Generally favorable reviews - based on 19 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 19 out of 19
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 19
  3. Negative: 0 out of 19
  1. It's so realistic it makes me want to drivearound my block blasting the horn til' midnight.
  2. Hardcore fans will enjoy this game immensely, but casual fans will likely find WE9 too difficult. Even though the game is not for everyone, it is still the best soccer game to date.
  3. This is as close to a complete package you can get.
  4. Winning Eleven is the single most realistic soccer game ever produced.
  5. It has that feeling of being more realistic and a wider range of controls.
  6. Winning Eleven 9 plays an incredibly realistic game of soccer and is the first game in the series to support online play.
  7. There's so much to love about Winning Eleven 9 it's almost a shame that it's such an aesthetically unattractive package. Once you dig a bit deeper and get past the crummy music and lackluster visuals and presentation you'll find one of the best sports games of the year.
  8. Though the tweaks are mostly small, they're just enough to keep this star a header above the rest.
  9. There is no comparison; World Soccer Winning Eleven 9 is the best soccer game to date.
  10. The controls are more responsive and as a result you will actually use less combinations of buttons and the sticks to make your moves.
  11. Konami's annual soccer franchise, which has scored in the past for its slick controls, wads of teams, and shin-splintin' graphics, returns to the field to affirm its ball-kicking dominance.
  12. 90
    With the addition of online gameplay to the best soccer engine in the world, Winning Eleven 9 is worth a purchase, but it still somewhat feels like the American release of last year's "Winning Eleven 8: Live Wire" more than its own standalone game.
  13. A game that has no rival in the Soccer world. It's better than FIFA, and it's even better than FIFA Soccer for the Xbox 360.
  14. 88
    A gem of a soccer title, but it feels like "Winning Eleven 8 Online"...WE9 is still the undisputed champ of videogame soccer. You'll laugh; you'll cry; you'll scream "GOAL" until you go blue in the face. It's that fun.

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