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  1. gbd
    Jul 22, 2014
    Everyone should read this book. Yes, there are people within America who want a world without America. The Evil v the Good. You can only choose one freedom or free stuff.
  2. Jul 13, 2014
    I voted for Obama in 2008. I was a moderate democrat. Now I am a moderate Libertarian who doesn't identify with or agree with the two party system and how it's handicapping and destroying our nation.
    I watched this movie with an open mind, and based on substantiated fact, media/news reports, and other such research, I largely believe most of the content presented in this film is accurate
    and factual. Some of information therein, is speculation or borderline speculation, but it isn't hard to believe that the idea's presented in this film, and Obama's book "Dreams From My Father" are directly relevant to the Obama Administrations decisions, and policymaking in the White House. I also highly recommend reading Obama's book, to corroborate the information presented, and to get a context of Obama's ideology and thought process, as he was becoming an adult and as he progressed throughout his life and political career. Highly recommended viewing, even if you are a liberal democrat, or no matter your political or ideological stance/preference. Expand
  3. Jul 3, 2014
    CAUTION* IF you have a closed-minded, preconceived politically biased viewpoint for or against B.Obama.. loose it, and watch this movie with an open mind. Take in the facts with an open mind and you will be enlightened, no matter what your vantage point. However, if you feel the need to stand up or put down the president blindly, covering your ears and eyes like a child in denial to the facts, then you probably aren't brave enough to handle the facts and enormous volumes of research, history, data, and first-hand interviews.

    Did you ever hear the president's brother interviewed ? .. have you heard about Obama's father's primary objective ?

    And actually once you see this, you need to look at the predictions and how all of them have come true, then watch part 2.. much more of a neutral review of America in decline.. the new "America" movie that is coming out this week, which I just saw and is even better than this volume of information that the media is afraid to circulate.
  4. Nov 2, 2013
    Nails the ending of Obama's second term. Too bad there wasn't enough support for Romney to win. Hopefully Obama will be out of office due to impeachment and we'll get stuck with Biden who is at least... a little better
  5. Nov 29, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. A very scary movie that everyone should see before voting in November. I use the word "scary", not because this film revealed anything to me that I didn't already know. Actually, I'd estimate that I already knew of approximately 95% of the content covered in this movie. What's scary is that the content covered in this film was all readily available before the 2008 election (hence why I voted for the old guy and the dumb broad) and yet so many people ignored it then and continue to ignore it now. How dense are people? Many republicans are against Obama for his politics or think he's dumb or think he's naive, etc. No, this is not the case. I said in 2008 and I'll repeat it now... Barrack Hussein Obama is an evil man who hates the United States of America. That statement seems radical to the sheeple who suck from the teet of Obama's America but it's the truth and if they weren't so immediately selfish it would be painfully obvious. This 2012 election isn't a vote between Romney and Obama or republican and democrat or white and black... it's a vote between America and anti-America. I'd say the choice is pretty obvious.

