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  1. Sep 2, 2014
    Entertaining and well-directed on the water, I was haunted by Barkhad Abdi's debut but left a little lukewarm from Tom Hanks. There's a reason he wasn't nominated by Oscar, and I agree with it.
  2. Aug 16, 2014
    I've got nothing on this film. Beautiful acting and wonderful orchestration. It really has you on the edge of your seat! It gives you a good perspective on why piracy exists.
    It's not what I usually put on, but I'm so grateful that I got to see this wonderful and breathtaking performance of Tom Hanks.
  3. Aug 14, 2014
    I know there's hundreds of movies with potential but this is one of my favorites. Captain Phillips is thrilling, emotionally resonant and intense even if you see from a computer monitor. This movie should get an award because for me, it's one of the best movies I ever seen!
  4. Aug 1, 2014
    This is a moderately dramatic movie that's largely harmed by the fact that, because it follows a real life event that was in the news for several days, you know the ending well in advance. The last third of the movie drags out a bit when the conclusion of everything becomes obvious (or you remember it from the news), and then you're waiting around for something to happen almost as much as everyone else is. Still, I liked a lot of the acting and the script, so it comes out average. Expand
  5. Jul 25, 2014
    Captain Phillips es una película con un excelente sonido, además de las grandes actuaciones que contiene y su buena dirección hacen que el film sea una buena película.
  6. Jul 20, 2014
    Outstanding acting! This movie is just must watch for everyone! Based on a true story, it delivers so much pain and pressure that it was hard to believe that this was just a movie! 10/10 For this masterpiece!
  7. Jun 26, 2014
    Well then, this is another movie I was late with, similar to 12 Years a Slave. I rated 12 Years a Slave a 10 out of 10, and I was more than happy that I finally got to see that masterpiece. Was my opinion with Captain Phillips (CP) the same? No, but it was close. CP is based on a true story in which a cargo ship is captured by 4 pirates. These pirates aren't charming or likable ones like in Pirates of the Caribbean. This whole story happened about 5 years ago, too. These pirates are insanely cruel and they are also wonderfully acted by these brand new actors. Speaking of acting, everyone does an amazing job, and so does Tom Hanks as Captain Phillips himself. The movie is intense and it keeps you on the edge of your seat. If you think that the scene when the pirates board the ship is intense, you're in for a ride later on. Telling you that my favorite scene came from only a few sentences of dialogue should let you know that the writing and actual dialogue is beyond great, and it is. However, there are some scenes that if taken out, there would be no difference. Overall, it is beautifully shot. I say "overall" because later on when the setting's time changes to night the lighting just doesn't satisfy. Other movies can be wonderfully shot at night, but CP just didn't do this. CP is like a truly masterful painting. However, in that painting, it's like the artist accidentally just some spots of differently colored paint on it, yet everything else was perfect. That's how I found CP to be in my opinion. Expand
  8. Jun 21, 2014
    Captain Phillips is one of the best movies of 2013, it's Hanks' best movie since The Terminal. Hanks has had a great year with Saving Mr.Banks and Captain Phillips, Greengrass once again gives us an amazing movie, it's so entertaining and exciting. First time actor Barkhad Abdi puts on a great villainous performance as the the Somali Pirate
  9. Jun 17, 2014
    Prior to watching this: No comment here.
    Review: Generally good story and acting all around. Unfortunately, the last act was rather long. Although I think it was trying to be true to the timing of the actual event, I think this part let the film down by losing its momentum.
  10. Jun 16, 2014
    I have but one word to comment on Tom Hanks' performance: Outstanding. Remark on Paul Greengrass' direction ? He deserves to win the Oscar Award for Best Director. They together brought a tense, thrilling story centering on a man's struggle with ruthless Somalian pirates to guarantee the sake of his crew as a captain's duty while at the same time saving his own life. A must-see blockbuster that makes you unable to keep your eyes off the screen Expand
  11. Jun 7, 2014
    Great movie! Captain Phillips kept my interest the whole time.This is a must see movie.It feels short even though it`s not, cause you just lose a track of time trying to see what happens next.
  12. Jun 3, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Not for nothing are Americans accused of being "isolationists", men and women who willfully choose to live out of context with a world they deem insignificant and beside the point. Even in this post-9/11 era, stubbornly, Americans still believe they can live in a bubble, despite the pop heard around the world. Captain Phillips, however, serves as a sort of reorientation to the lessons we learned, albeit briefly, and then forgot, in regard to our blow-by-blow synchronous apposition with other nations as always having been a persistent reality, independent of public cognizance or lack thereof. Days after Islamic fundamentalists irrevocably transformed the Manhattan landscape, we asked ourselves aloud, "Why do they hate us?" The short answer: colonialism. And our collective forgetting. A film such as The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou makes no apologies, or even, mention, about our bloody past. In the 2003 Wes Anderson film, the pirates who attack the Belafonte are Filipino, marauders with a century-old grievance, but because the narrative is ideologically naive, the specificity of their ethnicity is treated as a post-colonial joke. The fact that the American occupation set the Philippine Islands on a path towards catastrophic poverty, in which over 200,000 natives died(mostly from cholera) is not important. Nobody mourns the murdered southeastern pirate that Zissou guns down. The captain's revenge against the jaguar shark takes precedence over the more justifiable revenge. Interestingly enough, genre differences aside, the Danish import, A Hijacking, like the Anderson film, also sees the pirates purely as villains. We either laugh at them, or hate them, but we never understand these Third World ruffians.That's not fair. That's not telling the whole story. Captain Phillips, on the other hand, to its credit, shows both sides. At the outset, the filmmaker juxtaposes Muse's struggle for survival in arid Somalia with the captain's whiny middle-class Boston angst. The pirates, for some, become less villains than anti-heroes. According to Muse, the hijacking is just business, differentiating his organization's agenda from Al-Qaeda, when he first threatens Phillips at gunpoint. Muslim or no Muslim, it makes no difference. He doesn't understand that many Americans, even a decent man such as Richard Phillips, see dark-skinned foreigners as one monolithic race, especially to the navy that kills them all. Muse is simply the "other", not Somalian. Because thirteen years after the World Trade Center came crumbling down, reduced to rubble by Taliban anti-pilots, many people still live in a vacuum, still possess a blind faith towards our government, who propagandizes the very nature of its tyrannical foreign policy with doublespeak sugarcoating, using catchwords such as "liberation" and "freedom". Very subtly, the filmmaker evokes the history of Africa's colonization, in which Captain Phillips, presides over a map of the "dark continent"; his hands draped over the shipping route, connoting a sense of entitlement, as the co-captain plots their course from Salalah to the Somali Basin. Unilateral to the main narrative, through its subtext, the film concedes that Muse's people, as well as the whole world, have a case to express their anger with militant force against the United States. Ironically, like the Filipino restaurant workers gathered around the kitchen television, learning about the international currency that Zissou stores away on-board his ship, the Somalian pirates too are only thinking about the money, not the historical circumstances that landed them in the third world ghetto. But in the lifeboat, Muse's cohort, Bilal, despite his limited grasp of the English language, senses the captain's arrogance, as America's colonial past rolls off Phillips' tongue, when he tells Muse how Somalian waters are "international waters", which is analogous to saying that Liberia, albeit populated with Liberians, once belonged to the United States, who colonized the West African country in the 19th century. Phillips is silent, indifferent to the pirate's remonstrative explanation that "the big ships" leave nothing left for them to fish. Whereas the filmmaker understands that the pirate attack on a cargo vessel like the Maersk serves as a last resort to stave off poverty, the captain, as well as the audience, disregards the underlying causes of the conflict at hand."You're not a fisherman," hisses Phillips, when Muse points a gun at his temple. He, alas, forgets that his country plays a hand in hurting the local economy. Once again, the U.S. plays the innocent victim. As if 9/11 never happened, the captain, with appalling ignorance, ask Muse, "There's got to be something other than being a fisherman and kidnapping people?" Maybe, in the final scene, the captain recognizes that the collateral blood on him isn't merely literal. After all, there are no heroes in Captain Phillips. Expand
  13. May 25, 2014
    Alright here is another film i have owned for awhile but just now getting around to watching it. I heard a lot of good things about this film seeing that it is a Tom Hanks film you know its going to be enjoyable although i have really never been a fan of Paul Greengrass's bigger movies like The Bourne Trilogy. From what i was hearing from people is that Tom Hanks did an amazing performance in it. I just didn't see that and was a bit disappointed by it if anything i was more impressed by Barkhad Abdi the leader of the pirates ill be keeping an eye on him. The first half of the film was really good the tension they build towards with the Somalion pirates hijacking the ship was great. Sadly though the film takes a dive in the second half when the military gets involved once that happen my rating for the filmed dropped also this is were i thought Tom Hanks performance lacks while Barkhad Abdi rises.

