Generally favorable reviews - based on 13 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 13
  2. Negative: 1 out of 13
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  1. A rally fan’s dream come true. While the game suffers a little from graphical glitches, the game handles like a dream and most racing fans will find V-RALLY 3 to be a game that they can play for hours.
  2. This game has a fantastic, in-depth, career mode.
  3. Eden Studios has added another impressive rally game to that mix, one that boasts exciting action, a strong career mode, and attractive graphics.
  4. 80
    I was completely taken by surprise by how much I enjoyed racing through the wooded courses of England, the open dusty plains of Africa, and the snowy landscapes of Sweden.
  5. Official Xbox Magazine
    The game structure itself is where the depth starts to suck you in, and a career mode with garage management, budget responsibilities, and even morale to manage is a hefty challenge. [July 2003, p.78]
  6. And with the kind of game V-Rally 3 is with it’s realistic rendering of the sport, good numbers of options, and good racing, it’s likely we’ll see a V-Rally 4. Recommended to rally fans for sure.
  7. 78
    A solid game, but it falls short of being able to contend with either "RalliSport Challenge" or "Colin McRae." It suffers from difficult controls, a lack of different gameplay modes, and some occasionally odd graphics.
  8. V-Rally 3 features all of the gameplay modes and options you could ever ask for, but unfortunately they just didn’t pull off the driving model very well.
  9. Aside from being a hell of a lot easier than "Colin" to get to grips with, the overall experience is not as engaging as Codemasters’ title.
  10. Cheat Code Central
    You might be able to squeeze 20 hours out of this game before you start repeating yourself.
  11. The controls in V-Rally 3 are frustrating, having less to do with real world physics and more to do with turning my childhood RC racer into a full blown rally car.
  12. 60
    The effect of collisions is inconsistent. You can pass through some objects and be stopped dead in your tracks by others. The car physics are far too "floaty," and you'll find yourself catching too much air and doing crazy spins and rotations from minor bumps.
  13. There are significant flaws in every aspect of the game that drags down the quality of the racing experience, minimizes replay value, and reduces immersion in the game.

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