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  • Summary: Virtual Pool offers 18 different pool games on tables from chic Monte Carlo to a dirty biker bar. Shoot some stick with the most advanced billiards physics ever experienced, as you bank, angle and English the trickiest shots imaginable.
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  1. The use of a fantastic ball physics system and a wide variety of game types should keep players happy and interested for a long time to come. Unfortunately, the enthusiasm witnessed in the technical attributes of this game was not translated to its overall presentation.
  2. 65
    A good choice for those looking for a Pool game, especially on the Xbox where there is no Pool Paradise. In fact, this game has a few things that Archer Maclean's title doesn't.
  3. This certainly isn't a bad game of pool, but it lives up to few expectations beyond what its meager price tag would suggest.
  4. Not a terrible game, but shoddy, rudimentary presentation and basic gameplay means this is one for the purists only. [Official UK Xbox Magazine]
  5. It's a few steps away from having a truly enjoyable career mode and with the help of some Xbox Live functionality that goes beyond the simplistic implementation of the Friends List, this one may have turned a few heads. As it stands only the diehard pool players of the world need apply.
  6. But, strangely, you must spend your entire career playing the same type of game rather than choosing between different varieties.
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