The Film Company | Release Date: May 9, 2007
Summary: Brand Upon the Brain! In which the shocking truth is finally revealed about young Guy Maddin and his hellish childhood on a remote island, under the hyper-watchful eye of a crazed mother hellbent on restoring her youth and a diabolically distant scientist-father, proprietors of a mom-and-pop orphanage they surreptitiously operate within the dank confines of the family lighthouse. Watch! as the sex instinct grabs hold of young Maddin and his sister! Thrill! as the Mysteries of the Light House are divined by teen detectives! Reel! at the headstrong invention and heart-stopping rhythms of the elder Maddin's heroic silent moviemaking!! (The Film Company)
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Runtime: 95 min
Production: The Film Company
Genres: Drama, Fantasy
Countries: USA, Canada
Language: English
Director Credit
Guy Maddin Director
Writer Credit
George Toles Writer
Guy Maddin Writer
Louis Negin Writer
Cast Credit
Andrew Loviska Savage Tom
Annette Toutonghi Murderous Sister
Cathleen O'Malley Young Mother
Clayton Corzatte Old Father
David Lobo Oarsman
Eric Lobo Oarsman
Erik Steffen Maahs Older Guy Maddin
Gretchen Krich Mother
Katherine E. Scharhon Chance Hale/Wendy Hale
Kellan Larson Neddie
Maya Lawson Sis
Megan Murphy Murderous Sister
Sullivan Brown Young Guy Maddin
Susan Corzatte Old Mother
Todd Moore Father
Producer Credit
A.J. Epstein Executive Producer
Amy Jacobson Producer
Gregg Lachow Producer
Jaime Hook Associate Producer
Jody Shapiro Executive Producer
Joy Fairfield Co-Producer
Philip Wohlstetter Executive Producer