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  1. Oct 13, 2012
    It seems like I could not relate to the protagonists of this film because they were all millionaires who complained that they hate the government. They want to start a revolution but all the common citizens are really protesting against people like them. It is hard to relate to a "hero" who rides up in a porsche while the rest of the people seem like they are going hungry. This movie is one of the worst propaganda films that I have ever seen since John Wayne's The Green Berets. The owner of Fox news would be very proud of this horrible film. Full Review »
  2. Oct 13, 2012
    Overall, avery nice movie. The major negative would be that if you do not have an open mind to a differing viewpoint you might perceive this as threatening your basic beliefs. But if you value diversity in the expression of those ideas, I believe that you will enjoy this experience. Full Review »
  3. Oct 13, 2012
    As with Atlas Shrugged Part One, while Two moves along at a quick pace (e.g. we see James Taggert meet Cheryl in one scene, a short time later we hear everyone's invited to their wedding) the story is still accessible to viewers not familiar with the novel or with Part One. However, those not warned in advance, may be confused to see entirely different actors in the leading, and well... most roles.

    The storyline is still intact though, and easy to follow. Trying to include everything that happens in the novel - especially a long novel like Atlas Shrugged - is never really possible or even recommendable on film. In Samantha Mathis we see a still determined, but clearly more worn down Dagny than Taylor Shilling's. Also aged, and looking a little tougher, Beghe makes for a more formidable Henry Reardon, Dagney's main love interest. As with most of Rand's characters, the heroes are more heroic, and the villains are more villainous than you'd expect in real life. Of course, that's quite Hollywood as much as it is Rand's writings, and Rand herself liked to paint good and evil more starkly to emphasize her points.

    The overall result though - even if some critics like to pooh-pooh the idea of government-business cronyism ever getting as bad as shown in the film - is a much stronger (strategically timed) political statement than even in Rand's own writings. It does more than any other film to point at political cronyism - corrupt favoritism and cooperation between politicians and businesses - as being one of the worst evils associated with big government.

    More so, even if audiences find some of the things AS2's politicians to be beyond belief, they will have no trouble taking away from the film a clear understanding of just how repugnant such activities are. If they make the connection that such corrupt power cannot exist unless a government is given too much power, then they may also come away with a little stronger suspicion when public officials insist that all they are doing is "for the public good." As with the ending of Part One, which got many audiences on their feat and clapping, all those who sympathize with the fight the leading characters have been facing will likely be wishing to see the final installment - Part Three.

    Most importantly, AS2 was still very entertaining - which is what a film has to do above all. Those who enjoyed this will come back for Atlas Shrugged Three, and will bring their friends.
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