Home Box Office (HBO) | Release Date: September 9, 2011
Summary: Bobby Fischer against the World is a feature documentary that uses the narrative tension of the 1972 match between Boris Spassky and Bobby Fischer to explore the nature of genius, madness, and the game of chess itself. This film tells the stranger-than-fiction story of the rise and fall of an Fischer, a true icon. From veteran filmmaker Liz Garbus, and the final project of late editor Karen Schmeer, Bobby Fischer Against the World exposes the disturbingly high price Fischer paid to achieve his legendary success and the resulting toll it took on his psyche. Rare archival footage and insightful interviews with those closest to him expand this captivating story of a mastermind’s tumultuous rise—and fall. (Dogwoof Films)
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Runtime: 93 min
Rating: Not Rated
Official Site: http://bobbyfischermovie.co.uk/
Production: HBO Documentary Films
Genres: Biography, Sport, Documentary
Countries: USA, UK, Iceland
Language: English
Director Credit
Liz Garbus Director
Producer Credit
Amy Shatsky-Gambrill Line Producer
Dan Cogan Executive Producer
Julie Gaither Line Producer
Liz Garbus Producer
Maja Hoffmann Executive Producer
Martin Pieper Executive Producer
Matthew Justus Producer
Nancy Abraham Senior Producer
Nick Fraser Executive Producer
Rory Kennedy Producer
Serin Marshall Associate Producer
Sheila Nevins Executive Producer
Stanley F. Buchthal Producer