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  1. Oct 19, 2014
    The story of an ant named Flik who is searching for a way to save his colony from the evil grasshoppers, so he travels a long way to find out if anyone can save them.
  2. Oct 13, 2014
    This is definitely one their lesser films and isn't nearly as memorable as the others, which isn't to say that it's bad. It's a good movie, quite clever and full of heart, some of the side characters are pretty funny. Unfortunately the story isn't it's strong part. Despite this being one of Pixar's weaker films, I will say it's passable
  3. Sep 1, 2014
    A Bug's Life is an often forgotten Disney masterpiece from the 1990s. The story is a special one--and certainly more perfected than Antz, also released in 1998. The film is both charming and well-rounded.
  4. Apr 27, 2014
    This movie is pure genius. It shows how if people stand together they can stand up to bullies or anyone standing in there way. It shows that strength is in numbers and brains. It's so sweet and the characters are so colourful as Pixar's always are!
  5. Mar 6, 2014
    A Bug's Life doesn't fail at story or animation: it's actually quite proficient in those areas. But the story, characters, and dialogue fall flat more than not.
  6. Mar 1, 2014
    It was nice, and leaves a message fellowship and faith in oneself, but the problem I found was that the plot fell many times, that is, I did not like the characters out of their role, if they do not understand me , return to it again and carefully observe the protagonists. But this movie was my favorite and perhaps stay there forever.
  7. Nov 13, 2013
    A Bug's Life is a far cry from being Disney Pixar's best movie but it is still funny and intelligent enough to provide an hour and half of solid entertainment for children and adults alike.
  8. Nov 12, 2013
    An intricate and thought-out tale of adventure, isolation, and self-loathing. Great voice acting and great dialogue coupled with spectacular animation. 'A Bug's Life' sat in my VHS box for years after I saw it once as a toddler, but then I took another look and I loved it, I mean we still have a VHS. It's amazing, my parents always seemed to be irritated by it, I suspect my brother watched it to the point of insanity, in my parent's case. Expand
  9. Oct 31, 2013
    i don't know why people hate too much this film,it's a great movie and it have a lot of good and interesting characters wich i grow up seeing then and i enjoyed a lot.
  10. Aug 3, 2013
    A great movie all together with its clever humor themed to insects, amusing bloopers in the credits and the suspense in dramatic scenes when it hits their mark. A Pixar masterpiece!
  11. Jul 4, 2013
    "A Bug's Life" holds a powerful message, and does it quite well, but maybe doesn't hold the highest level of storytelling. Still, with great visuals, puns, laughs, and detailed characters, "A Bug's Life" is able to score.
  12. Mar 11, 2013
    As Toy Story and this Pixar movie is great!!!!! Interesting, fun, great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Dec 10, 2012
    Honestly, average animation, the only original part of the movie it's that it is based in ants, not that animated ants didn't exist before this movie. But it's a perfect choice for children 2-5 to watch.
  14. Nov 28, 2012
    Magnificently funny comedy and voice acting work, majestically spellbinding animation and a uniquely impressive story make "A Bug's Life" a gleaming addition to Pixar's repertoire.
  15. Mar 30, 2012
    A bugs life is an excellent movie not only for kids but for the whole family. Love every minute of it with an amazing cast of voice actors. Brillant crafted. with very good animation.
  16. Jan 16, 2012
    Although not so hot on the original level and it can be boring. The film is clever, heartfelt and offers some memorable characters and along with great animation you've got a successful film. I give this movie 76%.
  17. Jan 6, 2012
    A Bug's Life is Pixar's second-worst film to date, which is quite a victory for Pixar considering I'm awarding it an 8/10. It just isn't quite as much of an instant classic as the other films made by Pixar are due to it not being quite as memorable. It is very good still, funny, well acted, well written and perfectly executed like all other of Pixar's films. I don't really know why I'd give it an 8, it just doesn't seem quite as good as other Pixar films. I recommend it to anyone wanting to watch a very good animated family film, as the story is relatively friendly to all ages and can produce laughs for people of pretty much any age, enjoy. Expand
  18. Nov 15, 2011
    Excellent movie, heart-warming themes of friendship, courage and self-sacrifice. It portrays a fantastic moral and subtle life lessons that children need to become aware of. However, I didn't feel like it was Pixar at its best. Still, it's a great movie, above average than all other movies.
