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  • Summary: Set in 1950's England, this tale of erotic obsession tells the story of Stella Raphael (Richardson), a restless, beautiful woman who desperately desires to find in romantic love the one thing that will change everything. (Paramount Classics)
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  1. A film that takes you by surprise, refusing to relinquish its grim, fascinating hold. Better yet, it has crept up on us without much advance promotional fanfare. The less known about its twists, the better.
  2. Patrick McGrath's novel provides a solid and suspenseful story, even if it loses much of its bite in Mackenzie's hands.
  3. Reviewed by: Michael Phillips
    Natasha Richardson glides through the film version of Patrick McGrath's novel Asylum in various states of fear, desire and undress, a swan among Yorkshire frumps.
  4. Reviewed by: David Edelstein
    McKellen's actions are queerly unpredictable (pun intended), but every plot other twist is portentously foreshadowed.
  5. 50
    I hope to God that Patrick McGrath's novel Asylum, about a bunch of repressed Brits manipulating the stuffing out of one another in a 1950s psychiatric hospital, is better than the shallowly competent exercise in nastiness that British director David Mackenzie and screenwriter Patrick Marber have made of it.
  6. 10
    Shouldn't fool viewers into thinking it's anything but a pseudo-artsy piece of tripe.

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