| Release Date: November 1, 2013
Summary: Beyond the mystical city of Timbuktu, Mamatal, the son of a Tuareg chief, sets out on a journey across the Sahara to save the culture of his people. The nomadic Tuareg, known as the "blue people of the Sahara" because of the traditional indigo robes and veils worn by men, were once noble warriors and herdsman but after years of drought and lack of government support, the ancient Berber tribe, now divided among five countries in North Africa, is struggling to survive. When the government of Mali collapses, Mamatal finds himself and his people caught up in an international crisis, a battle between the Tuareg fighting for independence and Al Qaeda bent on taking over the Sahara to plot future terrorist attacks against the United States and Europe.
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Runtime: 62 min
Rating: Not Rated
Official Site: http://www.behindtheblueveil.com/
Genres: History, Documentary
Country: Mali
Language: English
Director Credit
Robyn Symon Director
Writer Credit
Robyn Symon Writer
Producer Credit
Robyn Symon Producer