    Too late, obviously America is filled with morons.
  6. Nov 28, 2012
    Less documentary than rhetoric. If it truly wanted to be a ducumentary of the President's life, it wouldn't have been made in this term of his Presidency or even this early in his life suggesting that it's purpose ( if not evident by its title) was to gain support for the opposition. Because of this, it's difficult to take seriously due to the inherent bias. As a dramatic propaganda piece, it does serve to bolster supporters of an anti-Obama second term. For undecided voters, it may induce further research or scare a slide to the right. And of course the left will be outraged. From an entertainment standpoint (which is the only tacit I grade on), it's sub-par to most serious documentaries. The attempts to innervate me with fear or rage fell flat. Expand
  7. Oct 25, 2012
    This is a must watch film for anyone voting in the presidential election. The movie lays out what seems on the surface to be an off-the-wall assertion that Obama's political career is motivated by the anti-colonialist ideology of his father. What is surprising and unsettling as an American citizen is the level of evidence provided in the documentary to support the position that President Barack Hussein Obama II stands to fundamentally undermine the ideals that once made America one of the greatest nations in the history of the world. While the scene where Obama is completely unable to describe the fiscal stability of the plan that would become his own "Affordable Care Act" at a town hall provides a sort of break in the tension in an otherwise marching fact-filled documentary, this scene still leaves me bewildered as to how the mainstream media could ignore this and other incredible gaffes. The film builds to the starkly sinister moment when Obama is unknowingly recorded while pleading with then Russian President Dmitry Medvedev during a nuclear summit in South Korea. On the tape recorded last March, Obama asks Medvedev to request that Vladimir Putin have patience while Obama is campaigning for re-election as he will be able to be "more flexible" with Russia regarding Nuclear arms issues following the presidential race. Towards the end of the film, D'Souza makes three insightful predictions worth staying tuned for. Sadly, all of D'Souza's predictions appear to be coming true and are leading America, and the world, on a downward spiral that may take generations to recover from if we are able to do so at all. The film ends with a subtle sense of optimism: the values that will shape our future may be heavily influenced by Barack Obama, but our direction as a nation is still ultimately in the hands of the American people and their vote - more and more of whom seem to be seeing through the fog of his feel-good-but-phony slogans and grandiose speeches full of empty promises each and every day. Expand
  8. Oct 13, 2012
    As a Democrat who voted mostly within party lines, many questions throughout these last 4 years which have devastated our Middle class and obvious to those who astute that it was not caused by Bush. This President had total control the first 2 years and did nothing buy harm the middle class . How ignorant he believes the masses are..and he is the only competent one, not even needing to meet daily with his cabinet, as he also smarter than they are. THANK GOODNESS FOR THIS HONEST DOCUMENTARY. THE FEAR TACTICS OF THE RADICAL LEFT TO NOT SEE THIS IS EVIDENT. THEY ALSO BELIEVING IN THE IGNORANCE OF THE MASSES AND THE NEED OF THE MASSES TO BE CONTROLLED BY THEM. This is a documentary that is history making for it's honesty in researching with interviews and a timeline for all those history buffs to scrutinize themselves. All will see how brilliant this type of reality has been brought to the screen. I do hope the scare tactics and fear of the Presidency does not hit the general public, as they have wanted believing the average Joe is unable to think for themselves, needing the Presidents direction as in Cuba....If you are able to think without direction as to what to think, then see this movie and think for yourself... Expand
  9. Oct 7, 2012
    I have to admit I had preconceived ideas on how this movie was going to play out. I'm pleased to tell you I was wrong! There is a reason media outlets such as CBS and the Los Angeles times to name a few, called 2016 : Obama's America "Disturbingly Necessary"! The mainstream media in America no longer views it's role to the public as being a tool to educate the populace. President Obama was never vetted and a lot of us fell for the hype of "Hope and Change" and most are out of hope and have little left in their pockets but change. Dinesh D'Souza opens the curtain of secrecy that Obama has spent millions trying to hide of his own past. From his college records to his pastor Jeremiah Wright whom he tried to bribe with $150,000 to keep his mouth shut, the same Jeremiah Wright who preached "God Damn America"! You owe it to yourself to be better informed and Dinesh does exactly that. Why is Obama encouraging the people to become dependent on government? Why is he so bent on punishing success? Why is business the enemy? Where does this hate of America and Great Britain come from? Why is Obama so comfortable racking up $6 Trillion in new debt on top of the $10 Trillion we have? Why $16 + Trillion dollars of debt is the new form of Slavery? What are the goals of Barack Obama? If you asked yourself these questions about the political left and it's policies, you need to see 2016: Obama's America! The political left doesn't like their agenda being put out into view in a way everyone can understand and that may help explain the poor Zero ratings given by a few for this film. That is all the more reason you should go with friends and see it for yourself! The only crime is being told what to think and not thinking for yourself and questioning authority! Expand
  10. Sep 25, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I pay a lot of attention to public policy questions, so I will explain why I consider this movie to be the exact opposite of fair-minded or independent. The first hour is a moving narrative of Obama's life story, It avoids the birther perspective entirely, but it does present Dinesh D'Souza as sympathetic to Obama. This is a misimpression, as D'Souza is mostly recycling themes that were used to attempt to "disqualify" Obama in 2008, when Obama first ran. D'Souza accuately indicated he is a conservative, but leaves the impression that he once had personal respect for Obama. This is difficult to reconcile with his personal writing on anything political. Toward the end of the movie, D'Souza starts throwing facts around without context to help paint his narrative. Since D'Souza is a college president, and a well published political author, it is difficult to conclude that the misrepresentations are anything but fully intentional. For example, D'Souza suggests the nuclear reductions from about 5000 warheads when Obama took office to under 2000 now should be viewed as an attempt to intentionally weaken America. There are disputes about the utility of spending money to maintain nuclear weapons stockpiles, but these cuts were negotiated by President Bush early in his 1st term, but the treaty had a final implementation date of 2012. Such facts, as well as the fact that the US committed to long term nuclear