    Overall I give it a 7.5
  14. May 22, 2014
    I always wondered how they wound up in the lifeboat... I'm glad they focused on the details of how the whole thing went down... especially the actual rescue... learned something and enjoyed the well directed well acted film... tom hanks did go a little over the top at the end...
  15. May 20, 2014
    Captain Phillips is brilliantly acted and incredibly tense. It features one of Tom Hanks' finest performances and Paul Greengrass at his best behind the camera.
  16. May 2, 2014
    A film full os suspense that will make your heart beat as fast as the sharp, intelligent movie goes on. A great performance by Tom Hanks and Barkhad Abdi, but there's still some slow unnecessary parts on the film with a shaky camera that makes this movie a bit longer than though.
  17. Apr 19, 2014
    Captain phillips was one of my favorite movies of 2013..this is type of movie that's breathtaking to watch especially since it was based on a true story of a U.S cargo ship that got hijacked from Somali pirates .tom hanks gives a great oscar role as captain Phillips . The actors who play the Somali pirates do a terrific job on there role ..the pacing is good ..and a great crazy ending to this story .overall great movie. ...91/100 Expand
  18. Apr 14, 2014
    Great and very solid film. Tense and thrilling with some realistic action. Good plot and acting on point. In fact the acting from Tom Hanks is near perfection, first because you don´t even notice he is acting, you just follow the story and are in from the beginning, and then because towards the end of the film he shows what he´s capable of. Great performance. But the acting from the main pirate is outstanding too, especially for a person who has never acted before. The films does good at explaining the reasons why all these people are in this situation and it works. Only little flaws: it could have been slightly shorter (only a little bit) and the ending gets a little too melodramatic in a way that the rest of the movie was not. Still outstanding. Expand
  19. Apr 12, 2014
    Really really intense film, which made for a very exciting and satisfying experience. Tom Hanks is great in the lead role, as expected and throughout, the expected thrills and suspense are absolutely there as you find yourself virtually on the edge of your seat at times. What was unexpected, for sure, is the sympathy I personally felt for a couple of the pirates, in particular Barkhad Abdi's character. You certainly get the sense that he does not want to be doing this, but has no choice as it is the only way he can make any money in Somalia. In spite of that, director Paul Greengrass is still able to instill the sense of fear felt by Phillips as the pirates prove again and again that they are unpredictable and prone to rash decisions, which really makes you worry for Phillips and will become of him. Overall, Captain Phillips is a very entertaining film that is entirely straightforward (not a knock) and proves to certainly be another strong entry in what was a great year of film in 2013. Expand
  20. Apr 7, 2014
    Captain Phillips is an interesting true story which revolves around modern day pirates attacking an American cargo ship. Tom Hanks is absolutely fantastic as the titular captain (but then you wouldn't expect any less) and the rest of the cast is totally on point too. The movie is realistic in the extreme and holds no place for sentimentality. Basically, it's great all the way around. That said, I'm also not sure Captain Phillips is a movie that truly demands repeat viewings. Expand
  21. Apr 5, 2014
    The only issue I really had with 'Captain Phillips' was the cinematography in the first half of the film and the chintzy way they "foreshadowed" events to viewer. Especially when based on real events, that is simply inexcusable. I never really got that feeling of tension or anxiety watching the film until the very end. Tom Hank's performance in the last 15 minutes of that film really hit home and was some of the best acting I have seen in a long time. Expand
  22. Mar 25, 2014
    For a person who loves watching true story movies, this has to be one of my favorites and with the fantastic actor Tom Hanks, its definitely been made better.

