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  1. 78
    Perhaps one of the cutest children's films ever made.
  2. The characters (both animal and human) are solidly conceived, and the storytelling and visuals are expertly fashioned.
  3. 75
    A movie made with charm and wit, and unlike some family movies it does not condescend, not for a second.
  4. A witty, stylish, beautifully made charmer of a family picture.
  5. That rare movie that completely fulfills its admittedly modest aims.
  6. Reviewed by: Jack Kroll
    It has a surprising charm.
  7. 75
    Through a mixture of imaginative storytelling, impressive animatronics, and irresistible cuteness, Babe casts a spell over all viewers -- young, old, or somewhere in between.
  8. The all-time great talking-pig movie, a lovely, intelligent gem of G-rated entertainment that is also rib-tickling funny.
  9. A film that can be enjoyed by all ages and that insults no one's intelligence.
  10. The movie maintains a refreshingly light touch in spinning a fable about individualism and conformity.
  11. A lovely, stubbornly idiosyncratic fable of aspiration and survival.
  12. Babe could charm the pants off the most unregenerate cynic.
  13. 88
    Babe, a live-action fable about a valiant pig who conquers prejudice like a barnyard Jackie Robinson, is in a league of its own when it comes to enchantment.
  14. Reviewed by: Leonard Klady
    The achievement here is a thoroughly compelling story in which the underlying technological razzle-dazzle never intrudes.
  15. A hilarious fantasy, about a plucky piglet that learns how to tend sheep, Babe is a barnyard charmer.
  16. 80
    A captivating comic allegory about daring to be different in the face of conformity.
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  2. Negative: 1 out of 21
  1. Apr 30, 2016
    At first, I thought I was watching some sort of mediocre film, but the next moment I keep my eyes on the pig, Babe has some sort of secretsAt first, I thought I was watching some sort of mediocre film, but the next moment I keep my eyes on the pig, Babe has some sort of secrets hidden in those eyes of the pig. Great film for kids. Full Review »
  2. Jun 3, 2014
    + Clever use of visuals
    + Fantastic voice acting + Good story with interesting themes that at times are quite depressing - Some
    + Clever use of visuals
    + Fantastic voice acting
    + Good story with interesting themes that at times are quite depressing
    - Some bad elements of character developments.
    - Limited dialogue
    - Quite dull at times
    In brief it is a great family adventure full of good blights, which is and entertaining. As a result I would recommend it as it is worth a watch.

    Full Review
    Perhaps the first striking thing about Babe is how well directed it is. The use of animals as the main characters would undoubtable presents its own challenges, but the way the film is directed makes the character/ animal interaction feel really. It is strangely entertaining to watch animals interact and speak to each just as humans would. Particularly like the little elements that help make Babe feel that little bit more special as a film, e.g. moments when Fly lick Babe as a sign of love. Such an approach helps to increase the uniqueness of Babe.

    The next thing that really stands out about Babe is the voice acting. All the characters feel unique and at the same time display emotions within their voices. This is particularly the case with Cavanaugh and his voice over of Babe, which emphasises the innocent nature of Babe as a character, while at the same time still depicting Babe as brave and a character who develops throughout the film. Likewise Margolyes depiction of Fly (a female dog) is great as it helps to set Fly as a heart-warming character who takes care of Babe. Such voice acting is enhanced by the acting of James Cromwell as Arthur (the Boss) and Magda Szubanski as Esme Hoggett (the Boss’ wife). Both actors depict real life conflicts of a couple. As a result such acting helps to enhance the film as a whole.

    However the main element I found to be good about Babe is that of how it has a really interesting story with elements of cheerful moments which are particularly provided by Ferdinand, and at the end. However such moments, are balanced out with themes within the film that are quite depressing. Such themes include obedience to rules and defining conventions, life and death. In particularly I found it quite saddening when a character close to Babe dies, which not only comes as a surprise but also strengthens Babe as a character. Likewise the challenging by Ferdinand of challenging conventionality in order to save his life is entertaining. I also enjoyed the conflicts between Fly and Rex (male dog who acts like the leader of all the animals on the farm) and the deceptive nature of the cat. Such elements help to make it so Babe is a film that peaks in happiness and sadness. However unlike other kid films that have sad moment like the Lion King, I found babe to be unique because of how it consistently goes back and forth in whether it is sad or happy. The nature of the story helps to make Babe a film that is entertaining for both children and adults.

    However there are so elements of Babe I did not find particularly enjoyable. I think the first one is that of how some of the characters are undeveloped/ poory portrayed. This is particularly the case with the Hoggett family members who are hollow shells, except the grand-daughter who is a spoilt brat. However the main character who I feel is under-developed is that of Rex who develops a hatred of Babe. While the source of his anger is well explained, it contradicts his great sense of loyalty to the Boss. However, this is hardly a major criticism given that these characters play a limited role.

    The second major issue is how the dialogue of the characters is pretty limited. This is particularly the case with Arthur who seems to lack the verbal capacity to say words beyond that will do, good, pig, dog, and nothing. Likewise I find the narrator to be a bit too simple.

    The final complaint I have with the film is that of how within the story there are elements I found to be a bit boring, in particular the start when Babe tries to settle in to his new home.
    Full Review »
  3. AndrewG
    Jun 1, 2009
    Heartwarming and beautifully made, with great special effects. I've always loved this film.