City of Gardens | Release Date: September 28, 2012
Summary: Wayne Montgomery is a young, naive California surfer living happy in Lima Peru in 1980. Suddenly he is framed on drug charges and thrown into Lima’s infamous El Sexto prison. Corrupt police officials move to extort money from Wayne’s family, but Wayne won’t cooperate. In prison, Wayne meets a series of eccentric and dangerous characters that compel him to grow up in a hurry and find a way to escape. Based on a true story and shot in gritty, realistic style, “186 Dollars to Freedom” has brought audiences to standing ovations at film festivals throughout the United States and Peru. (Four Fish Films)
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Runtime: 101 min
Rating: Not Rated
Official Site: http://www.thecityofgardens.com/
Production: City of Gardens
Genres: Action, Drama
Countries: USA, Peru
Language: English
Director Credit
Camilo Vila Director
Writer Credit
Camilo Vila Writer
Monty Fisher Writer
Cast Credit
Alex Meraz Nicaragua
Anahí de Cárdenas Maritza
Coco Gutierrez Aurelio
Corey Browne Strike
David Michie Colonel Ramos
Deborah Kara Unger Consul Powers
Diego Cáceres Sargaent
Grant Bowler Jesus Christ
Gustavo Mayer Horna
John Robinson Wayne
Johnny Lewis Jorge
Ledesma. Gabriel Cornejo
Luis Alberto Urrutia Walter
Michael DeLorenzo Gutierrez
Nick Machado Magoo
Oscar Carrillo Luna
Paul Ramirez Israel
Renzo Schuller Chino
Rocio Lazaro Lourdes
Ruben Rabasa Cardoso
Producer Credit
Alicia Rivera Frankl Producer
Camilo Vila Producer
Francisco Hernández Associate Producer
Joseph Suarez Associate Producer
Kevan Michaels Executive Producer
Luis Llosa Executive Producer
Monty Fisher Producer
Noreen Perez Associate Producer
Rami Rivera Frankl Co-Producer
Roger Burlage Executive Producer