  19. Nov 10, 2011
    It is one of Pixar's most adventurous films. Flik the ant leaves his colony when he looks for tough bugs to help stop the ongoing struggle for the ants and stand up to the grasshoppers.
  20. Oct 3, 2011
    My god, I do not know what to say about this movie. It was a long time ago, but from what I remember is a movie that is even quite humorous. (Part Two) I've seen the film again, and in fact is a film that pulls a lot of attention for the animation involved. Undoubtedly well done, although for children.
  21. Sep 29, 2011
    "A Bug's Life" is a well-animated movie that rounds up to a good morale; screw the dictators. I personally enjoyed one of Pixar's early masterpieces.
  22. Aug 11, 2011
    It's light and entertaining with some classic, stand-out moments but this movie is nothing in comparison to what Pixar would eventually come out with.
  23. Aug 9, 2011
    Disney Classic , What more can you say ? It had funny moments , And very good animation. Ide reccomend anyone to sit down with the family and watch this movie
  24. Jul 16, 2011
    The second Pixar Movie. Although Pixar are the best in the business, there is unfortunately no way you could give this movie a full commendation. Nevertheless, it is still a great piece of art by John Lasseter and Andrew Stanton.

    I do admit it is a major disappointment after Toy Story. Still, it is an underrated movie. A Bug's Life is not a classics, but sure is a good piece of Pixar

    A Bug's Life is one of those movies that do grab on to your skull in the mental sense. It's a joy ride really. One minute it's intense, the next it's died down and all sorts of plot notation is being thrown at you. The plot itself is simple and understandable, but at the same time, so well planned in script and structure. The only element in this movie that seems to have more effort than Toy Story was. The Characters are unique in the production sense of the word. The Animation is amazing and shows us really what Pixar was capable of back in the days where animated movies were pioneering. Overall, Not as good as Toy Story, but in the end, A Bug's Life is something special.
  25. Apr 24, 2011
    Not as good as some of the other great Pixar movies but it's still a well done movie.
  26. Apr 7, 2011
    Excellent movie by Pixar that introduced many children to Kurosawa's "Seven Samurai," in an animated, yet brilliant way. Amazing cast of voice actors as well!
  27. Feb 9, 2011
    Yes the plot is a complete rip-off of seven samurai, and for that it loses a mark. HOWEVER with animation this beautiful, characters this interesting, and voicework this good, it's hard not to like. Pixar are widely considered the greatest family film makers, and this is why.
  28. Jan 13, 2011
    The movie seeks to arouse appreciation, compassion and respect for the bug world. It makes them sympathetic by actually first making fun of them using social stereotypes that are also applicable to humans. Among them: ants losing it when something unexpected falls in their way; flies being hedonists enjoying their short 24-hour life; and pleasure becoming self-destruction when a bug cannot resist flying into the beautiful, to die for light of a bug zapper. Politically, the A Bug's Life criticizes feudalism (the oppression of peasants by the nobility), and advertises for progress and change from being narrow-minded conservatives advancing to a liberation movement. The guys from Pixar put much love into this one and made it a cute and fun movie. Expand
  29. Oct 31, 2010
    its my least favorite Pixar movie, but still its great!
  30. Oct 4, 2010
    One of Pixar's earliest films, 'A Bug's Life' is certainly not among the studio's best, and yet it is still a fantastic achievement. It is Pixar, of course the animation is superb and the story, as well as being funny and entertaining, also carries messages such as acceptance and honesty. Like 'Toy Story', the writers have also created a whole bunch of fun and memorable characters, from the gluttonous German caterpillar Heimlich, to the proud and proper praying mantis, Manny. The story has a similar start to many other films, featuring the 'nut' in the colony who doesn't fit in with everyone else, but it grows into an original and adventurous film, thanks to the fact that the story is in a 'bug world', giving the writers the opportunity to open the door to imagination and create exciting scenarios and conflicts that the characters encounter. I found 'A Bug's Life' highly enjoyable, a great family film by the always brilliant Pixar. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 23 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 18 out of 23
  2. Negative: 0 out of 23
  1. 88
    The story, about an ant colony that frees itself from slavery to grasshoppers, is similar in some ways to the autumn's other big animated release, "Antz," but it's aimed at a broader audience and lacks the in-jokes.
  2. The story is amusing and the animation is first-rate, but there's less sparkling originality than in "Toy Story."
  3. Reviewed by: Michael Sragow
    Lasseter and Stanton and the rest of the animators and gagsmiths use the computer with staggering imaginative freedom.