    This movie was definitely interesting and it hit me hard at the end and yes i admit that i did cry.
  23. Mar 23, 2014
    Good acting in general, Hanks shows one more time his great skills in acting. Unnecessary long movie, Phillips begins like the hero of the day, then it becomes a military movie. At last, it finishes being one of the (not few) Pro-USA movies: "USA is goodness, any other country is evil". How many boats, soldiers, helicopters did they need to rescue a single person?... yeah right...
  24. Mar 23, 2014
    Honestly, this movie was a little overrated, but it was still worth watching. It had good action and a good storyu, but parts of it were pretty boring.
  25. Mar 18, 2014
    It starts off incredibly slow, but when things pick up shortly later the movie does not let up. It is constantly one of the most intense movies I have ever seen. I was always on the edge of my seat and constantly unsure of how things would turn out next. Tom Hanks is amazing here, but honestly it's Tom Hanks so that's what you would expect of him. The rest of the cast is also astounding. Just the way the main villain is interpreted made me feel sort of sorry for him. The movie feels real and human, which is made extra important because this is based off of a true story. This is an absolutely amazing movie and one that I HIGHLY recommend you watch ASAP. I give it a score of 9/10-Amazing. Expand
  26. Mar 16, 2014
    As much as I hate this movie for the false story it portrays which has been argued by the crew who had proven otherwise that Phillips was incompetent and who's actions nearly caused some of their deaths, the entertainment value made it worth the watch with Tom Hanks doing one of the best acting jobs I have seen in a long time.
  27. Mar 13, 2014
    A very good and entertaining movie from start to end. I like movies based on true events and this did not disappoint. Tom Hanks again displays his great ability in portraying Captain Phillips. Highly recommend this suspenseful thriller.
  28. Mar 10, 2014
    As purely an action/drama film it was very good and Tom Hanks was as good as he consistently is. One drawback is some of the after-story blowback where certain crew members have criticized over-heroization of Phillips (as Hollywood often does) and claims that the path he routed close to the Somali border in order to speed delivery is actually what put them in harm's way in the first place.
    But the biggest problem with this as with some of the other Navy SEAL-related films lately, is that it is horribly wrong to allow a movie to reveal our special forces tactics. Even the slightest reveal has the potential for putting our troops in greater danger and I have no patience for this sloppy exposure.
  29. Mar 9, 2014
    Looks like a mix of everything we've seen in year, drama, suspense, action, everything, and well executed and directed, does not look like a "based on true events" empty, it seem who has a heart there, not only in Philips, but also, in their own "villains".
    In the end, can be embraced as a horror movie, or even a documentary, because like most of the time, the stronger stands on end.
  30. Mar 7, 2014
    Captain Phillips does a great job showing off Tom Hanks as a strong and cunning leader of the Maersk Alabama with a family back in the states. The film is very good for setting a nice plot with some unease and doubt they will make it past the Somalian coast without getting highjacked. Once the pirates attack the action doesn't stop. Still the movie does make you feel bad at the beginning for these "poor fishermen" until you realize they chose their path in life. Very good for the action, tension, suspense, and story line. Expand
  31. Mar 7, 2014
    as if we all tom hanks was in saving mr banks which it sucked . tom hanks plays capatain philips an idiot captain who gets kidnaped by a piracy . but tom hanks was amazing in this role .
  32. Mar 5, 2014
    The two hour run time was sort of needless and while Tom Hanks was fantastic, Everyone else on the cast did not have much in terms of dialogue and even when they had it, It was the bare minimum. It was still a pretty solid movie overall and worth checking out if you are a fan of Hanks, Just don't expect to get blown away by it. The film, at least in my opinion, failed to capture the seriousness of the situation and it was actually sort of laughable the way it was too over-dramatic at times. Expand
  33. Mar 2, 2014
    Very good movie except the shaking cam was out of control... got motion sick half way into the movie. Would of gave a 4 stars if the shaking was less.
  34. Feb 27, 2014
    Captain Phillips is a nailbiter, and the action begins fairly quickly. Tom Hanks is good throughout, although his accent was unrealistic at times. The movie feels real and people react like you would expect them to. There are a couple of scenes that bothered me that didn't ring true, but overall a solid film.
  35. Feb 26, 2014
    This was good flick that i didn't expect to see (but came up during a flight). Hanks doesn't wow on the screen but a rather vanilla. As is the supporting cast. However, the story is what saves this film. As the film progresses you can begin to really feel the tension which is probably 100% less than what it was really like. You cetrainly find yourself rooting for Hank's character, and as this is based on a true story, makes for a cherry on top;. Expand
  36. Feb 23, 2014
    A lot of great things can be said for this movie like the script and Tom Hanks' performance is one of the best of his career but I will say the constantly shaky camera really took me out of it at times. I kept finding myself not focusing on the movie but on how irritating the shake was. I would understand if it was to give you the feeling of uneasiness being on the ocean and I certainly felt that way but it was just as shaky when everything was calm and they were on dry land. Now that was a pretty big problem for me but this movie is definetly worth a watch, especially if you're not bothered by shaky cam. Expand
  37. Feb 13, 2014
    Captain Phillips kept me on the edge of the seat the first hour and a half, then I lose it and recovered it at the end. It's strange how this film manages a great level of tension with such a simple storyline like a cargo ship hijacked by pirates. The clue here is that the movie makes the viewer feel threaten by the pirates, as if he was part of the crew; and the is accomplish because of close camera shots, mainly to the faces of the characters; in contrast with wide camera shots, used for the ship, the life boat and the pirate skiff; and also is the constant massages that the captain sent to the crew by loudspeaker. The story decline when arrives the help for the cargo ship, and here is where all the American power is put on the table, the problem is that is so exaggerated, at the point the it becomes rejectable. Although the end compensate the previous part. Here the direction might not be so good, but Tom Hanks's performance is worthy of an Oscar nomination (too bad that didn't happen) and Barkhad Abdi definitely is the innovation here. Expand
  38. Feb 3, 2014
    本片的那种贯穿始终的惊险刺激恐怖只有亲自看过才能真正体验,Tom Hanks影帝级表演,几位海盗的演出也很出色。
  39. Feb 2, 2014
    I have to admit, for a movie based on a true story. The movie grabs your attention! But that's Hollywood for you. From what I read, the REAL story is alittle different
  40. Feb 2, 2014
    I really liked this movie. It's tense, exciting, engaging, and ultimately very memorable. Greengrass's direction is excellently gritty and authentic. Under his control everything in the film seems impressively real. I can't believe Hanks was snubbed out of an Oscar nomination. His performance was beyond first rate, especially towards the end of the film. The script is also very well done, even to the point of giving a touch humanity to the vicious main villain. I can't however shake the feeling that the film is somewhat limited. It works great as an action film, as well as a drama, but I can't help but feel that it was lacking... something. It also ends too abruptly. Other than those very small disappointments though, this is definitely a must see movie. I also highly recommend buying it. Expand
  41. Jan 29, 2014
    I was already familiar with the storyline as I had seen a documentary of it, so the drama for me was minimized, but pretty much it's about a cargo ship that is traveling in waters that are known for piracy and sure enough the Captain's cargo ship is targeted for piracy and there the adventure begins. Of course, we're supposed to root for Captain Phillips but it's hardly a fair fight, since behind the Captain is all the mighty power of the American military.
    Don't mess with America, I suppose, but hey how about a little love and support for those impoverished but enterprising buccaneers.
  42. Jan 29, 2014
    A Hollywood-produced, politically correct, big studio vehicle, helmed by a world-class action artisan Paul Greengrass, stars the most revered actor of his generation, Tom Hanks as the titular captain, whose screen image is a paragon of an orthodox ordinary Joe alike American hero, in this seafaring hijack inspired by a true event in 2009 at Somali waters. It is a retaliation of the vicious circle from the poverty-stricken to the hegemony which sardonically offers them the alms and simultaneously capitalizes on their natural resources and weaponry merchandizing, so it is not easy to hold a phlegmatic perspective to watch the man-made terror without deploring the sad truth how things have ended up like this, for sure we should inveigh against the piracy felony, all the same we should also see through the phenomena and ferret out the nitty-gritty which induces the atrocious tragedies. We have both parties to blame and need a soul-searching examination on our own conscience.

