International Film Circuit | Release Date: March 17, 2006
Summary: A strikingly bold portrait of oppression and high tension in suburban America. It is the story of Sahira Abdel-Karim (Osuna), a young Egyptian-American woman in a California wedged between two distinct worlds, haunted by memory and bount by tradition. Beyond Honor is an emotionally resonant meditation on gender roles and the dynamics of power within a small community. (International Film Circuit / Cine02)
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Genres: Drama
Country: USA
Language: English
Director Credit
Varun Khanna Director
Writer Credit
Varun Khanna Writer
Cast Credit
Abram Lewis-Rosenblum Dancer
Ajay Vidure Sunil
Albert Fam Abd Rabu
Avika Little Sahira
Carl Darchuk Dr. Woods
Eric Barr Professor Of Medicine
Ina Barron Gennifer
Jason Smith Brian
Laurel Melagrano Noor Abdel-Karim
Lauren Boyle Medical Student Actor
Michelle Gunn Dancer
Mirelly Taylor Sahira Abdel-Karim
Ryan Izay Samir Abdel-Karim
Varun Khanna Medical Student Actor
Wadie Andrawis Mohammed Abdel-Karim
Producer Credit
Harkeerat Dhillon Executive Producer
Varun Khanna Producer