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  • Summary: This film centers around Jessica (de France), a beautiful young woman from the provinces who comes to Paris and lands a job waiting tables at a chic bistro on famed Avenue Montaigne, the city's nexus for art, music, theater and fashion. (ThinkFilm)
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  1. 83
    While this sort of thing can easily devolve into bourgeois comfort food, Thompson, a veteran of the genre, knows how to serve it up just about right.
  2. Reviewed by: Ethan Alter
    All of the actors are on point (Dupontel and Morante are particularly good), the individual story arcs are involving, if not exactly complex, and Thompson keeps the proceedings moving along at a comfortable clip.
  3. That the film succeeds as well as it does despite a series of coincidences that strain credibility is a credit to a fine cast and a joie de vivre that pervades even the most implausible moments.
  4. Avenue Montaigne transforms an overwhelming metropolis into a user-friendly village with quirkily appealing characters.
  5. Avenue Montaigne may not be a centimeter deeper than it needs to be, but you also won't be feeling that your pocket was picked when it's over.
  6. For Yank color in her soap-bubbly movie, director Daniele Thompson has her pal Sydney Pollack appear as...a famous director.
  7. 38
    A lightweight French comedy worth watching only for Cecile de France. The gamine actress - decked out in short reddish hair, black tights and a thigh-high mini - is charming as Jessica.

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