    Greengrass adopts an engaging procedure to re-enact the white-knuckle happening of how the ship is seized by four Somali pirates (leading by a scrawny Muse, played by the first-time actor, now Oscar-nominee Abdi), parallels the narrative from both sides, playing mind games and a hide-and-seek inside the vessel, this is the first half, culminated with the pirates take captain Phillips as the hostage in a lifeboat, floating back the Somali. Apparently from the hindsight, it is a preventable incident, considering it is a US cargo ship, no one on board is equipped with any firearms at all? From a gun frenzy country where campus shooting is rampant, it is quite implausible, but sometimes the truth is as simple as that, the pirates’ boarding process is rough and ready, clearly the affluent corporate which owns the ship skimps on its defense system, although they are fully aware of the potential peril could happen anytime. Otherwise, there would be no big deal to defeat four sea marauders (one is barely a child) even they’re equipped with AK-18.

    Anyway, the second half, Captain Phillips is held captive within a lifeboat with the pirates on the billowy sea, since then, the film heavily hinges on Hank’s performance to emanate the brewing desperation during the so-called “negotiation” between US rescue team (SEAL, frogmen are all standby) and the cornered pirates four. It is a precious platform to let Hanks finally have something extraordinary to offer, he completes it with consummate precision and sublimates the predictable fallout of the false hope. Unfortunately due to a crammed year with sterling candidates, Hanks is left out of the nomination list, quite an upsetting snub, but he plays a real person who lacks for a distinctive character except he is under an extreme situation, not showy enough is the detrimental disadvantage. Abdi is the MVP among the pirates four, not as irritable and impatient as the hackneyed short-fuse Najee (Ahmed), he is a human being with flesh and blood, he is the one captain Phillips can relate to under such circumstances, all diversities aside, basically they both work for their respective bosses and want to finish their jobs with minimal casualties. His bold final move can be interpreted as a smart judgment call, his American dream ironically fulfills in a different way, at least he can be plumb free of his ill-destined fate.

    Nominated for 6 Oscars including BEST PICTURE (both Hanks and Greengrass are brutally snubbed here), CAPTAIN PHILLIPS is at best an unbiased recount of a man’s individual struggle during a hanging-by-a-thread ride, and at worst, it is an unimaginative hostage story with jejune perpetrators wield weapons and demand unrealistic ransom, no one can beat the principled USS army, do you get the message?
  43. Jan 27, 2014
    It was a surprise. Tom Hanks really is resurfacing his acting career. Although this movie didn't have much going on-as far as action and scene changing. The acting was phenomenal. Was I scared? No. But this movie raised a very serious and realistic question-pirates are for real. They don't have eye patches or hooks for hands, they have weapons. This is a real situation and Tom Hanks and all f his splendid crew worked with this movie. The part wasn't made for them, they made their part. Go see it. Expand
  44. Jan 25, 2014
    The movie is inspired by the American cargo ship called Maersk Alabama's hijacking that took place in 2009 on the eastern coast of Africa. For many who think it is similar to Danish movie 'A Hijacking' it is not. Both the movies are about Somalian pirates, but a totally different stories which were based on individual true events. One was very much realistic about ransom negotiation and the other one was a clean entertainer on the opposite.

    Maersk Alabama is the first American ship to be hijacked in over 200 years. Tom Hanks as captain Richard Phillip was brilliant. He continues to give his performances on the variety of roles in his movies compared to any other actors. That is why he's one of the rare actors in all fine movies of his.

    As a formality the movie begins with the story where the captain Phillips' journey commence from his residence in America. After he flee to Oman to take his ship back to his country, he encounters the threat from a small group of pirates. Once the ship was held by the Somalians pirates the series of incidents occurs before the captain is taken as a hostage in a lifeboat. Then after there's no drama, everything was remarkably shown in those crucial parts with a slightly drag in ending. But the tensions were very well captured and wonderfully exhibited to us.

    With an excellent direction from the director of the Bourne movie series, this movie came in his another top-notch. The movie had plenty of thrilling scenes takes you to the edge of your seat. One of those segments where I got stunned was when the ship was being held by pirates and when navy approaches to the lifeboat. In those parts I just said, wow!. Now my eyes on OSCAR, how many it will gain and lose is I must wait and watch.

