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  1. Sep 2, 2014
    A nice idea with utterly breathtaking visuals, yet is totally boring. On paper, this seems like the best idea ever, yet somehow it manages to be incredibly dull.

    The acting is OK, Reeves is more or less his usual wooden self. Hiroyuki Sanada is perhaps this movie's only redeeming feature in terms of acting. His performance was phenomenal as usual. The rest of the cast do OK, but aren't
    really explored enough to really care about them.

    The visuals are gorgeous, like a feat of ambrosia for my eyes.

    Regardless of how beautiful the movie looks, it's still boring and really not worth buying, renting maybe.
  2. Aug 29, 2014
    I am a sucker for a good action flick and that's what originally caught my eye with 47 Ronin. It had sword fighting, evil monsters, Keanu Reeves, and attractive women, what else do I need to know to at least give it a try? I think in a few ways it falls short of a big epic mainstream movie as far as graphics and overall grandeur but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Its often difficult to assimilate Japanese cinema into American cinema. The general ideals and cultures tend to clash a bit and that will effect what is shown on film and how its presented but they found a comfy medium. There was enough conflict and flash to entertain a diverse audience. Its no Last Samurai but it has its strengths and it makes you want to root for the underdog. But the ending is just beyond me, I mean that's where Japanese culture takes over. I just don't understand why that was necessary. But, overall it was a good movie with noble morals. Expand
  3. Aug 29, 2014
    Just OK. Worth the $1.26 rental at Redbox but for an action/adventure flick it's pretty low intensity. Kind of like Keanu Reeve's acting. The story is pretty derivative and never rises above mediocre.
  4. Aug 15, 2014
    the direction of the story was bad handled, I really expect a movie with more than a couple fights without plot. the only thing what the people think the was good was because keanu reeves but unfortunately it wasn't enough
  5. Jun 30, 2014
    The trailers made this film look like something it was not. Totally misleading and that is why I did not see it. I rented it from Redbox and I did not like it. It is a decent film for some elements concerning the history and tradition of the story, but largely a mess of a film and Mr Reeves should retire and I like the man. Bad marketing killed this movie, but the movie was still bad
  6. Jun 3, 2014
    Takes the historical true story and infuses it with elements of mystical beasts, magic, and witches. This and the ham-fisted and occasionally goofy dialog do make it hard to take the movie too seriously. I did enjoy the action scenes a lot and wish there were more of them. It's the moments between the action that lower my score for the movie. There's nothing particularly wrong with the slower scenes, it's just that nothing really entertaining happens in them. Still, these scenes are at least watchable.

    I didn't really find anything terrible about the film at all. Yes I would have preferred more of the cool action scenes, but the moments in between didn't bore me even if they didn't necessarily entertain. It's a highly watchable film, but I recommend only a rental and only when other options have been exhausted. If you liked the trailers you should find something to like here, I just recommend you don't expect anything particularly great. My total score is a 6.1/10=Okay.
  7. May 31, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Pretty dull - a film killed by very uneven pacing, poor acting and frustrating plotting. You wait 45 minutes for the movie to start then when all the action finally starts happening it's over really quickly. Keanu Reeves isn't convincing in the main role and his love interest isn't convincing either. You never really feel that there's any connection between them. The samurai are all pretty nameless. The witch is annoying and out of place. The film portrays feudal Japan very convincingly but you keep getting tolkien-esque monsters cropping up all the time that jar against everything else. The action, when it happens, is decent but it's either a famine or a feast. They all commit suicide at the end, which left me feeling very cheated with a feeling of what was all the point of it all. The most frustrating thing is that you could really feel that there was a great film in here that was sunk by all the lousy editing, poor acting and bad plot choices. Could have been on a level with the Lord of the Rings films but at the end of the day they simply got too much wrong. Expand
  8. May 24, 2014
    This movie was too hard to follow and didn't have a good plot. It was just a loose script based on an old Japanese legend wit a few good fight scenes just to keep the audience interested.
  9. May 9, 2014
    They really should have let a Japanese director do this. Apart from the misleading narration and the exaggerated graphics, this film also lacks the profundity and strength the original story communicates, which is, true, very difficult to grasp if you weren't born and raised in Japan. As for Keanu Reeves, whom everybody keeps panning, he was an obvious marketing choice. Again, if they had let this be done by an all-Japanese crew, I think it would have been a wonderful piece of foreign cinema, faithful to the story and theme of the legend. I'd watch Princess Mononoke a thousand times over this. Expand
  10. May 3, 2014
    Wow, I'm sorry I listened to the hate and missed seeing this in 3D on the big screen. Really enjoyed it. Dialogue a little clunky b/c the Japanese actors are stuck speaking in English, but story is solid, action is amazing, and the imagery is memorable.