disarmament with the NPT (under Nixon) seriously undermine his narrative, and their deletion is at best reckless and at worst intentionally deceitful. Similarly, the D'Souza's statement that Obama has done NOTHING to contain Iranian proliferation is false. In addition to restating his opposition and maintaining the implicit threat of direct US attack, he had been more effectively than Bush was in rallying allies toward more comprehensive sanctions. There are legitimate differences of the best way to discourage Iranian proliferation, and preferring immediate use of force would be a fair reason to vote against Obama. Saying he has done nothing, however, is easy to refute. Even the Churchill bust story is a hoax. There is a Churchill bust in the White House right now, but the specific one that was removed was not US property, but was understood to be on loan through the Bush presidency. It was returned, properly, and replaced with a similar bust from the same artist. If you do see this movie, out of curiousity as I did, then I would STRONGLY recommend doing a bit of independent research on any specific thing that grabs your attention. Hopefully, my examples are sufficient to illustrate that trusting D'Souza to do the research for you is placing trust that has not been earned. If you see the movie to reinforce your prior hatred of Obama and reward a filmaker for being willing to twist the truth to reinforce your decision, then grab some popcorn because you might have a fun time - probably more fun that you will have on election night. Expand
  11. Sep 12, 2012
    Politics aside, I hesitated going to this because in general, documentaries can be a little dry. On the contrary, D'Souza came across as extremely intelligent and engaging. It kept up a good pace, laid out the facts clearly and kept me interested all the way through.
    If you keep up with events, there won't be too many surprises but it confirms the sad truth. This Manchurian candidate
    we've elected is rapidly sinking our nation. Everyone should see this movie. Expand
  12. Sep 9, 2012
    What an eye-opener! Whether this movie will influence the election outcome and the voting of my children's generation---who knows---but it should. Obama's unconscious mind became present to me in this well-constructed documentary. He's psychologically frightening to me now and hopefully to others. Who would return the bust of Winston Churchill? Who would speak of helping his brothers yet not help his own brother? Very disturbing. Expand
  13. Sep 6, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. D'Souza obviously did his homework for his book, of which this movie is based upon, and surprisingly, he didn't step too far into political issues to make his point. He analyzed Obama's father, his upbringing, the people around him who influenced him throughout his life, the things he wrote papers on and even a psycho-analysis of him to best understand the affects an absent father has on a child (in the same vein as the offspring of a war veteran). D'Souza presented his data excellently in terms of Political Science, regarding colonialism and neo-mercantilism, and he clearly went to great lengths to get at the heart of his information, by doing interviews with key people, quoting Obama's works, and presenting a massive amount of data that makes you question who Obama was, is, and what he aspires toward. People who assume this movie to be conservative dribble should really give this movie a chance. It's not to make you hate Obama, but to simply explain who he is, because no one bothered to try in 2008. Expand
  14. Sep 5, 2012
    Had no idea of the information about President Obama. It was very factual and it was not verbally abusive. The movie stay on target and just explain his life, family, beliefs, and showed where he was brought up.
  15. Sep 5, 2012
    This film is a wonderful example of political argument. The thesis is well stated, the support explained, and the conclusion elaborated. You may or may not agree with any of those, but it is well done. I would recommend the film for anyone who is undecided in their views of capitalism and the role of government. If you're firmly convinced as either a liberal or conservative, then it will at best be a waste of time and money... and possibly an episode of blood pressure elevation. Expand
  16. Sep 3, 2012
    If you've been wondering why President Obama would return a bust of Winston Churchill that Great Britain gave us during the George W. Bush years, you have to go see this movie. If you've been wondering why President Obama imposed a ban on off shore oil drilling (before the BP spill) and then made agreements with Mexico and Brazil that we would give them off shore drilling technology and then buy their oil, you have to go see this movie. Expand
  17. Sep 3, 2012
    The only reason this movie has received poor critical reviews is that the "Critics" are all EXTREME Liberals, while this movie is trying to reach those US Citizens who can still think and haven't drunk the Kool-Aid of the Left. This is a great portrayal of the reason that the United States is in such a truly rotten situation. Obama is clearly the Anti-Capitalist, Anti-Colonial, Anti-U.S. person his Mother made him into, along with the help of the radical left who are all for destroying all that makes living in this country such a gift from our True-Forefathers Expand
  18. Sep 2, 2012
    I saw this picture yesterday and took 15 neighbors and friends. Everyone was impressed by the message and the facts that weren't arguable. You can't claim that video clips aren't long enough in a movie like this. You can't play entire speaches in a film. Stupid Point. Dsouza did a great job laying out a theory - and I guarantee you that this won't all be proven nonsense by researchers later like Fahrenheit 9/11 was. Dsouza is at heart an honest guy trying to do the job the media in this country used to do before they all became leftist lapdogs. Proof? Read every review from the papers. Nobody gave this movie any credit. Does that seem objective to anyone? Not one review from the press could say anything good about this movie. Just shows how the media went from being the rebels looking for corruption and truth to slacks and propogandists for liberal thinking. They're just part of the establishment and the rebels are all on the right now. Will a filmmaker always have to be the one to do the investigating when it comes to Democrat candidates from now on? Ask yourself what that would mean. Expand
  19. Sep 1, 2012
    Definitely do not read the book before seeing the movie first.....and definitely do not see the movie.................................................
  20. Sep 1, 2012
    I have been a registered Republican since June 12, 1968. And, I was totally unimpressed with the movie. Especially from someone who is an "Indian immigrant" to this country, and had the good fortune of attending Dartmouth College. Totally slanted, and devoid of objectivity. The use of the word "collective" early in the movie told me that the influences of Ayn Rand are motivating this individual. He talks about racism in the U.S., and does not compare it to the caste system in India. The dishonesty in terms of "returning Churchill's bust" proves the movie is another attempt to "Swiftboat" someone. Churchill's bust was on loan and scheduled for return. Another bust has replaced it.