  45. Jan 25, 2014
    Going in knowing the outcome with a movie like this makes it hard for the story itself to build tension and suspense. Captain Phillips knows this and instead relies on a magnificent Oscar worthy performance by Hanks. He is both realistically credible and emotionally captivating throughout the film, especially in the final act. Barkhab Abdi also leads a good performance along with the supporting cast of Somalia pirates in displaying them as people with no where else to turn, forced into a mission doomed for failure. The film subtly hints at this but never lets it overshadow the emotional journey of Phillips. The direction and sound are all top notch but what really separates this movie from the pack is the outstanding performance by Hanks. Expand
  46. Jan 24, 2014
    ''An Absolute knockout!'' Explosively suspenseful, Brilliant,Powerful as you've heard. Tom Hanks is astounding. The Best performance of an actor on 2013. The highest order of acting definitely raises the bar of what true life action thriller could do. So let Captain Phillips give it to you! Captain Phillips should be on the stage on the Oscar night. Not just One of the Best Films of 2013, One of the Best Films of the decade. Expand
  47. Jan 22, 2014
    A very nice and interesting movie with good acting. I enjoyed it, it kept me interested and wanting more.
    Also the plot is very original and I haven't seen any similiar movie before. Recommended.
  48. Lyn
    Jan 18, 2014
    Tom Hanks's performance reminds me of Russell Crowe's in "The Insider" -- an average-looking guy, doing his job with no heroics, who goes through a period of very intense anxiety and makes you feel it.. So, Hanks is great as advertised, but somehow the movie is more interesting than it is entertaining. Slow stretches are not filled in with compelling supporting roles or complexity. In fairness, I followed the Somali pirates stuff closely when it happened, so I guess no amount of pounding music was going to make me forget for a while that I knew how it was going to end. Expand
  49. Jan 17, 2014
    This movie is great, the direction by Paul Greengrass is great, the actors playing the Somali pirates, are actually pretty darn good, and Tom Hanks gives one of his greatest performances ever, which is saying a lot. This is one of the best movies of the year.
  50. Jan 14, 2014
    Is just perfect ,Is interesting ,Is a wonderfull movie, good and professional actors.
    I so diferent butAs i said , Is just perfecte
    The best movie i see
    I love tris movie .
  51. Jan 14, 2014
    One of the greatest amazing acting films of the year is Captain Phillips. With amazing acting by Tom Hanks and newcomer Barkhad Abdi this film is gut wrenching and an amazing film to watch.
  52. Jan 13, 2014
    Captain Phillips is a flawless and intense drama that ratchets up the tension with every passing minute. Tom Hanks delivers a career-best performance as the wily and quick-thinking everyman who does his best before cracking under the pressure. The Somali pirates are also treated fairly and their motivation is convincing. 5/5, a must-see movie.
  53. Jan 11, 2014
    Definitely movie of the year 2013! Much better than Gravity. Based on the true story, cliffhanging and made just perfect. I haven't expected so outstanding and excellent movie before I have seen it. Must see!
  54. Jan 3, 2014
    The master of shaky cam Paul Greengrass directs this tense, exciting version of Richard Phillips true story.

    It all gets off to a good start, the main characters Captain Phillips and the Somalian pirates are set up. We know why there doing what there doing and how there paths cross. But it's all just the build up to when the pirates get onto the ship, a very good build up though.

    of my favorite things about the movie which I only noticed once it had finished, is that instead of the pirates killing crew members left, right and center and the crew members attacking the pirates with makeshift weapons (which is how the movie would have been if Michael Bay was the director) the pirates gain access to the ship and try to find out where everyone is and let Captain Phillips know whose boss realistic things. The whole movie has this tone, there aren't any huge explosions and bloody gunfights with big body counts. It all stays realistic.

    However the main attraction of the movie which is why, I think, it's so memorable and being hailed as one of the best movies of the year so far is Tom Hanks. He gives the performance of a lifetime (yes even better than Toy Story). I'm talking Heath Ledger as The Joker standard, now you understand how good he is. Every single second of screen time with him in it is amazing and masterfully acted. I would say that he deserves the Oscar for this year, but I haven't seen Gravity yet. Seriously though Tom Hanks acting in the last scene of the movie is phenomenal and I will buy the DVD just to see that again.

    Captain Phillips is one of my favorite movies of the year so far a must see.
  55. Dec 31, 2013
    Not what I expected, but I am still very much satisfied. I had expected a fast paced thriller with action, but the movie is surprisingly dialogue heavy and thoughtful. Trust me, this is a good thing. The characters always have something interesting to say that makes you think. The performances are also fantastic.

