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  • Summary: The story of the last twenty-four hours Monty Brogan (Norton) gets to spend with his two best friends and his girlfriend before he goes to prison for seven years for pushing heroin.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 24 out of 37
  2. Negative: 3 out of 37
  1. 25th Hour struck me as one of the best movies of 2002, but it's also a film that will strike some of its audience as ethically dubious or threatening.
  2. 90
    The film at its simplest serves as a cautionary tale, but it also functions as a meditation on how little it takes to redirect a life by choice or by chance.
  3. 88
    The film is unusual for not having a plot or a payoff.
  4. Too bad there's also a final 15 minutes that surely ranks among the worst endings an otherwise good movie has ever received.
  5. Lee doesn't seem to have the slightest sympathy for his hero, no particular point is made, and the whole exercise seems cold and empty.
  6. Reviewed by: David Rooney
    Lapses into melodramatic self-importance and gratuitous stylistic flourishes that take the audience out of the action -- are outweighed by the steadily amplified emotional power of this ultimately moving drama.
  7. Spike Lee's films have been provocative, blunt, thoughtful, misguided, daring, sentimental, funny, honest and silly. But 25th Hour earns the director two new adjectives: irrelevant and tedious.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 39 out of 49
  2. Negative: 9 out of 49
  1. MelindaV.
    Jan 4, 2007
    It was an awesome movie, with an awesome plot. Lee did a wonderful job on this one.
  2. pabloe.
    Oct 23, 2007
    This movie got me from the start. The intensity of the human drama is very high, like in a Bergman movie.
  3. JoshC
    Feb 3, 2007
    In the 25th hour, Mr. Lee exercises his prodigious visual talents with unusual restraint, and keeps some of his more confrontational urges in check. Because the movie is so measured, so melodic, its bursts of wild invention, which might otherwise be irritating, are electrifying. The ending, narrated by Mr. Cox, is as bittersweet and sincere an evocation of the American dream as I have seen on film in quite some time, acknowledging both the futility of the collective national fantasy and its consoling, resilient power. Almost as touching is a moment when Monty, staring into a men's room mirror, launches into a profane tirade against his fellow New Yorkers (and everyone else). His rage is impressively ecumenical, encompassing blacks, brutal police officers, gays, Osama bin Laden, the rich, the poor and every other ethnic or social type you can think of: all of them put down with ruthless, scabrous precision. The rant recalls a famous sequence in ''Do the Right Thing'' and also Eminem's more recent invocation, in ''White America,'' of ''so much anger aimed/in no particular direction just sprays and sprays.'' But like Eminem's rhymes, Monty's outburst, and the montage that accompanies it, contain tenderness as well as hate. Mr. Lee, an irreplaceable New York filmmaker, understands better than most that the true New Yorker's deep, exasperated and unquenchable love for his city is sometimes best expressed in the language of rage. Expand
  4. Nov 8, 2014
    it does bloody grabs you from the start, one of the best first scenes in cinema history if you ask me.

    However the mid of the film felt
    slow to me, was plannin on giving it a 6 but the last scene really redeemed it and got it an extra point.

    so, really awesome start and perfect ending, if only the journey was as captivating..
  5. Jul 14, 2014
    25th Hour isn't exactly a bad movie, it's just a pointlessly long, tedious, boring movie. The acting isn't horrible (it isn't great), but the story has a central theme that tries to hard to be meaningful and moral. Also, the editing is choppy and exhausting. By the end, the movie turns into a preachy melodrama about not giving up on the life you want. Be warned; it's all cheese. Expand
  6. Jan 1, 2014
    i think that this movie rank from below-average to normal in the most cases,
    the blew-average is the way that spike lee decided to deliver
    the story and the normal is the story itself,
    in other words the story struggled so hard to be delivered but the strong aspect about this movie was the performances.
    as usual Edward Norton gives a solid performance along with the secondary characters like Philip Seymour Hoffman and Barry Pepper, but some scenes were completely irrelevant to the story such as the bathroom mirror scene and some of the camera work was completely unnecessary, it's like "hey we can do this effect and this effect", and I'm not really familiar with spike lee's work but i'm guessing from this movie it's average and the one thing i can take from this movie is me saying "hey you're good looking, you know that's gonna be bad for you if you ever go to jail" WHAT "oh just something i learned from 25th hours".
    if you didn't get my point then you need to watch the movie again, also the last scene when Edward Norton is old with his happy family is completely ridiculous, hey spike lee through some extra bucks on that shot, don't be so cheap.
  7. Feb 25, 2012
    weird movie, about some criminal guy and his friends. Just another stupid movie that involves criminals going to jail and **** like that. I am not interested in this LOW LIFE **** Expand

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