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vontebradley11Oct 28, 2014
Baggage Claim Movie Review

Is it the fact that women are looking for Mr. Right or Mr. Right now. In The American comedy, Baggage Claim, which was released in September 2013. David E. Talbert, an award winning director, for his work The
Baggage Claim Movie Review

Is it the fact that women are looking for Mr. Right or Mr. Right now. In The American comedy, Baggage Claim, which was released in September 2013. David E. Talbert, an award winning director, for his work The Fabric of a Man tries to show the difference. He uses Paula Patton as Montana Moore to see if she can detail the difference between Mr. Right and Mr. Right now. In the movie she goes through battles of trying to please her wicked, money and marriage hungry Mother, Jennifer Lewis, in ways that is only left to the imagination. With trying to please her mother she finds herself on American Airlines more times than she could handle. In the movie she really shows how woman over a certain age are looked at as just wanting to a man and not wanting a true lover. That they will try to bypass any obstacle to get a man to call their own, before it is too late.

Paula Patton has to play the role of a depressed, thirsty, and needy woman. As a woman that is pushing thirty she is depressed for love. Just so happen that this move is seen as a low down, piece of crap for women pushing thirty. In the movie it shows Paula Patton as being a woman is needy for love just to please her devilish unmarried mother. That shows that women parents see them as unworthy, loveless, and just pathetic. Which is really bad because that sends a perception to the women, which should not be okay. In the movie Jill Scott plays the role of a loud, sexy hungry, and cleavage showing best friend. Now that is just being really stereo typical role for her to be in. In just continues to throw women under the bus. I mean seriously why do we continue to think this kind of action is okay?

Paula Patton has a best friend that is always there for her. He just so happens to even live down the hall from her, but what does she see in him? His name happens to be William wright, hint the last name. She never truly sees him as “Mr. Wright” because he is a “best friend.” So she goes on a search to find her past exes and stalks them one at a time on a plane. Now before I truly get started all I have to say is WHAT IN THE WORLD! Like seriously why continue to make a complete fool of herself like this. So, she first finds Damion Diesel, Trey Songz, on the first plane and everything is okay. Then he takes her back to this extravagant home that has a glass walls, and a Jacuzzi on the balcony which is inside the home. It is just something that the president couldn’t even afford. Just wait it gets even better, he gets in the Jacuzzi that is full of bubbles and he tries to get to come into the 75 degree Jacuzzi with him. Just so happen is assistant and the real owner of the home shows up. Now five minutes later we see Paula standing on the rail outside the home so that the raging assistant does not pound her face in. This just so happen to be my favorite scene in the movie because it shows so much. It shows how desperate guys get to impress girls and how pathetic Paula’s plan really is.

So is it not crazy that Paula did not learn from trying to date her first ex that she goes for another. This time I have to admit the guy was truly rich, but he wasn’t looking for a wife. So she yet looked stupid again when trying to act like “wife material” around this guy. He only wanted someone to travel the world with and to sleep with. Like seriously, what is going on in this movie! But what really made woman look bad is when Paula actually thought about doing it. Now if she would’ve went on that trip everything would have turned left instead of right on this one. That would have just showed everyone how much of an unreal women and that she does not respect herself at all. So I ask why do woman settle? That is a question I have yet to get an accurate answer for and this movie exemplifies woman settling for ant man. Paula is thinking with her head not her heart in this. She just sees the shiny14 kart diamonds and thinks this is what she wants. So is that all you have to do to get a nice woman is show her diamonds and pearls? Because in the movie that’s how woman ae looked at. They are looked at like all you have to do is give them something extravagant and say a pickup line. If it’s like that then people should be allowed to have more than one wife in America.

So her sister finally starts to have her all white and just so beautiful wedding reception. At this reception mom is going crazy and is just showing how idiotic woman parents get during these kinds of events. But wait it gets better, cause Paula has an announce to make. So, if you are like me you’re wondering about the announcement. Well don’t worry the announcement did not go as plan and her mother looked like an overweight clown after Paula left the podium. Paula told her sister the truth that most woman would be afraid to do in her situation. The weeding end up being cancelled, because Paula told her sister the truth about marriage and their mom. Now at that moment in the movie made me happy to see that she finally did something that I think all woman should do. But did she really have to do it at the pre wedding party. That is like a terrible time to do so, it is just embarrassing everyone at this moment.

Finally, Paula gets around to thinking more and more about her “Mr. Wright.” After hearing her ex-boyfriend yelling to her from a car about traveling the world, she finally knows who it is that she wants. She starts to sit on a brown fluffy couch with her best friends and finds a gift from William Wright. In the small little red box that was wrapped to perfection sat a plane ticket to France. Now at this moment I wonder what she is thinking in her head. Because obviously she hasn’t realized who truly loves her, but the crazy thing is will she find out? So in the movie she rushes to delta airlines airport to try and get there in time for the plane. So she comes through the front door of the airport and rushes by the people to try and get her plane to France, and find her “Mr. Wright.” Nut as she is running with her bag half way off the ground she gets caught into a line of people try to go through the metal detectors. Until a friend on the security team, Cedric, finds her, grabs her hand, and pulls her through the crowd of people past the metal detectors and on to the boarding station. Once at the boarding station she notices through the dim window that the plane is starting to move and she is too late. At this moment she has now lost her “Mr. Wright.”

In conclusion, Baggage Claim desecrates woman to a level that should not be seen on television. It shows them to be creatures that do not care about being loved, but who just wants to have someone to show off to their friends or family. It shows Paula to have a role as woman that is traveling for men, which is an insult to her as an actress. So if you want to see a woman that is being taken to this level go to a club or something. But this American made movie is one that people shall not waste their hard earned money on.

- Devonte Bradley
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