    If Obama entered office with a rich economy, full employment, and a robust annual increase in the GDP I could easily understand criticism of a failed presidency that "spends money like crazy", and introduced bills that enhanced our economic melt-down. The writer fails to discuss how much money Reagan spent, and how much he increased the national debt. The writer fails to disclose "how the American economy was on the verge of a major depression in 2009". He fails to disclose that some of the remedies employed by Obama were supported by Bush, and many Republicans. He failed to disclose the fact that Bush did not increase American forces in Afghanistan. He failed to discusss how Bush failed to use drone technology, or how Bush failed to chase bin Laden. He failed to discuss how the Iraq war was based on bogus intelligence.

    The writer distorts the discussion of the Falkland Islands issue. The writer falsely asserts Obama wants to return control of the Falkland Islands to Argentina. In fact, "the U.S. refused in April to endorse a final declaration on Argentina's claim to the islands at the Summit of the Americas, provoking criticism from other Latin American nations".

    The writer distorts our relationship with Israel. Carter, George Bush Sr., and Bill Clinton employed the same strategy that Obama has embarked on. The appointment of George Mitchell as special envy was not discussed at all. Nor did the writer talk about NATO and European support for intervention in Libya, and the lack of international support for the intervention in Syria. The writer fails to talk about our cooperation with Israel in terms of cyberattacks against Iran, and the sanctions placed against Iran that were not present under the former administration.

    Although it is true that Obama's father lived in Kenya, the writer provides no credible evidence that Obama's father influenced him in terms of "anti-colonialism".

