Austin Powers in Goldmember


Generally favorable reviews - based on 34 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 22 out of 34
  2. Negative: 3 out of 34

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Critic Reviews

  1. Puerile, pitiful, grotesque, offensive, immature, repulsive and, of course, extremely funny.
  2. Mike Myers unleashes (or seems to unleash) the entire contents of his comic mind.
  3. Reviewed by: David Edelstein
    Mike Myers is like a rich 12-year-old who rents out F.A.O. Schwartz, upends every toy in under two hours, and brings in strippers. He can get away with this privileged romp because he grooves on what he does in a way that none of his contemporaries -- can comprehend.
  4. The funniest, crassest, wildest, most musical, most satirical and most scatological of the Powers trilogy. And you get to watch Britney Spears' head explode. What more could you want?
  5. 83
    You go into an Austin Powers movie with a big grin on -- or at least you should. The charm of this one is that you leave smiling even more broadly.
  6. Like a giant balloon painted with Day-Glo colors, however, the whole gaudy mess wouldn't inflate without the force of Mr. Myers's comic genius. It's his baby, baby. And after three editions, it's still flying high.
  7. 80
    It's a mess, and a ridiculous golden shower of toilet humor. But Mike Myers' superspy spoof still provides the summer's purest movie delight.
  8. Reviewed by: Ty Burr
    The most consistently funny of the ''Austin Powers'' films.
  9. Mike Myers and Austin Powers may stick to their old Beatle boots, but they've both come a long way, luvvy. For proof, just look at all the A-list celebrities-I-won't-mention happy to crash the party.
  10. Myers's sheer fertility of invention is of a different order, and even if he misses as often as he hits, he's definitely a swinger.
  11. The best way to look at this installment, however, is as musical theater of the absurd. The song-and-dance set pieces are brilliant, including a rap-style "It's a Hard Knock Life" in a prison.
  12. Wall Street Journal
    Reviewed by: Joe Morgenstern
    Nothing to write home about, though nothing to stay home about either, especially if you're a dyed-in-the-polyester Powers fan.
  13. New Times (L.A.)
    Reviewed by: Gregory Weinkauf
    The movie will leave you smiling forgetfully on the way out, and Myers will have done his job.
  14. Caine is burlesquing his own iconography and enjoying every minute of it. He hasn't lost his dignity, though; it takes a lot of self-possession to act this blissfully silly. He even looks good with bad teeth.
  15. 70
    Not since the heyday of Fellini, I dare say, has there been such a merrygoround of a movie.
  16. The latest installment in the Austin Powers series has stopped making much sense at all, but it sure gets its giggle on, and good.
  17. It's often quite funny (when it's not spinning its wheels in rehashed skits and recycled gags), but when Myers gets his mojo working and his mind out of the toilet, he's capable of better.
  18. 63
    Austin does have a psychedelic buoyancy and Dr. Evil an addle-pated sadistic goofiness that are original and engaging, but Myers doesn't build on their best stuff. That's where a real plot would help.
  19. It's a shapeless, derivative-but-funny show with another loony parody plot about super-villain Dr. Evil.
  20. 63
    In all fairness to the film, it is superior to the disappointing second movie in the series. The comedy is about as low-brow as it can get (at least without treading into R-rated territory).
  21. Uneven, self-conscious but often hilarious spoof.
  22. 60
    With the jokes coming about one per second, you're bound to find something to laugh at. I found myself laughing a lot--even as I began to feel the whole thing wearing thin.
  23. Reviewed by: Todd McCarthy
    A picture that, even more than the previous two, feels like a bunch of gags tossed together. The laughs are here, to be sure, although even some of the best of them are retreads and the Swinging '60s recycling act is now feeling a bit past its zeitgeist prime.
  24. 50
    The gifted Myers lets his once and (I hope) future shag king get lost in an elephantine Hollywood franchise. The first time was the charm, baby.
  25. Reviewed by: Mark Olsen
    The laugh always comes first, and Myers' puppy-dog tenacity to that cast-iron tenet of low comedy, disarming and even somewhat charming in the first film, now has an air of careerist desperation about it.
  26. 50
    A step or two down from the first and second, but it has some very funny moments, and maybe that is all we hope for.
  27. Casting Caine as Austin's father is a stroke of pure genius.
  28. The only thing that won't make you laugh, unless you've got a 12-year-old's sense of humor, is the film's tireless parade of gross-out gags and scatological verbal jests. Myers gets a charge out of this material--it wouldn't be here if he didn't--but so much of it is so tedious it's difficult to believe an adult actually sat down and wrote it.
  29. 50
    The uneven Goldmember seems to take a big step toward the extremely juvenile, with more scatological and fewer sex jokes
  30. 40
    Star/writer Mike Myers and director Jay Roach struggle visibly with exhausted possibilities and diminishing returns.
  31. To paraphrase one of the few memorable lines in the movie, "Even stink would say this stinks."
  32. Goldmember comes after years of escalating vulgarity have thrown the need for caution -- and cleverness -- out of fashion.
  33. 20
    Myers returns as his menagerie of repulsive characters, but this time, his frantic mugging feels more like an insipid parlor trick than ever.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 185 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 54 out of 93
  2. Negative: 14 out of 93
  1. Oct 4, 2011
    It's pointless to make such a inane sequel from a unorganized franchise. Yes, i'm talking about Austin Powers.
  2. AnnaR.
    Jul 23, 2006
    Really great movie. I loved Fat B*****d, Mini Me played a great part when he moved to the good side, Beyonce and of course, Mike Myers. Really great movie. I loved Fat B*****d, Mini Me played a great part when he moved to the good side, Beyonce and of course, Mike Myers. [***SPOILERS***] I loved the fight scene between Mini Me (who wanted to tell Austin he turned to the good side) and Austin! Really recommend this movie! Full Review »
  3. Feb 3, 2016
    Well... there you have it, folks. The franchise has gone into a mixed situation. Don't destroy it with a rushed project otherwise the scoreWell... there you have it, folks. The franchise has gone into a mixed situation. Don't destroy it with a rushed project otherwise the score will get worse. Take your time to make it and it'll be better. Full Review »