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  • Summary: When the National Hairdressing Championships descend upon a small and unsuspecting Yorkshire town, no one is prepared for the glamour and the heartache, the scheming and the cheating which disrupt their lives. (Intermedia Films)
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  1. It's fun. Hey, it's almost spring, Rickman is fabulous and so is Richardson. Warren Clarke is continually funny. And Heidi Klum alone will melt the snows of yesteryear.
  2. This comedy-drama was written by Simon Beaufoy, who brought us "The Full Monty," and it has some of the same gamy mix of alternative sexuality and working-class heart.
  3. Despite its dollops of good-natured humor and sentiment, Blow Dry is likely to play better on the tube as a likable-enough diversion.
  4. Written by Mr. ''Full Monty'' himself, Simon Beaufoy, and, like ''Monty,'' sprinkles pixie dust over the heads of worn out local folk.
  5. 30
    A limp and lackluster affair that telegraphs its feel-good smarm miles in advance.
  6. There are gruelingly unfunny gags, an unspeakable soundtrack featuring BTO and Billy Ocean, and Victoria's Secret mannequin Heidi Klum as a model who demands that her pussy hair be styled into a bushy red heart.

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