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  1. A fantastical romp that proves every bit as transporting as that movie about the blue people of Pandora, his "Alice" is more than just a gorgeous 3D sight to behold.
  2. Tim Burton, plus Alice, plus 3D equals an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind movie experience. It will clean up.
  3. Reviewed by: Claudia Puig
    When it comes to 3-D visual splendors, give me Wonderland over Pandora any day.
  4. If you can get past the craven concessions to formula, though, it’s rather underful--I mean, wonderful. Taking his cues from John Tenniel’s famous illustrations, Burton indulges his delight in disproportion.
  5. Carroll purists and freshman English majors may be aghast at the change in story, but for those who watched "Avatar" and marveled at the images but were left wanting by the wooden acting and tired story, "Alice" is a treat.
  6. 75
    Wonderland is equal parts Lewis Carroll and Grace Slick. It’s inspired by Carroll’s "Alice in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking Glass," but also, apparently, by Slick’s psychedelic ‘60s anthem, “White Rabbit.” It’s a trip, man.
  7. 75
    "Alice" plays better as an adult hallucination, which is how Burton rather brilliantly interprets it until a pointless third act flies off the rails.
  8. The movie won't be for everyone -- it's a little rough for preteens, and it doesn't throw many laughs the audience's way -- but along with "Sweeney Todd," this is Burton's most interesting project in a decade
  9. If there were truth-in-titling, Burton's movie rightly would be called "Alice in Narnia: With Stops at Disneyland, the Shire, Rohan, Naboo, and Oz."
  10. This is still her (Wasikowska’s) picture. She’s its 10-foot tower, mysterious and brave and excited and withdrawn. Alice is the true magic in a Wonderland that’s mere movie magic – the happy surprise amidst everything we’ve come to expect.
  11. 75
    Burton finely balances excess and restraint to create an absorbing, visually rich world of his very own.
  12. Burton's most imaginative film in some time.
  13. 75
    The movie carries a mild PG rating but may be too intense for younger children.
  14. 67
    A strangely passive film, dutifully ladling out its bits of filmic wizardry and expanding Lewis Carroll’s fantastical mythos in a promising new direction without any palpable sense of glee or verve.
  15. The film is always fun, but as Carroll might have observed, it’s not much of a muchness.
  16. 63
    Alice in Wonderland is curiously devoid of metaphors and allegories about a young woman on the cusp of adulthood, about to be engaged by arrangement to a loathsome toad of a man she can barely stomach. The lack of psychological subtext is hugely disappointing.
  17. 63
    Depp's nonsense-spouting Mad Hatter, decked out in a red fright wig and possibly more makeup than Michael Jackson, is an unlikely resistance leader.
  18. 63
    Still, even Disney and a PG rating can't bury Burton's subversive wit. Like Carroll, he's a master at dressing up psychic wounds in fantasy.
  19. It tends to get lost in its own delirium, which will enchant some and drive others bonkers.
  20. Reviewed by: Angie Errigo
    Sadly Lewis lite and not without flaws but this is as Burtonesque as one could wish for, a real treat for fans of his twisted imagination and great British character actors.
  21. 58
    The best adaptations have found ways to put a personal stamp on the familiar stories. Others have simply reproduced an Alice facsimile in the image of their own era. Surprisingly, Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland belongs to the latter camp. That doesn’t necessarily make it a bad movie, just another frustratingly impersonal one from a director who once had trouble compacting his personality down to movie size.
  22. The movie is a decidedly mixed bag, in part, because of the equally pronounced disparities between Burton and Carroll – and between Burton and Disney, for that matter.
  23. Reviewed by: Todd McCarthy
    For all its clever design, beguiling creatures and witty actors, the picture feels far more conventional than it should; it's a Disney film illustrated by Burton, rather than a Burton film that happens to be released by Disney.
  24. In the film's rather humdrum 3-D, the place doesn't dazzle — it droops.
  25. Here's a riddle: What's Alice in Wonderland without wonder? It's a beloved character landing in the rubble of wrong-headed revisionism.
  26. Reviewed by: Ty Burr
    Where Burton and his screenwriter, Linda Woolverton, go astray is turning this new 3-D version - a sequel, really, about a grown Alice returning to the psychic dreamworld of her childhood - into a fantasy adventure that looks like every other CGI epic out there.
  27. 50
    In the end, Alice in Wonderland comes off as manufactured instead of dreamy. Burton delivers all the wonder money can buy; what's missing is the wonder it can't.
  28. 50
    As usual with Burton, the visuals are much better than the story, and Carroll’s characters are richly realized--especially Tweedledum and Tweedledee, poster children for juvenile obesity, and the raving Red Queen, played with razor-sharp timing by Helena Bonham Carter.
  29. 40
    Like more than one recent movie, Alice seems a trailer for a Wonderland computer game--and it is. The final battle is clearly designed for gaming. So, it would seem, is the character of actualized as well as action Alice.
  30. Unlike Carroll’s perversely idealized protagonist, Burton’s Alice is just another anachronistic feminist tearing down Victorian patriarchal norms. Even her—[shudder]—Avril Lavigne–blared theme song is a skin-deep grrrl-power accessory.
  31. The first act is very nearly unbearable, leaden and doomy and generically plotted.
  32. It has its successful moments but it's surprisingly inert overall, more like a Burton derivative than something he actually did himself.
  33. Busy, garish and periodically amusing.
  34. The most surprising thing about Alice in Wonderland is its general lack of surprise.
  35. Reviewed by: Dana Stevens
    A film adaptation should, of course, treat its source material as inspiration rather than dogma. But did Burton have to get the books so ENTIRELY wrong?
  36. Reviewed by: Christopher Rosen
    It might be time for Johnny Depp and Tim Burton to start thinking about seeing other people. Alice in Wonderland, their seventh film together, is so thoroughly soul-deadening and laborious that the prospect of an eighth collaboration feels like the sword of Damocles.
  37. Reviewed by: Amy Biancolli
    Its single biggest failing - an affront to Lewis Carroll and the charms of nonsense literature - is that it makes sense.
  38. Reviewed by: John DeVore
    A charmless, vandalized version of a classic.
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  1. Sep 24, 2011
    If you expected a controversial movie form Burton, "Alice in Wonderland" is not what you expect. However, the eerie creativity and fantasticIf you expected a controversial movie form Burton, "Alice in Wonderland" is not what you expect. However, the eerie creativity and fantastic visuals might delight you for the moment. Full Review »
  2. Feb 4, 2012
    Tim Burton directs a ton of heart and adventure into this adaptation which makes it great, but he also skillfully directs one of the mostTim Burton directs a ton of heart and adventure into this adaptation which makes it great, but he also skillfully directs one of the most important details of the story into the movie the wackiness. He also has impressive performances especially Johnny Depp and newcomer Mia Wasikowska. Some cool action and just amazing visual effects. I give this film 92%. Full Review »
  3. Dec 19, 2010
    Just one word: Boring. It is just so boring and it isn't good in any sense, not the characters not the story, nothing. Apparently Burton wasJust one word: Boring. It is just so boring and it isn't good in any sense, not the characters not the story, nothing. Apparently Burton was just given a bunch of money and decided not to focus on the story or the characters or giving an inventive view on the wonderful book this movie is based on, and just spent it on the special effects which are just ok. Terrible movie can't believe it's nominated for a golden globe. Full Review »