    The reference to nuclear weapons fails to disclose that many Republicans joined their Democratic colleagues in calling for a reduction in the number of warheads.

    We've experienced a number of tax cuts, engaged in two wars that were not paid for, and added prescription drugs Part D without paying for it. And, the writer decries Obama's desire to let the tax cuts for the wealthy expire. The writer never talks about the fact that Obama advocates tax cuts for the middle class, and tax reform.

    The writer suggests that India and parts of Asia are embracing "America's dream" at a time when Obama is embracing "anti-colonialism". The writer fails to mention that the economic booms in India as well as China were partially due to outsourcing prior to Obama taking office, and that both countries have favored trade relations with the U.S.

    The writer talks about how Obama is in the White House solely due to race. False. Any Democrat would have won in 2008, just as any Democrat would have won in 1976. Just as any Republican would have won in 1980. The anti-Bush sentiment was very strong in 2008, and totally missing from the writer's analysis. The writer suggests that Davis, Ayers, Said, Unger, and Wright are trully "Obama's fathers". There is absolutely no connection, logical, evidentiary, or otherwise to make the leap.

    I do compliment the writer for admitting Obama was born in Hawaii. At least we don't see D'Sousa as a blatant birther as so many other people are.

    D'Sousa seems to be an intelligent individual. But, shame on him for the shoddy worksmanship. He is obviously a right wing conservative, and does not attack the project with any degree of objectivity. Sad.
  21. Aug 27, 2012
    It is unlikely that this documentary will surge above its present popularity prior to November. Not because it doesn't provide everything any modern day documentary contains (theory concerning WHY with factual evidence that either directly or circumstantially supports it), but because it would be too horrific to be true for practically everybody. Despite this, the actions of Obama since election make complete sense of the theory presented here. The biggest criticism of the piece by any critic on here is that the influence of his father is overstated because Obama met him only once. This denies the fact that his father's written and oral legacy was a staple Obama grew up with. Colonialism and those that hated it were Obama's environment and mentors, and the producer does a good job in presenting this education behind the education. Of course, we won't know if upsetting the "boat" to put the colonizers on the bottom and the victims on top will actually occur if Obama is re-elected, but if he attempts it, there is little anyone could do short of revolution. If this piece serves any purpose, it should at least sensitize the populace to any act leaning that way. And for that, it deserves more respect than a comparison to Michael Moore's comedies. Expand
  22. Aug 27, 2012
    This film provides information about Barack Obama that the press should have provided in 2007-2008. Information such as that presented in this film is important to decided who is fit and qualified to be President of the United States. I recommend the film to everyone, including those who are firmly committed to vote for Obama in 2012.
  23. Aug 27, 2012
    In full disclosure I'm not a fan of BHO. I avoided reading any reviews to try to maintain some objectivity. I suppose I expected a rant about why Obama is disastrous for the future of our country but that's not the theme of this movie at all. Obviously it's armchair psychology but for the first time I feel like I can appreciate the perspective of the President. I profoundly disagree with him however, I now have a glimpse into what makes him tick. Its not a spectacular piece of film making but I give this film a 10 for content and purpose. Expand
  24. Aug 27, 2012
    This movie may turn out to be one of the most important releases in movie history since it tells the truth about a dangerous politician at a very unique time. It comes to us right before an election and also at a time that the media in this country has been either bullied or hypnotized into not doing their jobs. This movie gives us vital info (like obama was mentored by communist party member 47544, frank davis) and also uncovers the fact that obama has very different goals for the future of america than most people think. Artfully done. Expand
  25. Aug 26, 2012
    As an aspiring documentary filmmaker I have seen lots of docs over the last 8 years and this one, like lots of others, takes too long to get to the point - Dinesh D'Souza gave me way more info than I needed to know about both Obama's past and his - of course because this was based on a book of his, I'm sure from his perspective he was leaving a lot out to condense it all into a 1.5 hour film. There were parts where I was bored and parts where I had to close my eyes to pay attention to what was being said due to the trendy film techniques (when someone is talking do I really need to see shots of their elbow?). That being said as the film finally reaches its conclusions and finally focuses in on its premise - it becomes clear why Obama does not deserve a second term - and maybe shouldn't have had a first. It sad because I did put my hope in him, that he would bring change. I voted for him. I hope that before the election they will make the last 1/2 hour freely available through the web because there are facts here that people should consider. If half of what this film purports is true, it becomes clear why when i look back at the past 4 years I can't see a single thing that has improved in this country. Expand
  26. Aug 26, 2012
    i would not be surprised if those that rated it '0' have not seen the movie and do not intend to do so.
    that being said, there is information in this documentary that has not yet been reported by our news agencies
    the film makes a compelling case for its point of view
    without doubt the picture leans right but nevertheless, provides information every voter needs to see
  27. Aug 26, 2012
