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  1. Nov 30, 2010
    Danny Boyle is back, with another inspirational flick filled with charming directorial tricks. However, unlike his other recent films, he finally gives us a fleshed out character whose struggles we actually care about. Because of this, I believe it's fair to say that 127 Hours is the best Danny Boyle film of the last ten years, and one of the best films of 2010.
  2. Nov 30, 2010
    127 Hours is a horrific yet uplifting film that depicts the fragility of the "one-man army" mindset of human and how the possession of valiance can overcome personal flaws. Coming from an award winning Slumdog Millionaire, director Danny Boyle returns with a film based on the true story of Aron Ralston, a mountain climber who was forced to amputate his arm after his arm had been trapped by a boulder. Portrayed by James Franco, the film recreates Ralston's "127 hours" of isolation and how he was able to survive by expressing self-control and personal motivation. Danny Boyle's film, in my opinion, surpasses his somewhat overrated Slumdog Millionaire, due to the fact that Boyle tried to break limits without losing the reality of the story, something that was flawed in his previous effort. But drawing from the success of his Slumdog, Boyle uses the same brilliant style of cinematography within this film. This aspect of the film provides a modern essence to the film and adds a fast-pace to an otherwise lengthy story. Comparisons set aside, 127 Hours is a brilliant film that can stand alone from its directorial background. The build-up of pressure and suspense essentially drives the film. At first glance, 127 Hours's task to create an interesting experience from a single setting and character would seem too daunting. But Boyle is able to set the momentum through flashblacks and personal insights; but because of the restrained limit of the story, the engagement of the film experiences its own monotonous flaws. The film relies on pressure, and that is formed by the audience's connection with Franco and the urgency of the character's fate. James Franco's (who turned down a role in Inception for this film) character is practically the sole individual of the film, yet he makes no mistakes. Franco is able to integrate a subtle breakdown while able to suffice restraint, creating emotion that the audience attaches itself to. 127 Hours is an outstanding film that is emotional up to its final conclusion. The final scene is one of the more memorable scenes I have seen this year, as it is a rupture of sentiment that is built up by the whole film. Even though at times it has its moments of repetitiveness, Boyle's film is one of this decade's landmark due to the fact that it was able to create an emotional roller coaster from an one-angled story. Grade: A Expand
  3. Nov 29, 2010
    Ask yourself before going into this film, am I prepare to watch a guy cutting off his arm (slowly), am I prepare to see James Franco face throughout the entire film? Well, if you're not, see it anyways. Directed by Danny Boyle and starring James Franco, 127 Hours is really another masterpiece after Boyle's Slumdog Millionare. With flashy images and colors, Danny Boyle's style is showing up more in his films. 127 Hours is about a guy cutting off his arm. That is the plot, basic and simple. Aron Ralston is a hardcore biker who loves to climb and one day, just as you predicts, he got trapped. Being stuck in between a rock for 5 days with limited food, little water, no heat, and no restroom can really change a person's point of view. Seeing how he survives the five days feels like I'm watching a camping film. But 127 Hours is more than that, it has this hidden feeling that you feel bad for this guy. With his charming personality, James Franco was able to portray Aron Ralston accurately. This guy was really funny throughout the film even though he had to cut off his own hand. But whenever the movie focuses on how Aron survives, it becomes a movie about survival. This film is strictly about the art of cutting one's hand. 127 Hours gathers all the style of Danny Boyle and put it all together. And with James Franco playing the lead, it couldn't have been better. Expand
  4. Nov 29, 2010
    I like to judge movies based on how long after the credits I am still thinking about the film. I saw this nearly two weeks ago and I still cannot wait to see it again. Danny Boyle really pulls out all the stops for this one as a fusion of style and story that make the film far more entertaining than it should be. You may know the ending before you see it, but you have know idea of the journey that will take you there. Expand
  5. Nov 27, 2010
    This is a really good movie and the movie and James Franco deserve nominations. It's beautifully shot and captures the full experience. This is a hard movie to sit through in some parts and the "cutting off of the arm" scene doesn't help. My only problem is that this movie is based on a man who did an unbelievably stupid thing and it was a freak accident. This is a bit of a problem because even though he made it out alive the movie portrays him as more af a hero. This isn't entirely bad, but this is just my take on it. Still, go see the movie. You won't regret it. Expand
  6. Nov 27, 2010
    Visually compelling with a stunning acting performance by Franco. He plays an average American, a outdoor jock, self absorbed, funny, foolish, smart, passionate, young, and yes heroic. it is a raw story but done glossy, moving, dramatic, and tastefully gory. A risky gut wrenching scene that well scare away the faint of heart, pity though., Finally, one powerfully emotional ending that soared.
