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  • Summary: In this action-packed sequel to Alien, Sigourney Weaver returns as Ripley, the only survivor from mankind's first encounter with the monstrous Alien. Her account of the Alien and the fate of her crew are received with skepticism - until the mysterious disappearance of colonists on LV-426 leads her to join a team of high-tech colonial marines sent in to investigate. (20th Century Fox) Expand
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  1. Reviewed by: Staff (Not Credited)
    For this movie stands to be something its predecessor was not, a megahit. And it deserves to be, for it is a remarkable accomplishment: a sequel that exceeds its predecessor in the reach of its appeal while giving Weaver new emotional dimensions to explore.
  2. Reviewed by: Ian Nathan
    Truly great cinema- manages to dodge that 'dodgy sequel' curse with ease.
  3. 100
    Tautly paced and expertly directed, this roller coaster ride of a motion picture offers a little bit of everything, all wrapped up in a tidy science fiction/action package.
  4. 88
    I'm giving the movie a high rating for its skill and professionalism and because it does the job it says it will do. I am also advising you not to eat before you go to see it.
  5. 80
    Director James Cameron dumps the decorative effects of Ridley Scott's 1979 Alien in favor of some daring narrative strategies and a tight thematic focus.
  6. Reviewed by: Walter Goodman
    Under the direction of James (''The Terminator'') Cameron, [the special effects team has] put together a flaming, flashing, crashing, crackling blow-'em-up show that keeps you popping from your seat despite your better instincts and the basically conventional scare tactics.
  7. Reviewed by: Max Garrone
    The startling thing about "Aliens" is how obsessed it is with women as child bearers. It's the theme that allows the movie to have all the trappings of a typical science fiction/action movie while creating a primal emotive connection for the audience.

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  1. Nov 9, 2010
    I saw this for the first time like 10 years a go and even then as a small child I still knew it was a good movie. The whole cast were brilliant, the directing ; well forget about Titanic and Avatar and James Cameron is one hell of a director/writer. He wrote the initial script and brought this whole thing to life in fantastic shape, his best film by a mile. Taking the idea of one Alien and having a whole army of them is one thing, but making it as horrifying and more action packed is a truly magnificent achievement. The Aliens themselves look absolutely terrifying and the way some of the shots were filmed were absolute genius. Alien was 10 and so is this. I don't think this is better than Alien, but this, Alien and 2001 are equally the best sci-fi films ever made. Watch this film. Expand
  2. Oct 15, 2013
    A movie i first saw aged 9 it terrified me but as i watched it more it became my favourite movie and the best sequel i have ever seen uncompromising and mrs weaver never better i have written essays on her journey and the top of his game direction of James Cameron. Expand
  3. Sep 28, 2011
    So many franchises we have today owe their success to Aliens. The Zerg from Starcraft? Aliens. The Tyranids from Warhammer 40k? Aliens. The bugs from Starship Troopers the film (not the book)? Aliens. The Brood from X-Men? Aliens. The Flood from Halo? Aliens. Probably a few others I've missed? Aliens. James Cameron took Ridley Scott's spookhouse in space and completely changed gears to deliver the ultimate scifi war film. Do smartguns on steadycam mounts make a ton of logical sense? Maybe not, but they looked damn cool. So much of what James Cameron designed was incredibly cool and has influenced pop culture. The Pelicans from Halo? Just copies of the Dropship from Aliens. The dropship pilot telling us we're in the pipe five by five? A direct line from Aliens. Angry black sargeant? That's just Apone. Shotgun being good in Doom? Probably Hick's, for close encounters.

    The greatness of Aliens, apart from its many cool little tidbits, is the pacing. It's relentless. You're on this sorta roller coaster ride, but it's not quite fun. It's tense, scary, completely draining. And when you think you've managed to escape the worst of it... the Queen pops out of the rear landing gear and you're right back in the thick of it, witnessing an epic fight with a goddamn power loader. This film is great because it dialed absolutely everything up to 11. Looking back, it's easy to see that Alien 3 would've been somewhat of a disappointment no matter what they chose to do. Aliens said pretty much everything that needed to be said about humans in space battling xenomorphs. Game over man, game over.
  4. Aug 22, 2014
    Esta película me ha encantado, ha mezclado muy bien los momentos de terror pero también los de acción. Hay partes en las que piensas que los protagonistas no van a lograrlo. Hasta cuando crees que todo acabo la cosa sigue y sigue, llega a impactar aparte de tener algunos personajes memorables, en especial Ripley que aquí muestra que solo por ser mujer no quiere decir que no pueda estar a la altura e incluso superar en mi opinión a grandes de la acción como Rambo, Chuck Norris, etc. Esta película en mi opinión es la mejor que he visto hasta el día de hoy. Yo personalmente veo una película y ya me suelo olvidar aunque me guste, pero cuando una película se mete en tu cabeza y te hace pensar aun después de semanas de verla, entonces sabes que es una gran película. Le doy un 10/10 es un clásico, es legendaria y puede que algunas personas piensen que exagero pero me gusto tanto y tanto que tenia que darle una puntuación que iguale a la película. Expand
  5. Jan 4, 2014
    Now that's Kick-alien!!