    This movie makes the same mistake every political doc makes, in that it forces you into one corner with a bias and/or propaganda message. Moore has done it and D'souza does it too; it is even evident in the trailer that depicts a dystopian nation of Africa with images of rioting and marching with strong overtones in the music. The indian-inspired music, for the average american, translates into images of terrorism and evil; That alone impacts how the viewer feels once the films starts. On the other hand, D'souza does try to meet someone in the middle with the occupy wallstreet, but it's no saving grace for how he constantly presents us with bits and pieces of audio clips. Once he gets the bit he wants to get his message across you can tell when he cuts it off. Stuff like that can easily be labeled as "taking out of context." To make matters worse, he does the same narcissistic move that Moore does, but talking about himself and his life about as much as he does his subject matter. This is a movie that does well with presenting a message, but does a horrible job by picking how you're suppose to exit the theater feeling the way you will for you. I have no respect for propaganda like that from neither the right or left because when you exit that theater, it will either solidify what the media is already telling you or reinforce what you already believe. Expand
  28. Aug 26, 2012
    If anyone needed any proof how closed and radical the mainstream media is in this country, just look at the fact that only four "professionals" wrote a review. The mainstream media in the country is corrupt, therefore it will die!
    Last week Metacritic didn't even have this movie on the limited, wide, or upcoming releases. I wrote to the movie editor, and he replied back that he didn't
    have it on his or her release schedule. Suddenly, during the week, it showed up.
    American people!! We are being co-opted by the enemy press. They are in bed with the communist left. Wake up! McCarthy was Right!
  29. Aug 26, 2012
    A political ad disguised as a theater film does not warrant a place on metacritic's home page. Regardless of your political leanings, there is no reason that limited release propaganda should gain publicity from a site targeted to people looking for quality entertainment. Those already planning to see the film will not be encouraged or deterred because of metacritic. It just goes to show the discrepancy in campaign spending brought about as a result of the Citizens United decision. Expand
  30. Aug 26, 2012
    I see the people who voted for Zero, also gave the movie the same rating. With their vague comments, makes you wonder if they actually saw the movie. If you knew about the failing president's life before his first and last election, then you already knew this story. Liberals have the hardest time handling the truth.
  31. Aug 26, 2012
    If this was a Michael Moore film the media (and critics) would be hailing this a tour de force of "objective" journalism and a "must-see". But it isn't a film from the Left and as such is pooh-poohed as the worst of things - a conservatives movie. My recommendation - watch it and form your own opinion. If you don't like it at least you can speak from a position of truly understanding the topic. Otherwise, you are a lemming... Expand
  32. Aug 25, 2012
    2016 is a well crafted documentary the clearly explains why Obama has done many of the obvious non-American things he has done over the last 3 1/2 years. He won't let us drill for oil in the waters of the continental shelf, but he openly gives money to Brazil, Mexico and Colombia so they can develop their off-shore oil resources. He has all but shut down the coal industry in America, even as he knows it will cost our citizens more money to heat and cool their homes. His EPA is working on rules to strangle the fracking industry even though there have been no major problems with the individual states regulating the activity within their own borders. DeSousa gives a clear picture of the man Obama calls Frank in his book, 'Dreams From My Father'. Frank was not just some old drunken Black man. No, he was a real card-carrying Commie. ....and, Obama's mentor for 7 years until Barry went off to the super-lefty Occidental University. Great molvie. Expand
  33. Aug 25, 2012
    Rubbish propaganda. If you don't like Obama you will like this, because you like hearing random un-sourced facts spewed out loud. The whole story is about how conservatives did not get what they want so the black man is playing a race card.
  34. Aug 25, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. An impressive piece of work. It was the furthest thing from boring. You're in Washington DC, the next clip you're looking at Mumbai, and then the high-rises of Hawaii, some of the poorest sections of Indonesia, Kenya, and then back to New York City. So many disparate clips of video, weaved together that underline the theme of our president's life. Dinesh identifies so well with the subject, he draws many comparisons between his life, growing up in India, and our current 44th leader of the free world. However, he draws deep distinctions in the belief systems of the American people, along with the founding fathers of America, and the anti-colonialism that Barack Sr. stewed in throughout his life. The influence of his father's beliefs become more and more apparent as the film progresses, and intersects with the policy decisions, and some of the outlandish off-the-cuff statements the President has made over the past 3 1/2 years.The editor did a phenomenal job of finding something else besides the Ken Burns affect to tell the story, and Kudos to the president himself for doing such a fine job of narrating from his own book, "Dreams from my Father." It really made the story come alive. The shaky camera stuff, seems to be trendy in film making, but I'm glad they kept that to a minimum. If you're worried about a diatribe breaking out in the middle of the documentary, Dinesh would have none of it. He makes his point by collating simple facts, that any good journalist could have dug up, prior to 2008. He lays those facts on a trend line, and shows you the thinking behind what's happening, and lets you draw the conclusion of what 2016 will be like if we choose Hope and Change again. Expand
  35. Aug 25, 2012
    This film was really not worth my time or worth the time of the filmmakers. It says nothing new and functions merely as a marketing device to encourage Obama's opponents to spend money at the box office.
  36. Aug 25, 2012
    There is a simple reason legitimate film critics refuse to review this conspiracy laden, poorly made tripe.

