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  • Summary: In Zapper, you play a small creature that embarks on a great quest. Zapper is a cricket in search of brother Zipper, who was kidnapped by the evil Maggie the Magpie. Through 18 twisted levels, you'll evade bizarre enemies and deadly hazards using your electrified antennae and springy reflexes. Zap your foes, explore your surroundings, and find and destroy eggs before they hatch. Zapper's intense action continues as you unlock hidden areas, bonus levels, and play multiplayer games. Expand
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  1. As the spiritual successor to "Frogger 2: Swampy's Revenge," Zapper delivers more challenging action puzzle gameplay in a colorful, upbeat setting.
  2. Walking away from the simple addictive gameplay always proves difficult for me. I hate for a machine to ever get the better of me.
  3. Despite good controls, graphics and sound, Zapper’s gameplay is too short, and that turns out to be one of its biggest drawbacks.
  4. It's bright colorful landscapes and cute character, Zapper the Cricket, will appeal to those who still rifle through their underwear drawer looking for their Superman or Wonder Woman underoos.
  5. I liked Zapper for its utterly old-school approach to simplicity and twitch-based gameplay, even it if could have been a little better on all fronts. [Nov 2002, p.92]
  6. Manages to rip off everything that made Frogger a nice game, but still ends up no fun.
  7. The multiplayer games are banal, and while Zapper offers cartoony kid-graphics, it's nothing that can't be done on inferior systems. Yawn. [Winter 2002, p.102]

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  1. KenD.
    Nov 28, 2005
    While the reviewers have smashed on this game, they have not taken into account that there are not alot of solid games for younger kids on the x-box. This is a game that a preschooler could start out on (first level only) while an adult may struggle on the later levels to find hidden areas. In short--it is a simple but charmingly addictive game that is PERFECT for young kids! Collapse