's wet dream, all leering lizard-men and sneering, scantily clad vixens who exchange gunplay and close-range combat moves like speed freaks in a slap fight.
  3. Not only redefines our perception of multiplayer games, it raises the bar of the deathmatch genre to new heights and will become the benchmark by which all future online combat games are measured.
  4. Does a great job of blending classic FPS action with some third-person platforming elements and brings the Unreal series to a whole new level. The gameplay modes are plentiful, online and off, and the AI is very smart and puts up a good fight.
  5. Combining the proven play of the Unreal franchise with the mechanics of a fighting game, Unreal Championship 2 elevates the first person shooter genre to a completely new level.
  6. In a few years, people will look back and recognize this as the game that drove the fast-paced shooters that followed.
  7. What is easily one of the coolest things about Unreal Championship 2 is the ability to deflect ranged shots back at your enemies.
  8. 93
    A remarkable exercise in innovation, smart design, and excellent technology. If you like to fight, whether it's via first-person shooters or through fighting games, you've got to play this.
  9. It blends meticulous fragging action with invigoratingly new brawling elements that, in the end, makes for a completely enthralling experience.
  10. Undoubtedly one of the most intense and frenzied arena combat games I've ever played. [Apr 2005, p.136]
  11. Almost the definition of a triple-A title. It's got everthing - good online play, amazingly fun and addictive action, options up the wazoo, a graphics engine that will make your eyes well up - and it's all polished to a glistening shine... It's a spectacle to behold. [March 2005, p.32]
  12. Not just a little bit better than the original; it's a LOT better. And I don't mean it to say that the original Unreal Champ was bad. It was great. But this is on another level.
  13. The melee combat adds such a difference it almost feels like you're playing a new genre of game.
  14. What makes this title so special? Well, let's see: you can use both third and first-person views; hand-to-hand melee combat; beautiful graphics; and amazing online multiplayer.
  15. The mixture of first and third-person gaming has been done in a slick enough manner so that melee and projectile combat blend together nearly seamlessly.
  16. An ambitious and largely successful attempt to meld the accuracy of traditional firstperson battling with the extra spatial agility and awareness afforded by thirdperson movement. It does feel slightly overdone, but not to the point of obscuring its offering of intensity and flighty action. [May 2005, p.90]
  17. If you want something fresh, with almost endless replay value (so long as you have Live or some friends nearby) then I can do nothing but strongly recommend this title.
  18. The sequel to Unreal comes up tops with solid gameplay, beautiful visuals and super-addictive online play.
  19. While the concept of a first-person shooter going behind the back may sound a little strange at first, Unreal Championship 2 pulls it off with ease and, at the same time, provides a fantastic new twist on an old favorite.
  20. It won't be for everyone - but the melee combat brings something fresh to the genre and the online games are absolutely cracking. [Xbox World]
  21. Blending melee combat with first-person shooting may have been done before but it's never been done like this... It features a deep control system that once learned, will take you places that the original Unreal Championship could only dream of.
  22. Online, the game is a solid gem. One of the best controller internet games ever. My only gripe is offline. The bots, as smart as they may be, still don't compare to humans.
  23. This new shooter in town didn't just impress us, it blew us away with its gorgeous looks, balanced weaponry and unbelievably fun gameplay. We're now scarred by this illicit encounter, and no FPS experience will ever be the same again. [Official UK Xbox Magazine]
  24. 90
    We were haters at first, but the new P.O.V. started to grow on us. Watching our character cartwheel through the air like a T.J. Hooker stunt double makes for some heady moments.
  25. With all of the added single player goodness of a Story Mode, Tournaments, Challenges, the new/classic game types, and the inclusion of Xbox Live play (which is a rule for Unreal) Unreal Championship 2 has the highest replay value of any 2005 release yet, and every minute, online or off, is just damn fun.
  26. The game boasts some great graphics and tremendous gameplay fun for a fantastic overall gaming experience.
  27. Whether it's offline or online, Unreal Championship 2 will never fail to please, because with so much to do, unlock, edit, shoot, taunt, and blow up…the action almost never stops.
  28. The melee action has changed the strategy of the game quite a bit making it much easier to play for a lengthy period of time.
  29. 90
    UC2 is trying to create a fun, arcade sensibility and atmosphere that takes the franchise and the genre in a sporty, flamboyant, enjoyable new direction. In this it succeeds admirably.
  30. The atmospheric design is as good as it gets, the multiplayer options are aplenty, and no matter which perspective you choose, first or third, you'll still find some of the best combat you can dish out on a console.

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