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  1. 100
    A landmark musical tribute.
  2. Reviewed by: David Stratton
    Looks and sounds wonderful, and while more information about these giants of African-Latin music might have been welcome, the music's the thing.
  3. 90
    A must-see for avid fans and a welcome primer for nascent hip-shakers everywhere.
  4. Trueba reveals his subject organically, letting the music speak for itself.
  5. Reviewed by: Fernando Gonzalez
    This is one fan's valentine to the music he loves. It just happens that the fan is a terrific filmmaker and the music loves him back -- and we get to see it and hear it all. What a treat.
  6. A magnificent concert film of Latino jazz.
  7. 90
    Even better on a second viewing because the film is such a pure expression of the director's love for the music, a love so infectious it should leave you elated.
  8. The result is total immersion in the moment of the music, sure to send jazz fans over the moon.
  9. Scene after scene in Calle 54 just knocks you out.
  10. Reviewed by: Mike Clark
    The result is almost enough to make an audience levitate.
  11. 88
    The rapturous power of music has rarely been captured as purely and joyously as it is in Calle 54.
  12. Some of the artists appear ecstatically transported as they play. Others are just having one hell of a good time. Believe me, it's contagious.
  13. It lacks history, background and cultural roots, but it's undeniably infectious.
  14. Reviewed by: Steve Simels
    This is one of the most infectiously joyous celebrations of musicmaking ever committed to film. See it and be ennobled.
  15. Visually as pleasing as it sounds.
  16. It is a spellbinding hour and 45 minutes of pure music, Latin jazz to be specific.
  17. Reviewed by: Jay Carr
    Filled with affection and verve and will do very nicely until the next shipment of Latin jazz comes along.
  18. 75
    A film that fans of Latin jazz won't want to miss.
  19. Reviewed by: Ed Morales
    A dazzling, long-overdue tribute to the true stars of Latin music.
  20. Reviewed by: Mark Mohan
    For those unschooled in Latin jazz, though, it might be best to just pick up the CD.
  21. Trueba's movie is nearly undone by its shapelessness. Because the filmmaker imposes little in the way of form (or drama) on his subject, his film is a good listen without being a particularly good watch.
  22. 60
    Calle 54 doesn't have that coherence or vision of the "Buena Vista Social Club."

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