    Captain Phillips gets an 8.6/10
  56. Dec 28, 2013
    Greengrass' lends his signature documentary feel to the film, giving it a potent urgency that left me feeling more excited than truly emotionally invested. Tom Hanks, typically solid, saves some of the film's most powerful acting for the last few scenes.
  57. Dec 22, 2013
    Tom Hanks single-handedly pulled off a realistic and touching real-life story. Such rescue operations is simply flirting with death. One missed shot from the snipers and your hostage's dead. I hope there'll be more security forces in the waters and in the air protecting our merchant ships from pirates. This will prevent exhausting, resource-wasting and life-threatening situations as in Captain Phillips. I cried watching the shock portrayed by Tom Hanks at the end of the movie. Expand
  58. Dec 17, 2013
    2 words: Tom Hanks. No one could have played this part any better. This true story shows how captain Phillips risks everything to protect his ship and his crew. The ending is one of the bests I've ever seen. If this isn't nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars then I will be upset
  59. Dec 13, 2013
    The movie ultimately works with Tom Hanks to thank. The problem is there isn't much story and the climax(while good) came way overdue. The first half of the film was quite exciting and unpredictable, but then it just meanders.
  60. Dec 5, 2013
    The Best in the movie is that we have a true story, an amazing rescue of that captain, an astonishing acting performance by Tom Hanks which make the movie better, good choice of the somalis, a lot of suspense and one of 2013 top 10.
  61. Dec 5, 2013
    The plot is very amazing. Climax keeps getting higher and higher! Very intense at very point of the movie. Tom Hank did a fantastic job in playing the role, to be honest it could get him an Oscar for this!
  62. Dec 3, 2013
    Bravo! Hanks is back and in fine form, as usual the man put me to sleep in about 5 minutes. Only problem is Julia Roberts is nowhere to be seen, if she was in it I would have been asleep before the opening credits finished. Hanks deserve a lifetime award of some sort for being the most bland boring man in Hollowood.
  63. Dec 2, 2013
    "Maybe in America, maybe in America", says Somalian pirate leader Muse; when Captain Phillips asks if there isn’t more to their lives than fishing and kidnapping people. Such an exchange highlights the desperation of the underdeveloped, but does that make their actions justifiable? Such nuances are key in 'Captain Phillips', Paul Greengrass' new film about a group of Somalian pirates who hijack a container ship off the horn of Africa and hold the ship's captain hostage. I must commend screenwriter, Billy Ray, for not only blueprinting the details of this docu-drama but also creating a great character in Capt. Richard Phillips and giving humanity to the four antagonists; who were far more than just "The Pirates". With this, Tom Hanks is able to give his finest performance in over a decade as the genuine Capt. Phillips; and newcomer Barkhad Abdi is able to stand toe-to-toe with him; as Muse. This movie kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. Paul Greengrass has built his career around procedural film making; relying on blunt realism and sharp kinetic thrills. He's in very fine form this time around, doing his best work since 'United 93'. Being ripped straight from the headlines; many may already know how it will all end (albeit, not in such grimy details); but that doesn't seem to matter. Greengrass and his usual editor of choice, Christopher Rouse, know how to construct the adrenaline induced action, the poignancy of the drama and the intensity of the thrills to great effect! “Captain Phillips” was a smart, effective and riveting film; and what else can I say, it was very well made. Expand
  64. Dec 2, 2013
    Captain Phillips takes you into the emotional breakdown, playing well with the stress of a wonderful script, Tom Hanks deserves Oscar nomination for this role, you should also consider sound, editing, photography, script, editing, direction, and without doubt award for best film.
  65. Nov 30, 2013
    someone great said this movie is full of pro US propaganda and crap and if they havent yet they should as this is exactly what it feels like when watching this film. Its main characters from scene to scene dash from coward to stone cold hero personalities, every US person in the film is positive and all Somalis are portrait like village people who just climbed down from banana trees.
  66. Nov 30, 2013
    Paul Greengrass is a director who always focuses his attention on depicting on screen events as realistically as possible and Captain Phillips is no exception. Its riveting and thrilling and the last 40 minutes are directed to near perfection with a scene with Tom Hanks that is the best scene in a movie so far this year.
  67. Nov 29, 2013
    For the first time in a while, I completely forgot I was in the cinema while watching this. An immersing plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat with a faultless performance from Hanks.
  68. Nov 29, 2013
    I see any movie that Tom Hanks is in. This is a decent movie, but not among Tom's best. I found the locale off the shore of Somalia and in the Arabian nice.
  69. Hum
    Nov 25, 2013
    I normally avoid Tom Hanks movies because they are so corny. Apparently someone kept the bosom buddy in check as the Hanksy melodrama was largely absent. I enjoyed this one!
  70. Nov 25, 2013
    Ripping yarn and not the first time a sailor has "remembered things a bit more heroically" than they actually happened. Barkhad Abdi nearly steals the show as well as the ship... with a great performance.
  71. Nov 22, 2013
    At times, you actually wish the movie didn't so such a good job of placing in Phillips' shoes, it's that tense when it's at its best! There are so many moments where you feel such sympathy for him being placed in such an unimaginably dire situation, and because of it, Hanks and all supporting actors make Captain Phillips a movie that's at times slow, but immensely touching and memorable.
  72. Nov 17, 2013
    Not only is this one of the best movies of 2013, this is one of the best movies Tom Hanks has starred in in a long time. The commercials lead you to believe that the ship takeover is the majority of the movie, but it gets much better after that.
  73. Nov 16, 2013
    Many critics described this film as the Argo this year (only without the same opportunities for prizes) in my my opinion he is the closest Zero Dark Third, being a real story treated extremely realistic (striking merits Career Paul G.) at first he tries to highlight all forms of the discrepancy of the two worlds, that of the captain and crew, who have their homes comfortaveis and enough food, and the pirates who sleep on the hard ground and wear clothes insignificant, the performances all of them are very good because they do not speak much but make many facial expressions and gestures, logically Tom H. steals but that only happens in the final 15 minutes, because the script helps, after the end we get the latent print that the great leaders never give evil in his works but his underlings certainly a film that will be fighting seriously by awards. Expand
  74. Nov 16, 2013
    Directed, written and pictures are not the only advantages of the film. Delight also raises impersonator title role of Tom Hanks. I can not imagine the upcoming Oscar ceremony without his name on the list of nominees for the statue's role.
  75. Nov 15, 2013
    Captain Phillips is not a bad film whatsoever and if you like a story I recommend you watch it but there are two issues in the film that stand out. For instance the characters in the movie are not very memorable as you just don't feel a attachment to them but as for Tom Hanks he is far from bad and he can act but I've seen better and I just didn't feel any emotion for him during the entire film. Another issue that affects me and anybody who likes a fast paced movie now if you like a fast paced movie such as me you'll not like Captain Phillips as it starts off very slow and you don't see any action until 30-45 minutes into the film but if you can wait that long then you'll enjoy the rest of the film. Overall Captain Phillips is a enjoyable movie and worth your money and time. Expand
  76. Nov 13, 2013
    Captain Phillips is a great movie that was much beter than I expected. I am always skeptical about movies base on real events because you know how it ends. Plus the previews showed an awful lot of the movie;s story in it. But the movie was quite good and did an excellent job of creating suspense. My only problems with the movie were the weak character introductions. You realize Phillips is a father and that his family is in, what appears to be a minor crisis, but not much else is learned. Obviously the point of it was to show that Phillips had a family who depended on him, which increased our desires as viewers to see him live. But I feel with such a lack of developemt it was pointless to show. Other than that the movie is top notch.
    Once Phillips is aboard the ship the movie keeps you on the edge of your seat. Hanks does an excellent job portraying Phillips and Greengrass's direction creates the tension and action neccessary for the film. Another plus, is the casting, which creates a very authentic feel to the movie. The actors playing the pirates do a terrific job. So, I definitely would recommend this movie, aside from the weak opening it is fantastic.
  77. Nov 11, 2013
    I’m not sure if there is some sort of unwritten rule in Hollywood to pump out glorified films of American icons or a quota for the “Based On A True Story: American Hero” genre. With the likes of Olympus Has Fallen, White House Down, and G.I Joe: Retaliation, there is only one way to distinguish these films from the likes of Captain Phillips, and that’s the talent behind, and in front of the screen.

    Captain Phillips is a clever, beautiful and meticulous piece of American propaganda. Brought out by its studios Columbia Pictures and Sony, it tells the story of a Captain of an American cargo ship being taken over by a small and young band of inexperienced Somali pirates.

    Think of it like this; the film is directed by Paul Greengrass, the same director of United 93, a film that recounts the efforts of average American passengers foiling the plans of foreign terrorist plans during 9/11; it stars our generation’s own Humphrey Bogart, and arguably the most recognizable American actor right now, Tom Hanks, and its produced by the team behind other contemporary American classics like The Social Network. So why is Captain Phillips sinking right out of the water?

