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  1. Apr 22, 2011
    'Atlantis' peaks the list of most underrated animated films of all time. Exciting, adventurous and intriguingly mysterious, it features non-stop entertainment, and some energetic and creative characters.
  2. May 12, 2012
    I'm very surprised that this movie was hated critically and publicly. I saw this when I was about 10, and I thought it was incredible. I mean, it's not the best Disney film but it's not bad at all. The animation, you gotta admit is very cool. I guess little kids found this movie boring and dark, I was getting older and started to watch serious stuff. This movie did kinda felt a little bit like a grown up movie like "Fantasia", but I loved it. This was probably what Disney wanted to try something new, and sadly it didn't work. But it did work for me, and I enjoyed watching it every time. But come on, when you put this next to something like "Home on the Range", you would wanna watch "Atlantis: The Lost Empire" instead. Expand
  3. Oct 5, 2011
    "Atlantis: The Lost Empire" is a great summer blockbuster animation that will keep you entertained for the rest of your time watching it.
  4. Dec 30, 2011
    Sadly this movie goes by way too fast for you to know what is going on which causes the whole movie to collapse. It does have some great animated moments though. Hey it was a good try for Disney. I give this movie 42%.
  5. Oct 23, 2010
    the critics are just being ignorant. this movie was brilliant. though, it has no talking animals, it has adventure, suspense, and romance as well as other disney movies. so, to those who like this are really guided to their opinion.
  6. Feb 4, 2011
    a thoroughly enjoyable, engrossing , funny disney film, can't really understand most of the critics hate for it but it was cool. The comic book artstyle was beautiful, voice acting was brilliant and a round all entertaining movie.
  7. Aug 27, 2011
    A good all around action-adventure flick with a little romance on the side. I salute Disney's attempt at trying something different, in spite of the critics longing for another musical at the time. Highly recommend.
  8. Sep 1, 2014
    One of Disney's more understated films of late. It's an epic retelling of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea which contains high energy and huge creativity.
  9. May 20, 2012
    This movie is one of the most underrated movie I've ever seen. It is funny and exiting. I don't know how people can't like it. It haves a great plot, fantastic characters and some funny, great moments. Just, buy it and you will enjoy it, because Atlantis is one of the best Disney animated film, since Lion King.
  10. Mar 15, 2013
    One of my favorite Disney movies. It has everything I look for in a Disney movie. Adventure, romance, action, comedy, and above all else, excellent hand drawn visuals. One drawback is perhaps that most of the side character really don't get enough development as they are clearly well thought out and well voiced. Overall: One of Disneys classics in my opinion.
  11. Jan 26, 2014
    This is one of the most underrated Disney movies... even by Disney... Take a look around the park and tell me how many Atlantis items you see the next time you go. I will save you the trip little if any. I had always enjoyed this movie and it is a shame how poorly it was treated by Disney.
  12. Sep 14, 2011
    Atlantis the Lost Empire is one of the most underrated animated Disney movies of all time. The only real problem was that it was confusing from time to time. Other than that, it's a great movie.
  13. Apr 19, 2012
    I just don't understand all the bad reviews for this film. Atlantis- The Lost Empire is another wonderful Disney film. Atlantis- The Lost Empire doesn't really break a whole lot of new ground, but it's an exceptionally entertaining animated film. The film is about Milo Thatch, a young professor that no one takes seriously who is in search of Atlantis. Once again, Milo's funding proposition is turned down. But all that changes when he's given a package from his long deceased grandfather, and given proper funding by a associate of his. Now Milo goes in search of Atlantis with a crew of colorful characters. The characters are hilarious, to be vague. Dirt experts, explosive enthusiasts, and grease-loving chefs make up a small part of a large and amusing cast. And the voice cast only adds depth to these characters. There are also plenty of genius one liners. The animation boasts impressive visual effects, but there are a lot of flat backgrounds. The score is generally impressive as well. The climatic battle isn't incredible, and it won't raise your pulse, but it's certainly entertaining, and I've seen a lot of action movies with considerably worse final battles than this. Atlantis- The Lost Empire provides a funny and adventurous film that will surely entertain kids and parents alike. Collapse
  14. Aug 8, 2014
    A horribly underrated film that challenges gender roles, the overdone fantasy genre of nearly every Disney animation, and the notion that children can only enjoy cutesy, shallow stories. The characters are quirky without being obnoxious, and although the side characters don't get too much development, I don't feel they need it. You get the gist of their personalities right off the bat, and they never gave off the impression of being flat, or static. The animation is gorgeous and expressive, with exciting action scenes, beautiful, detailed backgrounds, and fun, unique character design.

