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  • Summary: In chronicling the experiences of Maya, a young Mexican woman who crosses the border illegally and must fend for herself in contemporary Los Angeles, director Ken Loach takes an individual's personal and professional struggle and builds it into a moving portrait of one of our nation's most troubled -- and least visible -- communities. (Lions Gate Films) Expand
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  1. 100
    The film is never less than a satisfying mix of compelling entertainment and social critique. The performances are uniformly superb.
  2. There's every reason to watch Bread and Roses for what Loach really does best: He involves us directly in the desperate lives of his characters, who are forced to live without security and who have to compromise to make ends meet. And, above all, who feel as real as moviemaking allows.
  3. Full of pungent and telling observation.
  4. It's a passionate film powered by the righteous anger of injustice.
  5. What's somewhat ironic about Bread and Roses is that it's bound to be more interesting to people outside of L.A. than in it.
  6. Loach has gotten hold of a marvelous subject -- the invisibility of the working poor in the environs of the rich -- that keeps you watching despite all the banner-waving.
  7. Loach and screenwriter Paul Laverty draw everything in simplistic, overstated terms. The good guys are pure and spunky, the bad guys bellicose and one-dimensional, the conflicts stripped of nuance.

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