A Nightmare on Elm Street

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Summary: Nancy Thompson is suffering from violent nightmares about a badly burned man wearing a glove made of knives. She quickly learns that this man – child molester Freddy Krueger – is also terrorizing the dreams of her friends and boyfriend, Glen. As they begin to die one by one in their sleep, Nancy learns, that years prior, the parents of Elm Street burned Krueger alive – and now Freddy is back to claim their children’s lives as revenge! As the teenagers of Elm Street fight to stay awake, Nancy must save their lives and her own by bringing Freddy out of their dreams and back into the real world to destroy him forever. (New Line Cinema)

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Runtime: 91 min
Production: New Line Cinema
Genre: Horror
Country: USA
Language: English
Director Credit
Wes Craven Director
Writer Credit
Wes Craven Written By
Principal Cast Credit
Heather Langenkamp Nancy Thompson
Johnny Depp Glen Lantz
Robert Englund Fred Krueger
Cast Credit
Amanda Wyss Tina Gray
Charles Fleischer Dr. King
Ed Call Mr. Lantz
Jack Shea Minister
Joe Unger Sgt. Garcia
John Saxon Lt. Thompson
Joseph Whipp Sgt. Parker
Jsu Garcia Rod Lane
Lin Shaye Teacher
Mimi Craven Nurse
Ronee Blakley Marge Thompson
Sandy Lipton Mrs. Lantz
Producer Credit
John Burrows Associate Producer
Joseph Wolf Executive Producer
Robert Shaye Producer
Sara Risher Co-Producer
Stanley Dudelson Executive Producer
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