Buena Vista Pictures | Release Date: December 8, 2006
Summary: A heart stopping mythic action-adventure set against the turbulent end times of the once great Mayan civilization. (Touchstone)
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Runtime: 139 min
Rating: Rated R for sequences of graphic violence and disturbing images.
Production: Icon Productions
Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama
Country: USA
Language: Maya
Home Release Date: May 22, 2007
Director Credit
Mel Gibson Director
Writer Credit
Farhad Safinia Written By
Mel Gibson Written By
Principal Cast Credit
Dalia Hernández Seven
Rudy Youngblood Jaguar Paw
Cast Credit
Amilcar Ramírez Curl Nose
Carlos Emilio Báez Turtles Run
Espiridion Acosta Cache Old Story Teller
Iazua Larios Sky Flower
Israel Contreras Smoke Frog
Israel Ríos Cocoa Leaf
Itandehui Gutierrez Wife
Jonathan Brewer Blunted
Lorena Heranandez Village Girl
María Isabel Díaz Mother In Law
Mayra Serbulo Young Woman
Morris Birdyellowhead Flint Sky
Sayuri Gutierrez Eldest Daughter
Producer Credit
Bruce Davey Producer
Farhad Safinia Co-Producer
Mel Gibson Producer
Ned Dowd Executive Producer
Sergio Miranda Producer: Costa Rica
Vicki Christianson Executive Producer