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  • Summary: Photographer and filmmaker Bruce Weber fashions this documentary as an open letter to his beloved Golden Retriever, True.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 13
  2. Negative: 2 out of 13
  1. It's all deliberately homemade and raggedy, and that's where its charm comes from, along with the delightful old-music score.
  2. 75
    If you don't have a dog waiting for you at home after seeing A Letter to True, you'll want one.
  3. Gives these canines the sensual elegance of the Calvin Klein models Weber has so famously photographed. Would that the substance of the film have come close to having the impact of its visuals.
  4. 50
    No matter how deep one's affection for man's best friend, there's something undeniably fatuous about considering the emotional impact 9/11 has had on a dog named Rain.
  5. It all makes for a poignant mix, the boy inside the man, pressing his nose against the glass, longing for the journalistic authenticity of someone like Burrows while still believing in Lassie and the unconditional love of True.
  6. The resulting movie is a mixed bag, not quite a documentary and yet as "true" to Weber's fascinations as a dog named True can be to his master.
  7. 30
    A Letter to True could provide a corrective reminder that bad taste emerges in high-class forms as often as low. The film's failures cannot be faulted to inexperience.

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