    I think critics saw Keanu reeves and lazily dismissed the movie. Much easier to make fun of Keanu for being a white guy in a Japanese
    movie, then actually consider the merits of a film. Expand
  11. May 2, 2014
    This movie is very deep if you're willing to look for it.
    Excellent story, similar vein as Hero and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.
    A lot of the deeper dialogue happens through body language.
  12. Apr 30, 2014
    This film reminded me a lot Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - spectacular scenes, awesome fighting and the forbidden love scenario. Although based on a true story, I imagine the dragons and witches that appear in a cloud of smoke are not in the true story! I have marked the film down only because I was left at the end feeling a little empty but the film itself is stunning and exciting. I won't be watching it again though. Expand
  13. Apr 28, 2014
    I was prepared for the worst in this movie, scrambled plot, wooden acting from Mr Reeves, incoherence, plot holes.....

    If you do not know the story of 47 Ronin, then I am sure you will be baffled by the poor review. The film is beautiful to watch,, cinematography is astounding, the art direction is world class, sound design is spot on, and Keanu is used to his best.

    Please, take the
    leap and make up your own mind! Expand
  14. Apr 22, 2014
    I think the real purpose of the movie is finding people who are even worse at acting than Keanu Reeves. In that perspective, this movie is quite successful. Other than that just a complete waste of time...
  15. Apr 22, 2014
    I thoroughly enjoyed this fil. I even bought it on Blu-Ray after watching it in the theater. I really dont understand the bad reviews from the critics. And everyone Ive seen the movie with has a generally positive reaction to it. I view it is a fantasy flick, full of sorcary and demons set in Japan. A fantasy depiction of a real event. Nothing wrong with that. I just think that the all japanese cast except for Mr. Reeves didnt flow well with the american audience and the fact that as the main character keanu Reeves didnt rub too well with japanese audiences. However these racial issues were addressed in the film an justified. Keanu Reeves character was a half breed and it was well established and in context to the story of the film. And i can appreciate the all Japanese cast, if the film is set in japan, it should be that way. It was also a very pretty film to watch, especially on a large or 3D TV. The depiction of japan and characters wardrobe were absolutly awsome. The story telling was good and so was the pacing. So i dont get all the bad criticism the film has gotten. Expand
  16. Apr 20, 2014
    this movie is great, c'mon! ok, it's to lame the skull men don't show more and the ending are sad but the story, the CGI and i'm not going to Keanu Reeves are great! it sad that woman with two diferent eyes don't fight more with keanu but still great
  17. Apr 5, 2014
    With Keanu Reeves being his usual expressionless self, all I can say for this movie is that it has a cool concept. Otherwise, the audio sounds dubbed even though the actors aren't speaking in Japanese, none of the characters have depth of any sort, and the ending feels like a rip off from Crouching Tiger.

    On the plus side, at least there were a lot of shiny swords and some amazingly
    beautiful shots. But a few great scenes don't save a lousy film. Expand
  18. Apr 4, 2014
    I was really disappointed by this film! It had been talked up by many of my friends and it just did not deliver in anyway that I though it would. I number one thing that i really hated was that it seemed like Keanu Reeves character was swept aside from the get go in favor of the rest of the supporting cast! Along with that most of the decisive plot points were very cleache and the few actions scenes the movie did have did not deliver on thrills or action really cause most of them end up being rather short... Overall 47 Ronin was a film that i really wanted to like but ended up being very disappointing! Expand
  19. Apr 2, 2014
    only one question, where the hell did that big ass budget go?? Give 1/10 of it to tarantino and he'll still make you a masterwork. Waste of money (a lot, like how did they get that kind of budget) and time, just watch 13 assasins or the last samurai again, you'll thank me for not having to waste your time.

    Just my opinion.
  20. Apr 1, 2014
    West meets east like the movie 'The Last Samurai'. Visually impressive movie from the debutant director. It was based on the Japanese history of 47 samurais who are on the verge to avenge their master's death. But the movie was more fictional than realistic and soared with great CGI touch.

    This is second in a row for Keanu Reeves, whose movie is attached to easter culture or history. As
    for this story his facial look was well blended with mixed race, half British and half Japanese. Sadly, it was not shot inside the Japan, not even a single shot, but you know todays computer graphics can bring any kind of atmosphere.

    The movie about samurais mean most of them won't have a happy ending. If you are familiar with this genre you will be well known about what seppuku means. Yeah the movie deals with some serious matters like that apart from fictional extend of history. It was a crucial performance by Keanu Reeves among other faces. But the real letdown was some key moments of the movie, like many scenes were depicted Hollywood style fantasies. I truly missed Japanese techniques in film presentation, but will please the western audience.