    Firstly make sure you watch Alien (1979) first before reading this review. You may watch Aliens independently but
    miss out many plot elements key to the franchise. With Alien having established the presence of deadly alien in a suspenseful horror manner this sequel satisfies the kick-alien action which was missing (definitely not necessary) in the first film without sacrificing much of the suspenseful storytelling that made Alien special. Another plus point for Aliens is that it has a strong lead performance by Sigourney Weaver and very impressive visuals for 1986. It has the typical James Cameron touch for both screenplay and direction and does complete justice as a sequel. The movie always has edge of seat thriller feeling with the Aliens getting smarter with every advent thus suspense has a strong hold. The final act is full on entertainer but has feel like the protagonists would escape any kind of dangerous numerous times which has a bit hard to digest apart from that Aliens is among the top lists in sci-fi, a justifying sequel which answers few unanswered questions of 1st film and not to be missed even today. Expand
  6. Apr 15, 2011
    Aliens is a worthy sequel to an already classic horror film. It differs slightly from Alien from the fact that it is more of an action movie in comparison to Alien, which is a suspense, sci-fi horror movie. No doubt, it still retains some horror elements like the fact that the Aliens and facehuggers haven't changed in appearance and the disgusting Alien breeding process. However, even though this movie retains the same horrifying characters from the previous film, it's not as scary. Going down, the action route, I could where James Cameron was going. Because there are now loads of Aliens, they can afford to have loads of action and shootouts with the Aliens and still not be rid of the creepy creatures. If Alien was an action movie and the scientists were marines, it would be only about 5 minutes after the Alien had reached adulthood because there is only one Alien. This film introduces the Alien Queen, which now gives us a good explanation of how the Alien race came to be and how those dreaded facehuggers were made. I toughly enjoyed the plot and it moves at a faster pace from the previous film; no waiting for something to happen, although it takes a while for Ripley and the marines to find the Alien hideout. James Cameron has written a really good story and I found it really enjoyable to see Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) emerge as a determined, tough heroine, trying to protect Newt and battle against the Alien scum. Ripley forms a bond with this little girl and the final scene is a highlight of this fact, where Ripley has a one on one battle in a mech against the Alien Queen (which is pi**ssed off because Ripley torched all of her precious eggs). This sets the stage for a pretty satisfying climax to what is actually quite a long movie, longer than the first one. The line, "Get away from her you Bi**h" that Ripley says when a close up of her is shown while she is in the mech is possibly the best line in this movie; I love the way she raises her voice when she says the word "Bi**h!" It's almost like she's saying, "bring it on" in a rather more intimidating and threatning way. Ripley was definately scared of going after the Aliens with the marines at the start of the movie but she then learns to confront her own fear. The sets are again, astonishing and expand on the scope from the first Aliens. The special effects are really good; like the Aliens design and the fire effects of the machine guns that the marines use. This movie is just as violent as the first movie and one scene just made me go "Ugggh"; the scene when the android, Bishop gets sliced in half by the Alien Queen and this "Milk" substance pours out of his nostrils and mouth. James Cameron has made the right choice to make this an action movie rather than a suspense horror film because I couldn't really see what he could have done more with the Alien character in that situation. Although, this action packed take on the Alien series would be abandoned and return to the slow, suspenseful film in the next Alien film, Alien 3. In my opinion, Aliens is a brilliant sci-fi movie and is overall, the best Alien film I enjoyed in the series. Expand
  7. Aug 3, 2012
    James Cameron wrote a **** script, and it shows as this film gets cheesier and cheesier as the years go by and Alien gets better and better as the years go by. Some of the acting was absolutely horrible, and the story was uninteresting, and lacked emotion. I wont deny that this was a fun action ride, but it doesn't even come close to Ridley Scott's film, and is not part of the franchise in my opinion. I own the Quadrilogy, and have watched these films probably like 50 times in my life time, and its funny how my first impressions of them have changed so much, and how the really good stuff just got better, but the hidden crap under James Cameron's film just started leaking out over time. Would have given it a higher score as an entertaining action film, but since its the sequel to a fantastic Art film, and it lacks any art on any level it completely fails. Expand

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