Factory 25 | Release Date: April 25, 2014
Summary: Trevor Newandyke is a struggling comedian and a pyromaniac. Not only does his act bomb on stage, but he bombs at everyday life, too. Fed up with threats from the cable company, Slurpee price hikes and all the jerks who think they can push him around, all Trevor wants is a break. But instead of getting himself together or channeling his anger for his act, he turns inward, to the loud din of his headphones and the crackling glow of fire to ease his mind. [Factory 25]
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Runtime: 86 min
Rating: Not Rated
Official Site: http://www.apefilm.com/
Production: Sob Noisse Movies
Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Comedy
Country: USA
Language: English
Director Credit
Joel Potrykus Director
Writer Credit
Joel Potrykus Writer
Cast Credit
Benjamin Riley Bum
Charlotte Ambrose Sidewalk Lady
Dan Cox Long Pee Guy
Daniel Falicki The Devil
Gary Bosek Dennis Spicer
Gary Perrine Cisco
Jarrod Napierkowski Todd
Jason Roth Dorito Guy
Jazymne Colvin Neighbor
John Curtis Gorilla
Joshua Burge Trevor Newandyke
Kevin Clancy Tim
Michael Saunders Bicycle Thief
Nicholas Fairbanks Bathroom Heckler
Reynaldo Herrera Crazy Neighbor
Producer Credit
Ashley Young Line Producer
Joel Potrykus Producer
Kevin Clancy Executive Producer
Michael Saunders Associate Producer
Sarah Keen Associate Producer