    It was a nice collaboration between American filmmakers and Japanese cast. In the end the result came very convincing, but should have been better. It was a good watch without anticipating much from it. The movie will fall in not too bad and not too good list.
  21. Mar 31, 2014
    Just a god awful movie. I really can not describe it any better than that. I couldn't even get past the first 3 minutes of it before getting sick of it.
  22. Mar 31, 2014
    I'm looking at all the reviews for this and I don't really understand what's going on. I appreciate what the director did with this movie, he gave us what would normally be a niche authentically Japanese samurai movie and made it slightly accessible to Western audiences, which I think is the problem. People watched the trailer and thought "yay, cool fights with monsters and samurai and ****" etc. That is not what this movie is. This isn't a fast-paced Hollywood action film, this is an almost slow-paced movie about Feudal Japan and everything associated with it. I liked it, I thought it was cool. And a breath of fresh air from all the actiony, CGI-fest crap that we're used to. Expand
  23. Mar 30, 2014
    Nothing. No dialogues, no acting, no visual effects, no story. Why they speak english? Reeves´ lack of skills does nothing to improve it. A shame and waste of time
  24. Mar 30, 2014
    UNFAIR and unjustified negative reviews ; it's na action movie like so many other. Grab popcorn and enjoy a trip to japan with cool special effects and retelling of na ancient legend. It's not crouching tiger nor doesnt tit need to be.
  25. Mar 29, 2014
    Excellent film, really enjoyed the unique story line and was hooked all the way through. I do not agree with the critic reviews, this film is a real gem and deserves to be watched. Captivating story, truly wonderful visual effects & scenery.
  26. Mar 23, 2014
    The ratings this movie received are just bizarre. The movie was really good. The movie is not your run of the mill adventure. Less formulaic than most movies of this type. This movie is worth seeing.
  27. Mar 22, 2014
    I honestly loved this movie, the fact that critics are panning it the way they are confuses me greatly I would recommend this to everyone. The story is beautiful and the execution is excellent although a little bit of work is required here and there, it definitely doesn't deserve the bad reviews. Just ignore the critics and give it a shot you won't regret it.
  28. Mar 22, 2014
    Dont believe the reviews, really well made fantasy adventure I really wonder sometimes where reviews get there scores from, group think, give this one a look if its your type of movie I enjoyed it.
  29. Mar 21, 2014
    All the action the movie has can be seen in the trailer. The acting is not what made the movie bad, i can't even put my finger on what made it bad exactly, all i can say is that it's a very boring movie, you keep waiting to the action to start only to see the movie is about to end and no decent action scene was seen.
  30. Mar 20, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This movie was, by far, the most accurate samurai movie I have ever seen. Allow me to explain myself...

    The story, never has a dull moment, every scene, every line of dialogue serves a purpose. Each leading to the next scene.. It is a constant adventure.. Leading to an amazing action sequence at the end.

    As a current Film student, I have come to realize the Artistic side of film, and using Cinematic Grammar as a way to tell the story. The Shogun is always dressed in Gold/Yellow. Both are synonymous with Royalty. Kira (A cool play on words for "Killer" also used in Death Note) Is always garbed in Purple. A color which is synonymous with Cruelty, Mysteriousness, and Arrogance. And all the Ronin in Ako are cloaked in Red. A symbol of Rage, and Passion and Strength.. Notice (If you have seen the movie) Each color corresponds with the character's "Role" in the movie. To Me... BRILLIANT, and Poetry in Motion. At the End, the way Oishi's red clashes with Kira's Purple... absolutely beautiful.

    47 Ronin Portrayed the Samurai, and life in Japan at the time, like nothing I have ever seen. Yes, no blood, this wasn't supposed to be a gore-fest it didn't need the gore, which (imho) would have taken away from the story. Obviously, there was no Magic, or Witchcraft in that time, but then again, this is an adaptation of the story. They're not trying to match the story bit for bit. The use of magic, and fantasy aspects were not overdone, the story, in no way; relied on the "Cheesy CGI" to be great. It uses the Magic/Witchcraft to enhance the story, and make it more compelling to those who aren't familiar with the story.

    Oishi's acting was spot on, and the red he wears at the end, mixed with Kira's purple was pure poetry.

    Keanu's acting is to be expected, I can't deny that. But, to me, it works for this role. The Samurai treated him the way they would have in that time, like a dog. He was an outsider, but his knowledge was useful to them so they kept him around. That is supported by the beginning of the movie, when they hunt the Chimera.

    And the ending... What was everyone expecting? A big happy ending where they all live their lives out in peace and all that boring sh*t? They blatantly disobeyed the Shogun, they were lucky they weren't slaughtered like cattle on sight

    I'm watching it for the 3rd time today and I'm enjoying it just as much as I did the first time I saw it. .

Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 21 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 21
  2. Negative: 12 out of 21
  1. 50
    This one never quite decides if it wants to be a big, boisterous epic or a solemn retelling, and it nearly disappears into the crack between the two.
  2. Reviewed by: Mike McCahill
    Dec 28, 2013
    Hollywood's latest play for the growing Asian market revisits the ancient Japanese legend of self-sacrifice, hoping to offset its garbled narrative and grinding humourlessness with 3D and Keanu Reeves as a samurai Jesus.
  3. Reviewed by: David Hiltbrand
    Dec 28, 2013
    An odd mix of stiff and sumptuous.