Miramax Films | Release Date: October 3, 2008
Summary: It begins in a flash, as one man is instantaneously struck blind while driving home from work, his whole world suddenly turned to an eerie, milky haze. One by one, each person he encounters – his wife, his doctor, even the seemingly good Samaritan who gives him a lift home – will in due course suffer the same unsettling fate. As the contagion spreads, and panic and paranoia set in across the city, newly blind victims of the “White Sickness” are rounded up and quarantined within a crumbling, abandoned mental asylum, where all semblance of ordinary life begins to break down. (Miramax Films)
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Runtime: 121 min
Rating: Rated R for violence including sexual assaults, language and sexuality/nudity.
Production: Rhombus Media
Genres: Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Romance
Countries: Japan, Brazil, Canada
Languages: English, Japanese
Home Release Date: Feb 10, 2009
Director Credit
Fernando Meirelles Director
Writer Credit
Don McKellar Screenplay
José Saramago Novel "Ensaio Sobre A Cegueira"
Cast Credit
Antônio Fragoso Concerned Pedestrian #2
Ciça Meirelles Driver #2
Daniel Zettel Onlooker #2
Danny Glover Man With Black Eye Patch
Don McKellar Thief
Douglas Silva Onlooker #1
Eduardo Semerjian Concerned Pedestrian #1
Fabiana Guglielmetti Mother Of The Boy
Jason Bermingham Driver #1
Joe Pingue Taxi Driver
Lilian Blanc Concerned Pedestrian #3
Mitchell Nye Boy
Susan Coyne Receptionist
Yoshino Kimura First Blind Man's Wife
Yûsuke Iseya First Blind Man
Producer Credit
Aeschylus Poulos Associate Producer
Akira Ishii Executive Producer
Andrea Barata Ribeiro Producer
Austin Wong Associate Producer
Barbara Willis Sweete Associate Producer: Rhombus Media
Bel Berlinck Co-Producer
Chris Romano Line Producer: Uruguay
Claudia Büschel Associate Producer
Gail Egan Executive Producer
Larry Weinstein Associate Producer: Rhombus Media
Nicolas Aznarez Line Producer: Uruguay
Niv Fichman Producer
Sari Friedland Co-Producer
Sheena Macdonald Associate Producer: Rhombus Media
Simon Channing Williams Executive Producer
Sonoko Sakai Producer
Tom Yoda Executive Producer
Victor Loewy Executive Producer