    I know that, for the most part, I will be in the vast minority with my viewpoint on the film, already gaining critical praise and reception from early festival screenings and talk, most noticeably for Hanks’ performance. But what about the performances of the practically unknown, amateur and first time Somali actors who, not only hold their own beside the masterful Hanks, but at times tower over time like a freighter ship beside a life vessel. Pirates Muse (Barkhad Abdi) and Bilal (Barkhad Abdirahman) stand out more than the other two pirates, but as the award season nears closer, I am sure neither of these names will be announced as serious award contenders when the time comes.

    What is most disappointing about Captain Phillips is its massive potential. The film starts off, giving the audience [somewhat] equal screen time to both the protagonist and antagonist, showing the lives of these two very different men and the ‘jobs’ they must perform in order to survive. One individual is a captain of a cargo ship who steers heavy waters to get shipments into port on time; the other is a fisherman who is violently forced to become a Somali pirate for a larger, more corrupt entity. Greengrass and screenwriter Billy Ray briefly touch upon the incongruencies of both men’s worlds and different upbringings as well as viewpoints, but, shortly after, is drowned with scenes of unapologetic American patriotism.

    As for Tom Hanks, well, Hanks does what he does best throughout the course of the film. There is no denying Hanks as a powerhouse actor and fine entertainer, just not with the presence of other actors. Some of Hanks’ most memorable and recognized performances (Cast Away, The Terminal, Cloud Atlas) are ones when he is interacting with only himself. Captain Phillips is a testament to that notion; delivering his best and most emotional scenes in either a lifeless life vessel or disoriented and unresponsive to an aiding nurse, Hanks delivers his signature Tom Hanks characteristic, just with a different accent.

    Unfortunately for Greengrass and company, Captain Phillips is an unaware, self-reflexive, continuing practice of the “home of the brave and land of the free” stretching its muscles. Just last year, making its premiere at the Venice and Toronto film festival circuit, a Danish film, titled A Hijacking made its rounds internationally, and then shortly after, in a limited theatre bout. The film never found footing after its critical praise and strong reception from audiences. The trailer is also oddly familiar to the style and narrative of Captain Phillips. Yet again, the Hollywood studio system just goes to show that with the right actor and precise director, no idea is safe of Hollywood’s ongoing obsession of being uncreative.

    Emotionally charged, suspenseful and paced brilliantly, it is hard to ignore Captain Phillips as one’s familiar, unsteady first boat ride–it may be a bit nauseating, rough, and hard. Making you reconsidering jumping on again.
  78. Nov 10, 2013
    Captain Phillips keeps you on your toes from the second you step foot in the theater. Twists and many surprises will await you.
    Hanks performance is worthy of a Oscar with the pirates having great acting themselves. The acting in all the characters felt as if this was truly happening.
    This movie isn't much of an action movie but really captivated me on what a pirate invasion onboard
    would be like and just how scary it would be to be one of those crew members aboard.
    The reason why I didn't give it a perfect 10 is for the lackluster beginning and execution of the drama. Many parts were filler that were unnecessary. Also, many cliches filled this movement throughout.
  79. Nov 10, 2013
    The best thing about Paul Greengrass’ new action thriller Captain Phillips is that it is actually about Captain Phillips. No, this is not a joke.

    Phillips is an adept ship captain for the huge shipping conglomerate Maersk. He assumes his role aboard a freighter docked in Oman bound for Kenya, and this route is straight through the Gulf of Aden, past Somali, the most pirate infested
    piece of ocean in the world. I assume most viewers entering the theatre already know that this film is about pirates attacking a ship. The film does fulfill this expectation in the first act, but from there everything that happens is as unpredictable as is possible to be unpredictable.

    First of all, kudos to the trailer’s producers and marketers for selling this film as a conflict totally based upon on the hijacking of a ship. While this is the first major conflict of the film, it is not the only one. As the ship’s hijacking unfolds, and errors occur, whole tangential series of events and complications are created. Greengrass takes these tangents to a place we never could have expected, and all of a sudden we have an unexpected thrilling crisis of a film.

    Overall it’s a simple story, but it’s so creative in its originality and unfolding that I was on the edge of my seat the whole film. Since it’s based on a true story I guess Greengrass shouldn’t get all the credit. A lot of the credit must go to one the two scriptwriters, Richard Phillips. He adapted this script from the book that was based on true events.

    Second of all, there is a storyline involving the Somali’s and the world they come from. It was a great idea to include this. We are shown that Somali pirates are not just pure evil, but are in many ways forced into the acts of piracy they undertake. In a extremely revealing scene Phillips and Muse, the head pirate, reveal how higher levels of bureaucracy influences both their lives, they both have bosses they say.

    In a moment of cinematic excellence, Greengrass actually makes the viewer feel sympathy for Muse despite the fact that he is a maniacal, automatic weapon toting killer who hijacks ships. Sir Greengrass, very well done.

    There has been a concern over this film’s release though, and this raises the question that all art needs to consider: do the events of the film/artwork that declare themselves as true have an obligations to actually be true? Or can anyone declare anything and make into a work in itself?

