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  • Starring: ,
  • Summary: When the relationship between a Pakistani man and a Catholic woman in Glasgow is discovered, the repercussions of the scandal reach far and wide and sparks fly as cultures clash and personalities collide. (Icon Films)
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  1. For the most part, Paul Laverty's screenplay and the strong, naturalistic performances lend it a specificity that sets it apart.
  2. All of Loach's formidable strengths, which include a sense of humor, come together in the wrenching A Fond Kiss.
  3. 70
    Gradually, and with a kind of inquisitive generosity, the filmmaker's scope expands to take in Casim's parents and two sisters, whose public shame and private despair at having the only son move in with a “goree” - a white girl - is made palpably, wrenchingly real.
  4. Reviewed by: Ken Fox
    The film is beautifully told and superbly acted. More importantly, Paul Laverty's screenplay goes along way toward showing how the traditionalism that can turn a community inward on itself is often a response to racism, and in that sense the film's timing couldn't have been any better.
  5. 60
    Despite the agreeable lead performances, it's one of Loach's more forgettable films.
  6. Things are too predictable. Perhaps the viewpoint is to blame.
  7. Reviewed by: Leslie Felperin
    The flatness of several of the key performances badly lets down this promising material.
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