Weinstein Company, The | Release Date: October 5, 2012
Summary: A tale of competition at its most cut-throat, "Butter" surveys the raw ambition of Laura Pickler, the wife of Bob Pickler, Iowa's long-reigning champion butter carver. For 15 years, Laura has relished her high-profile role as the beautiful, loyal helpmate to her affable, artistically gifted husband. But when Bob is pressured to retire and allow someone else a chance at glory, an indignant Laura decides to enter the competition herself. She is first in line on sign-up day, only to see her odds of victory fall below 100% with the arrival of an unlikely yet formidable contender: 10-year-old Destiny, the African-American foster child of local couple Julie and Ethan. And that's not all. Bob's would-be mistress, bad-girl stripper Brooke also declares her candidacy, as does his #1 fan, Carol-Ann. Facing three opponents, mocked by her stepdaughter Kaitlen and furious with her husband, Laura resolves to do whatever it takes to win. And if that means resorting to sabotage – and recruiting her dim-witted former boyfriend Boyd as a co-conspirator – then so be it. (Radius-TWC)
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Runtime: 90 min
Rating: Rated R for language and sexual content
Official Site: http://www.facebook.com/ButterMovie
Production: Weinstein Company, The
Genres: Comedy
Country: USA
Language: English
Home Release Date: Dec 4, 2012
Director Credit
Jim Field Smith Director
Writer Credit
Jason A. Micallef Written By
Principal Cast Credit
Ashley Greene Kaitlen Pickler
Hugh Jackman Boyd Bolton
Jennifer Garner Laura Pickler
Olivia Wilde Brooke Swinkowski
Ty Burrell Bob Pickler
Yara Shahidi Destiny
Cast Credit
Alicia Silverstone Julie Emmet
Ashley Greene Kaitlen Pickler
Charlotte Biggs State Fair Patron
Cindy Creekmore Danielle Mattingly
Corena Chase Mrs. Schram
Deana Ricks Butter Fan's Wife
Dodie Brown June Carmichael
Garrett Schenck Orval Flanagan
Hugh Jackman Boyd Bolton
Jennifer Benton Car Buyer
Jennifer Garner Laura Pickler
Jody Thompson Random Diner
Joe Chrest Butter Fan
Kristen Schaal Carol-Ann Stevenson
Mark Oliver Martin Caswell
Olivia Wilde Brooke
Pearce Colwell Weeblo
Phyllis Smith Nancy
Pruitt Taylor Vince Ned Eaten
Rob Corddry Ethan Emmet
Shelli Fox Fair Attendee
Ted Ferguson The Minister
Ty Burrell Bob Pickler
Yara Shahidi Destiny
Producer Credit
Alissa Phillips Producer
Ben Ormand Executive Producer
Bob Weinstein Executive Producer
Harvey Weinstein Executive Producer
Jennifer Garner Producer
Juliana Janes Producer
Kelly Carmichael Executive Producer
Lisa C. Satriano Associate Producer
Michael De Luca Producer