  7. Nov 26, 2010
    I don't usually go to movies where I know the ending unless I have read the book and the book was great. This is a interesting story with a message. The message however was blurred for me by what seem to be overreaching attempts to be creative. The crowded hustle and bustle flashes were out of place and could have been done much better to fit the film. Instead they are just a distraction. James Franco is very good in his role as Aron Ralston which is fortunate for the filmmaker because he's really the only character in the film. Expand
  8. Nov 25, 2010
    This is a well made movie given the limits of the story. Unfortunately, this is not a story that really interested me. My rating is biased by that. Boyle is a great director and I applaud his work. The film did spark a heated theological debate between the three of us who saw it. The Christian among us thought that God saved him. The Buddhist among us thought that his misfortune was caused by his lack of connection or respect for nature. The agnostic who is yours truly thought that God did not have anything to do with the boulder falling on him or his cutting off his arm. I saw it as a random event. Expand
  9. Nov 20, 2010
    Incredible story. Incredible performance. Franco is automatically an Oscar contender, if not winner, with this one. A testimony to the human spirit and will to survive. Glad we saw it at the theater.
  10. Nov 19, 2010
    Not too many movies have moved me quite like this one. This film mainly deals with the psychological roller coaster that Aron Ralston was forced to ride and not necessarily on actual escape. It forces you to examine how you might handle this horrific experience, which can be quite disturbing as there are really no good options. Careful if you have a weak stomach. Many in the theater were taking a break outside the door, ghost white and sweaty. Expand
  11. Nov 18, 2010
    Surely one of the best films of the year, Boyle's effort I believe is a triumphant and revolutionary new take in film of a person that is in complete solitude, an upbeat soundtrack and by blending fear, tension, and humor all into one. I think that probably what is the most moving though is that this film is able to take hold of you and when you're let go in the end; the only thing you can think of is that you are just glad to be alive. Expand
  12. Nov 15, 2010
    What an inspirational story. I had high hopes for this movie, and it delivered. Anyone not seeing this film because of the "money shot" needs to see it. Yes, it happens and is necessary, but it doesn't dominate the film. It truly puts your trivial daily problems in perspective. Franco is outstanding, and Danny Boyle delivers yet again.
  13. Nov 6, 2010
    RyanGee and many reviewers have pinpointed the reason this film will be so successful and a contender for the Oscars. Add equal parts of Danny Boyle's energetic concept, cinematography, editing and Rahman's music, stir and splash in a hefty portion of James Franco's incredible acting chops. I consider this to be part of the upper tier of 2010's top 10.

Universal acclaim - based on 38 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 37 out of 38
  2. Negative: 0 out of 38
  1. Reviewed by: Damon Wise
    Jan 3, 2011
    A surprisingly fun, effervescent against-the-odds drama that offers an upbeat moral without the usual punishing survival-story clich├ęs. Not for the faint-hearted, mind.
  2. Reviewed by: Steve Persall
    Nov 24, 2010
    It's gory and gut-wrenching but strangely life-affirming.
  3. Reviewed by: Mike Scott
    Nov 24, 2010
    127 Hours -- just like "Slumdog Millionaire" -- is a masterful slice of four-star cinema, featuring an irresistible performance by James Franco, breathtaking cinematography, and the kind of deep, searching soul that is absent from so much of what comes out of Hollywood.