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  • Summary: 24 City chronicles the dramatic and thunderous fall of a State-owned munitions factory and its conversion into a luxury high-rise apartment complex. Artfully composed, rich in offbeat details, and punctuated with pop songs, 24 City weaves together the stories of three generations of factory workers (some real, some played by actors) into a fascinating oral history of post-revolutionary China and bracing meditation on the massive physical and psychological changes transforming the country. (The Cinema Guild)
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  1. The stories we hear in 24 City belong to its specific place, but they are universal.
  2. The new film, shot in vivid hi-def video, is part documentary and part fiction based on interviews; it uses on-camera interviews with workers, some played by themselves and some played by actors, to evoke a past of unimaginable toil, and suffering, in the service of the Communist state.
  3. The actors in 24 City bring their own existential realities to their short, touching performances. In the end, the deep emotions they stir up -- the actress Lv Liping delivers a harrowing story about a lost child -- constitute another kind of monument to the workers of Factory 420.
  4. 75
    If this is an unusually sentimental outing for Jia, it’s also characteristically tinged with woe. He’s just added a touch of sweetness to these otherwise sugarless lives.
  5. 75
    The result is surprisingly engrossing -- even lively, due in part to brief musical numbers inserted amid the interviews.
  6. Reviewed by: Maggie Lee
    The only thing might have added variety and richness to the film would be the inclusion of more dialogues or interactions with more than one person.
  7. Reviewed by: G. Allen Johnson
    The director's most painfully slow movie yet.

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