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  • Summary: When a reclusive detective is drawn into the case of a serial killer who is enacting anamorphosis--a painting technique that manipulates the laws of perspective--with human bodies, he is thrust into a dark, unsettling underworld that threatens to reveal the secrets of his tormented past. (IFC First Take) Expand
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  1. 63
    The unfortunate fact is that it's more than a little dull when it isn't preposterous.
  2. Mr. Miller and his co-writer, Tom Phelan, manage to get under your skin largely with borrowed implements, though they receive solid support from Willem Dafoe and the resourceful veteran cinematographer Fred Murphy.
  3. There are undeniably arresting moments along the way, thanks to Dafoe's subtly intense performance and the well-crafted visuals.
  4. Reviewed by: Ronnie Scheib
    Beyond its cool, reflective surfaces and infinite plays with perspective lies nothing -- character, relationships, motives all seemingly irrelevant. Even Willem Dafoe as a haunted cop cannot ground these artfully grisly optical illusions, unconnected to any comprehensible storyline.
  5. The long shadow of David Fincher's "Seven" falls on Anamorph, a moody, ultimately unexciting thriller.
  6. 38
    A serial-killer flick told like an art lecture, Anamorph manages to be gruesome yet dull.
  7. Director H.S. Miller thinks he's made something broodingly visionary when you're more likely to be aesthetically shaken up by one of Mad magazine's Fold-Ins.

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