MGM Home Entertainment | Release Date: September 3, 1993
Summary: Fantasy and desire are unleashed in this haunting, erotic tale of love, lust and obsession. Nick Cavanaugh (Sands) is a brilliant surgeon who seems to have it all -- money, prestige, looks -- everything except Helena (Fenn), a voluptuous, cold-hearted seductress. After a one-night stnad with Nick, she refuses his advances, but he continues to pursue her. When Helena is in a tragic accident in front of Nick's mansion, he takes her into his tome, imprisons her and transforms her into his own version of the mythic Venus. Gradually, they are both forced to confront their inner demons in torrid scenes filled with passion, voyeurism and psycho-sexual torment...all building to a shocking, not-to-be-missed conclusion. (MGM)


Runtime: 107 min
Rating: Rated R on appeal for two scenes of strong sexuality and language.
Production: Mainline Pictures
Genres: Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Romance
Country: USA
Language: English
Home Release Date: Apr 10, 2001
Director Credit
Jennifer Chambers Lynch Director
Writer Credit
Jennifer Chambers Lynch Screenplay
Philippe Caland Story
Principal Cast Credit
Julian Sands Dr. Nick Cavanaugh
Sherilyn Fenn Helena
Cast Credit
Art Garfunkel Dr. Lawrence Augustine
Betsy Clark Anne Garrett
Bill Paxton Ray O'Malley
Bryan Smith Russell
Carl Mazzocone Sr. Pastor
Erik Shoaff Uncle Charlie
Kim Lentz Nurse Diane
Kurtwood Smith Dr. Alan Harrison
Lisa Oz Flower Shop Girl
Lloyd T. Williams Sam The Clerk
Marla Levine Patricia
Meg Register Marion Cavanaugh
Nicolette Scorsese Fantasy Lover/Nurse
Producer Credit
Brigitte Caland Associate Producer
Carl Mazzocone Producer
James R. Schaeffer Executive Producer
Larry Sugar Executive Producer
Laurel Ayn Selko Associate Producer
Philippe Caland Producer