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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 14
  2. Negative: 8 out of 14
  1. Reviewed by: Chris Nashawaty
    Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem is a B movie that truly earns its B.
  2. It may not be classic sci-fi like the original “Alien,” which it has in its DNA, but it’s a perfectly respectable next step in the series.
  3. Reviewed by: Luke Y. Thompson
    Chopped down to 40 minutes, this could be a wickedly cool short; as is, it’s a passable slasher that’s still nowhere near the interspecies smackdown we geeks have long imagined.
  4. Reviewed by: Josh Rosenblatt
    An orgy of mindless violence, a random collection of bloody bodies, alien misanthropy, and slobbering carnage designed to bore straight into the pleasure centers of 13-year-old boys and leave the rest of us wondering when the movies got so damn loud.
  5. 25
    --- Ho, ho, ho - the joke's on anyone who pays to see this.
  6. Reviewed by: Jason Anderson
    It's unclear whether any of the actors here have promising political careers since their only purposes are to serve as prey, adversaries and involuntary incubators to their guests.
  7. 0
    A tasteless, witless, mindlessly perfunctory bloodbath that has the discourtesy to take itself seriously. Pitting aliens against predators may be the height of frivolity, but God forbid anyone have fun with it.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 60 out of 160
  2. Negative: 68 out of 160
  1. SeanC
    Mar 14, 2009
    It was a good movie. Non stop action and a few scares. The fight sequences were well executed maybe slightly dark with a good scene involving the national guard and another good scene with the predator fighting the aliens in the hospital Expand
  2. Danh.
    Dec 26, 2007
    The 9 is based on how entertaining the film is. Is it a B movie yeah but it offers fan of the series exactly what there looking for peolpe getting eaten by aliens or hunted by predators or the ill battles and the cool weapon. I didn't hate the first one, but i didn't really like it, and all the people who were dissaponited with this one should be shot, because sequeals usually aren't 10 time better then predcessor. Expand
  3. NickB
    Dec 26, 2007
    Saw it Xmas day. Great monster movie. It lacked depth for the poor human characters who were beings laughtered left and right, but we all know this movie's real star was the Predator and his hunt to contain an alien infestation, so there ya go. Better than the first AvP and Alien Resurrection, I'd say. And the predalien was a worthy addition to the mythos of the Aliens. Warning: I wouldn't take little kids to this. Children, pregnant women, and even babies are made short work of in this film when the predalien takes up residence in the hopsital. Nice to see a horror film actually go for the jugular....gonna anger a lot of people who think that even an AvP film should be PC! Good bloody charnel fun. Expand
  4. Sep 11, 2014
    Esta película es aburrida. Los personajes son aburridos, olvidables y algunos mal actuados. Ejemplo: en una parte un Alien mata a una persona en frente de otra persona y en ves de sentir miedo parece que esta mirando a la cámara, y cuando le preguntan que paso parece que en ves de miedo tiene frío. A mi me gusto un poco AVP1 por que al menos las escenas de acción eran buenas y algunos personajes memorables, me acuerdo de la protagonista, me acuerdo de el fundador de la corporación, me acuerdo de el arqueólogo (aun que no sus nombres, creo que ni los dicen xD) pero al final me pareció decente, sin embargo, esta película es lo contrario. En las escenas de acción la cámara se mueve mucho aparte de que esta muy oscuro y lloviendo a la vez. Los únicos personajes que me importaron eran el policía y el Predator, el resto me daba igual, hubiera preferido que el poli, Dalas y el predator hubieran escapado en ves de la niñita inútil, su madre aburrida, y el hermano de Dalas con Dalas. En la anterior habían unos cuantos errores que pensé que se solucionarían aquí como: que los Alien tardan de 1 a media hora en salir del cuerpo en ves de 2/5 horas como se ve en las películas de Alien. Aquí lo empeoraron, según parece el PredAlien puede poner huevos dentro de sus victimas y reproducir los Xenomorphos sin necesidad de una reina Alien. Le doy un 04/10 es dolorosamente mediocre, menos mal que hoy en día AVP1 y AVP2 ya no son canon en las franquicias Alien y Predator. Aunque seria genial que fueran del mismo universo y espero que en el futuro hagan un AVP canon como debería ser. Expand
  5. Jan 4, 2014
    I liked AVP, but AVPR was just terrible. Everything is so dark you can't see anything. The acting is pretty bad. It is really dull in the beginning. The ending is terrible, and it creates plot holes in the Alien series. It felt like Alien Fanfiction that happened to feature a Predator. There is a lot more I could point out, but I will leave it at this. If you are like me, one of the few people who enjoyed Alien vs Predator, and loves the Alien and Predator franchise, don't see this movie, it is bad. The only good thing this movie had going for it was the Predator. The Predator in this movie is probably my favorite Predator, but he felt like a side note. Only showing up occasionally to justify the movie title. So aside from a badass Predator, a couple decent fight scenes, and a cool fight between army members and aliens, this movie is just plain BAD. Expand
  6. WordyWordword
    May 29, 2008
    The only point it gains from me is for its explosions, pretty. Other than that its a pretty repetitive and boring show of how to kill humans, oh, with the odd contrived attempt at shock value (maternity ward scene). All in all a disgrace to the franchise. Expand
  7. KarlB
    Dec 27, 2007
    Worst movie I have ever seen.

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