    The entire movie came off as progressive, and open-minded, something I value in a Disney movie, and something that the newer films very clearly lack. Why continue adding to the pool of cute, feminine, thin, white girls and handsome, strong, white, and manly young men when you can have strong, curvy girls of color, and dorky, lanky, awkward (although no less brave and passionate) men?
  15. Sep 1, 2014
    THIS MOVIE WAS JUST GREAT TO ME! I don't know why but this movie seems to get attention alot especially with the giant rusty barless A that shows up on posters and some previews where it gets struck by lightning in the middle of the ocean during raging weather, and when it's on a rusty gate with writings on the wall, and water ripple lightings.
    The idea of the seastorms are really cool
    especially on the poster,viking prologue, and the beginning of the movie.The lightning mechanics were well done in the movie.
    The character development for Milo Thatch was GENIUS. Michael J. Fox did outstanding with his voice. It suited his personality traits so well.I can never get enough of him.
    Milo and Kida are my favorite Disney couples PERIOD.
    Blue is my favorite color and this happens to have alot of blue on it.
    The fact that this movie was the very first Disney animated sci-fi movie to come out on June 15th a very interesting day to release a movie, made me wanna try and see it..And yet i'm really happy I did.
    Atlantis may not be may favorite Disney score but James Newton Howard made the music fit so well with the movie itself. Turning it normal life/epic Treasure Planet like music into Deuter like soundscapes music.I love Disney movies without songs.
    It's really interesting how they relate other B.C cultures and history to Atlantis and also when they used Plato's quote. I like it's action violence and also it's references like 2012, Day After Tommorow, Avatar, Battleship, and Tron. 2012 and Day After Tommorow because the natural disasters in the beginning.
    Avatar because of it's plot, Battleship because of the sci-fi technology and the leviathan scene, and Tron because of it's crystalized circuits on the statues and artistic cracks especially the stone effigies chanting around the Heart of Atlantis. Atlantis was a great Disney movie and it really deserves alot of recognition, love, and gratitude. All thanks to the stupid box-office intake, Atlantis remains a *LOST*, underrated Disney movie along with the other Disney flops. But I'm really happy that this movie was even created and I'm happy that I, my friends on deviantART, some of my subscriptions on YouTube, and other random fans can see the good in it to this very day on 2014. Don Hahn, Gary Trousdale, Kirk Wise, and James Newton Howard, you have made this awesome animated sci-fi movie possible for the first time.( IT REALLY SUCKS THAT I DIDN'T GET A CHANGE TO WALK THE BLUE CARPET.)I give this 10 out of 10. Even if the world was disappointed with this film including the box-office, technicality you guys have donea bang-up job and I'am very very proud that this film was even made. Long Live Λ T L Λ N T I S.;-D

Mixed or average reviews - based on 29 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 12 out of 29
  2. Negative: 4 out of 29
  1. Reviewed by: Cody Clark
    A wide-eyed, action-adventure throwback to the era of Disney's magnificent adaptation of "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea."
  2. 30
    The result is cutesy but harsh, a hybrid of saucer-eyed anime and square-jawed angularity that brings to mind an edgier "Pokemon."
  3. Story line and characterization are decidedly old-fashioned, and a curious decision about production design gives this wide-screen cartoon some of the look and feel of a Saturday morning TV cartoon series