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  1. It takes something like a miracle to unlock the magic in his exquisite aggravations, the essence of the human comedy. This film is indeed something like a miracle.
  2. The performances are excellent all around, with Scott mesmerizing as the emotionally volatile Laevsky and the gorgeous Glascott making vividly clear why her character drives all the surrounding men to distraction.
  3. 90
    The Duel is the most successful literary adaptation I've seen since Pascal Ferran's 2006 "Lady Chatterley."
  4. If it weren't for the masterful work of director Dover Kosashvili, this rich, evocative film wouldn't have nearly the impact it does.
  5. Reviewed by: Sam Adams
    It's a pleasure simply to linger in the characters' company, or at least to watch them from just far enough away to observe them without being judged in return.
  6. Anton Chekhov's The Duel is convincingly-yes--Chekhovian.
  7. Once again, Mr. Kosashvili mixes moments of bitterness and laughter with strong dramatic passages, creating a social milieu in The Duel that is believably inhabited, consistently surprising and true-feeling in detail and sweep.
  8. Reviewed by: Ronnie Scheib
    This worthy follow-up to Kosashvili's brilliant "Late Marriage" should delight auds worldwide.
  9. This is smart, inspired, no-fuss entertainment.
  10. Listen closely, however, and amidst the zingers and world-weary chatter, Chekhov's generous humanism comes through loud and clear.
  11. 70
    Koshashvili effectively captures turn-of-the-century ennui, but, more impressively, some of the feel of literary prose by intercutting characters in different locales, pausing the narrative for thoughtful close-ups that evoke interiority. The excellent excellent acting conveys the principals' emotional ambiguities.
  12. Just as marriage does not banish aloneness, proximity to the characters onscreen doesn't unlock any special connection to them.
  13. 63
    It just feels like playacting.
  14. One senses this is a production better suited to the stage.
  15. 60
    The movie's problem begins as you lift up your eyes to the hills. In Chekhov these are craggy and hostile, a fitting backdrop to the dried-out souls who dwell below, but Dover Koshashvili's film lingers on green slopes. They suggest fruition and escape, whereas for Laevsky, the eternally stifled dreamer, there should be no way out.
  16. 50
    Somehow isn't as exciting as a duel over a woman should be.
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  1. Oct 1, 2010
    God, was this boring. After a while I was no longer praying for a duel - I wanted an ASSASSINATION. A lot of them. See Young Victoria if you want the vintage look - and something truly beautiful as a story and a set. Full Review »