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  1. Christopher Isherwood’s seminal queer novel deserves a film adaptation that captures both its sense of place and its activist spirit. Cowriter-director Tom Ford settles for the glossy ephemera of a Vanity Fair cover spread.
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  1. Oct 27, 2010
    Love, love, love it! If you are familiar with Wong Kar Wai and love 50s era cinema recreations, this is a film for you to watch. I celebrate Tom Ford has such a detailed and suave eye for moviemaking as he does for fashion. One truly expects his second film to have the consistency of this marvelous piece, the acting is superb and the overall feel is ... sheer delight. @cinemaquote Full Review »
  2. Apr 17, 2014
    One of the best movies of Firth. It is a really well told story. First of all, the topic that transcends genders, the hurt one, sad because of the lose of the love of his life. A must see Full Review »
  3. Apr 20, 2013
    fashion designer turned director/writer/producer Tom Ford provided the biggest cinematic surprise in the whole year 2009 with his debut picture A Single Man. I've always liked films about homosexuality (okay, most of them. There's rubbish in this genre as well) and this one is an absolute stand-out. Colin Firth foreshadowed his creaming off the profits for follow-up The King's Speech, with his ceaselessly realistic turn as a secretly gay college professor who grieves about the death of his long-time lover. While 2010's TKS is a such a flawless perfection of movie making, ASM's plot is more interesting and the final good is mesmerizingly artsy. Nicholas Hoult, relatively unknown by the time this film was made, impresses as the young student who comes in the life of Firth's character after his loss, and Matthew Goode makes the best out of his little screen time. I never expected that a first-time-filmmaker would be able to stun me as much as Tom Ford did with this movie. The use of colors to express emotions, the ability to turn mundane conversations into such absorbing dialogue, the knowledge of how to use the score (oh, so beautiful!) in due time, etc. It's not a movie to watch many times since it gets a bit boring then, but at first watch, you'll be overwhelmed by this movie. Full Review »