Mixed or average reviews - based on 19 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 19
  2. Negative: 5 out of 19
  1. Reviewed by: Sara Stewart
    May 16, 2013
    This indie, female-centric riff on “Deliverance” is spare, smartly written and shot through with moments of twig-snapping tension.
  2. Reviewed by: R. Kurt Osenlund
    May 13, 2013
    Layered conflicts mount as this lean film treks on, and they're not limited to gender politics.
  3. Reviewed by: Eric Kohn
    Apr 10, 2013
    Black Rock never reinvents the rules, but it understands them just well enough to make its bloodless stabs at ingenuity stand out.
  4. Reviewed by: Justin Lowe
    Apr 10, 2013
    Working from a ruthlessly efficient script by husband Mark Duplass, Aselton effortlessly sets up the women’s reunion scenario before effectively flipping the action from drama to thriller.
  5. Reviewed by: James Rocchi
    May 14, 2013
    Black Rock isn't going to become the sort of classic that "Deliverance" was, but if you like your scares smart, and like them to happen to people you actually care about, then Aselton's island of friendship and fury is a nice place to visit.
  6. Reviewed by: Michael Phillips
    May 16, 2013
    It's quite thin, but at least Black Rock plays its "kills" for more than stupid gamer's diversions.
  7. Reviewed by: Neil Genzlinger
    May 16, 2013
    The male characters here are too thinly developed for this to be a top-notch survival thriller, but Ms. Aselton knows how to get the pulse pounding.
  8. Reviewed by: Alan Scherstuhl
    May 14, 2013
    The story and its violence are deeply silly, but there's something nervy and upsetting that distinguishes the film's incidental excitement.
  9. Reviewed by: A.A. Dowd
    May 15, 2013
    Ultimately, it’s hard to shake the sense that her picture is a character study bending itself, painfully and unnaturally, into the shape of a nightmare-in-the-boonies horror flick. Is this the only way films about female friendship can get greenlighted these days—by drenching themselves in genre tropes?
  10. Reviewed by: Marc Mohan
    May 17, 2013
    Aselton is clearly trying to broaden her reach as both actress and director beyond the rumpled indie comedy of "The Freebie," her directing debut, and the concept is there, but a movie like this needs a much more polished execution that Black Rock gets.
  11. Reviewed by: Amy Nicholson
    May 16, 2013
    [Aselton's] disregard for her male characters causes Black Rock to spiral into dudette "Deliverance."
  12. Reviewed by: Tom Russo
    May 16, 2013
    It’s all a fair attempt, but Aselton isn’t going to make anyone forget Kathryn Bigelow.
  13. Reviewed by: Bill Goodykoontz
    May 16, 2013
    The dialogue is particularly bad, which is odd because the Duplass crowd typically excels at natural-sounding dialogue.
  14. Reviewed by: Joshua Rothkopf
    May 14, 2013
    A soundtrack of churning rock songs by the Kills is as close as this misfire gets to authentic grrrl power, borrowed as it is.
  15. Reviewed by: Rob Nelson
    Apr 10, 2013
    Straining to be a distaff “Deliverance,” indie thriller Black Rock is unable to shock, much less convince.
  16. Reviewed by: Aaron Peck
    Apr 10, 2013
    The screenplay is far too obsessed with the setup, and not at all concerned with making the villains even the least bit believable or scary.
  17. Reviewed by: Rex Reed
    May 21, 2013
    Despite the sight of so much cheesecake romping naked through the woods like the girls have never heard of poison ivy, it’s the usual disreputable grindhouse schlock.
  18. 25
    Rock is a poorly written and ineptly directed genre piece that lacks tension, suspense, fear, all those things that make’ a “thriller” thrilling.
  19. Reviewed by: Joe Neumaier
    May 16, 2013
    Black Rock is as dingy and dirty as the genre thrillers it appears to want to one-up. All it does, though, is bring everyone down.
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 11 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 5
  2. Negative: 2 out of 5
  1. Jul 17, 2013
    A laughable feminist version of Deliverance (1972). The script is so cliché ridden to the max (I wonder if they used copy-paste from a few other movie script...). The male characters are all cardboard hillbilly rapists, the three women are old childhood friend who reunite during a trip, and settle their past issues. Situation goes bad as the male characters try to rape, torture and murder these three (I guess that is their weekend hobby). They try to escape while their lives and friendships are turned on their head ....Sounds boring right? Well it is. We have already see this scenario a trillion times before. This movie offers nothing new, and I believe it is very insulting towards male audiences (I guess the director lady is pro man-hater of some sort...). See something else if you can! Boring cat and mouse "drama". Not recommended. Full Review »
  2. Jul 21, 2014
    Black Rock is one of those rare films that was written by, directed by, and starring the same person. Back in the early days of film, this was common, but today it's rare. While I admire all the work a single person puts into such an effort, the truth is that most of these films turn out to be a little strange, Black Rock is no exception. Three life long best friends decide to reconnect on a weekend retreat, to a small secluded island, where they had a lot of childhood memories. Once there, they run into a pack of hunters. Testosterone and alcohol mix, leading to a vicious assault, leaving one group a member short, and the other group on the run. Katie Aselton is the Writer, Director, & star of this film and while I admire what she put into it, the truth is that it was very predictable and didn't make a whole lot of sense. First of all, these three women, as children were allowed to play on a secluded island in the middle of nowhere, without supervision? It also doesn't make sense that the hunters would be there, when there was seemingly no wildlife, and of course there had to be exactly three of them. Finally, why did three women, spending a weekend alone on a secluded island, bring enough alcohol to fuel a Todd Phillips movie? The whole thing was just a little too weird to be believable, and when you add how predictable this film was, it's just a recipe for disaster. The one thing I liked was the performance of Jay Paulson. He's usually a guy who gets bit parts and guest appearances here and there, but he was very solid and the most believable of the six characters. Aside from that this is a slow, painfully predictable, mess of a film, that really doesn't have a whole lot going for it. Full Review »
  3. Nov 5, 2013
    Works great, is an easy and well-directed thriller, of course, is not one of the best of the genre and you can easily find something more interesting and busy, but not even close to being a bad thing. Full Review »