    Anyone with an interest in film and especially documentaries should avoid this nonsense unless they seek an object lesson in what NOT to do as a documentarian or are in it for the unintentional humor.

    A truly God awful mess regardless of your politics.
  37. Aug 22, 2012
    Eye opening movie, if you care about our future and are interested in making an informed decision, -- a must see, -- critic's like the new york times could slam the movie --- but consider the source.
  38. Aug 22, 2012
    This movie are for open-minded independent people who are willing to take their time to analyze the information presented or gathered; and then have an objective conclusion; abstaining to entertain their emotional tantrum. The movie shows the objectivity in finding the internal (hidden to the public) compass of the character of obama from his childhood into his adult life. The journey takes you to different parts of the world; the people who had influence his life and his character (especially his parent and immediate family member's ideology); interviews with people who knows his parents and how their mindset have imbedded into obama's being and thinking. It investigates and expound the sort of people that obama associated with (his role model). The best part about this movie is that excerpts was taken from his memoir "dream from my father" with his own voice narrating the events. The question here is that will his ideology acceptable for AMERICA or the founding fathers. If a person will open their eyes and be objective and not subjective; then a lot can be learn from this movie. A MUST-SEE movie for all AMERICAN.

    NOTE: If you have not seen the movie; STOP making a FOOL of yourself by commenting on something you have not viewed but trying to make an assumption. IGNORANCE occur because he or she remains STUPID, NARROW MINDED and full of ASSUMPTION but KNOWLEDGE is attained by investigating the facts then supporting or discrediting the information obtained.

Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 14 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 14
  2. Negative: 9 out of 14
  1. Reviewed by: Alan Scherstuhl
    Jun 30, 2014
    The only true surprise here is D'Souza's haplessness in constructing both film and argument.
  2. Reviewed by: Owen Gleiberman
    Jun 30, 2014
    Dinesh D'Souza's documentary is no mere screed: 2016: Obama's America is a nonsensically unsubstantiated act of character assassination.
  3. 38
    “Obama’s America” flutters to the ground like so much GOP convention confetti, all assertions, few facts and little substance other than the conspiratorial right wing talking points that are how D’Souza’s makes his living.