    This though comes from media attacks on the real Captain Phillips. According to The Guardian, apparently Captain Phillips himself was not the hero he is portrayed as in the film. He was a notoriously difficult captain to work for, and by sailing too close to Somalia some say he was the cause of the whole incident. Debate aside, very good film.
  80. Nov 10, 2013
    I tell you this is a great movie. Even if it all wasn't true it was still a heck of a movie. Tom Hanks deserves an oscar. Those black pirates also deserve one too. Great movie!
  81. Nov 9, 2013
    Captain Phillips is based on a true story and in doing so it has created a story of its own. Simply spine chilling good, goose bump worthy and can captivate the most attention challenged person. Tom hanks tops an impressive career with a instant classic sure to be spoken about in the same breathe as godfather, braveheart and gladiator in years to come. The credits need to be greeted with applause for a movie done so flawless, so relatable, and so perfect. My only complaint is there won't be a second. Congrats Tom put this feather next to Forrest Gump in that hat of yours. Expand
  82. Nov 9, 2013
    A pretty thrilling and gripping story, but Tom Hanks isn't unleashed until the very end! His character appears, to me, at least, to be somewhat one dimensional emotionally for a good majority of the film. Still a fun movie, though.
  83. Nov 6, 2013
    El director Paul Greengrass da vida a este acontecimiento histórico, pero con un detalle totalmente realista; con el que nos sentimos atrapados sin salida al igual que los personajes que rodean la tripulación del barco (y hasta a los piratas). Captain Phillips, es una película digna de disfrutar y vivir la experiencia lado a lado con este impresionante estilo frenético que solamente Greengrass es capaz de aportar; actuaciones penetrantes, mucho realismo y el no poder despegarte de la pantalla se encuentra en ésta película. Expand
  84. Nov 6, 2013
    This really is the best movie of the year. The acting from all the characters is on top and the Somali pirates are absolutely incredible. Even though most people know what happens to Captain Phillips due to it being a true story, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. This is a theater experience not because of visuals but because of how amazing this film really is.
  85. Nov 5, 2013
    Excellent entertainment. Perfect acting from captain Philips (Tom Hanks) and the four pirates (Barkhad Abdi, Barkhad Abdirahman, Faysal Ahmed, and Mahout Ali), who appeared to be real pirates. Well crafted scenario, calculated talking, well taken shots, interpretive locations, indoor and outdoor, fast pace, tiring rhythm. Captain Philips, a family man, was taken hostage after a failing attempt to kidnap a Maersk cargo ship. Four pirates are looking for a kidnaping reward, the ship crew and their captain Philips were trained for such ordeal, they did manage to overcome the kidnappers who had one choice left, escape in the life boat with captain Philips taken captive. The US navy and navy seals put an end to this breathtaking movie, they free captain Philips, kill three pirates and capture their leader. Expand
  86. Nov 2, 2013
    Captain Phillips is a riveting, gripping, edge-of-your-seat thriller that doesn't let up on any level of suspense or emotion. Tom Hanks delivers one of his best performances in recent years, maybe ever, and definitely deserves an Oscar nod for it. The Somali pirates don't have a long filmography, but still delivered realistic and accurate performances. If you think what you've seen all of the what the movie has to offer in the trailers, you've got another thing coming. One of the best films of the year. Expand
  87. BKM
    Nov 1, 2013
    It comes as little surprise that Captain Phillips is a tightly wound thriller grounded in reality. That has always been Greengrass' style. What's new this time out is the surprising waves of emotion that hit like a tsunami at the film's end. The credit for that goes to Hanks whose subtle turn paints Phillips not as a hero, but an ordinary man caught in a scenario with no ideal outcome.
  88. Oct 31, 2013
    Captain Phillips was, arguably, one of the best movies I have ever seen. While a ten is extremely difficult to achieve in my book, this easily takes the second-highest score. The drama, action, thrill, and occasional well-placed humor were quite excellent, even if it took well over two hours to achieve that.
  89. Oct 31, 2013
    Emotions run high in this piracy adventure which is gripping from beginning to end. It is also a much better film than the trailer marketing it suggests. I have always been rather irritated by the Tom Hanks' movie star persona, all saccharine and beaming smiles, and his choice of films are invariably of a very conventional or commercial nature (or both!) adding weight to one's off screen impression of him. In his roles, though, he is usually totally believable and rarely gives a bad performance. His Captain Phillips must rank as one of his best. For the most part it is understated and, unusually for a Hanks turn, he blends in to the ensemble rather than standing out as the obvious star.
    Director Paul Greengrass keeps the action up close for the most part creating an atmosphere of claustrophobic desperation. He is aided no end by some stunning hand held camera shots with positioning and angles that truly add to the tension. Even when scenes are in darkness or low light the events happening on screen are clearly depicted, unlike in similar situations in many films where you just don't know what's going on because the cinematography is so poor. The editing too is just dazzlingly brilliant and provides the movie with its rapid heart beat.

    The screenplay raises issues on the age of the hijackers and the fac that these 'terrorists' are in fact fishermen who have had to resort to piracy due to the fact that the western world have over fished the seas. However, it counter balances this particular comment by having Tom Hanks' character state at one point 'You're not a fisherman!' when one of the hijackers violently holds a gun to his forehead. The screenplay may have wanted to appear balanced but I personally know which side I'm on. In the end it is the responsibility of individual governments to combat piracy. As they say prevention is better than cure. It is incredible to me that governments will do anything in any other situation to prevent acts of terrorism these days. However, in this known problematic area where the evil flourishes man made laws, I believe, don't allow ships to have the proper security and weaponry to defend themselves against such acts. This is not only costly in all ways, but demonstrates stupidity in an extreme form. Stupidity that should be curtailed now!
  90. Oct 29, 2013
    I have to admit that this movie was absolutely stunning! I had absolutely no expectations what so ever before watching this movie. I have seen the Danish movie "The Hijacking (Kapringen)", which is about the same (Story loosely based on true events).
    Captain Phillips was great! I know you should take the story with a pinch of salt and I did. The movie by it self was so exciting and the
    last 30 minutes of the game my Heart was literally beating nonstop, faster and faster! Great performance by Tom Hanks. This movie is a must see! Expand
  91. Oct 28, 2013
    Superbly directed by Greengrass and led by Hanks and Abdi's powerful performances, 'Captain Phillips' is a tense and exhilarating film experience, that may lose its way in its second act, but is compensated for in it outstanding first and second.
  92. Oct 28, 2013
    Being held hostage by a dangerous group of modern-day pirates as they wield automatic weapons is something nobody wants to experience, but Captain Phillips will probably be the closest you’ll get to knowing what it's like.  The film is based on the true story of the brave commander of the U.S. container ship Maersk Alabama, which was seized in 2009 by a crew of Somali pirates.  The gritty cinematography and the realism of the characters make Captain Phillips one of the best films of the year.
    Director Paul Greengrass, who's works include the Bourne sequels and United 93, once again used his infamous shaky-cam techniques to effectively give the feeling of disorientation and boost the intensity of the film. The cinematographer was Barry Ackroyd, who chose to shoot with different film depending on which characters were in the shot. If Hanks or his crew members were in frame, they were shot on 35mm, which produced a higher quality picture with more vivid colors and less of a grainy look. On the other hand, the pirates were shot with 16mm film, giving off a more grainy look with slightly duller color. These contrasts, along with the hand-held camera look and close-up face shots all accumulated to intensify the already horrific situation. Greengrass' cast consisted of almost all no-name actors besides Tom Hanks, who gave a possible oscar-nominating performance as he displayed the bravery of being Richard Phillips, captain of the Maersk Alabama. In order to add to the realism, Greengrass didn't let the pirates and Hanks meet each other until they were on set and about to film. The fear expressed on Hank's face may have also been natural.
    The first 20 minutes of the movie was the calm before the storm. Hanks is packing his bags, getting ready to leave his house in Vermont. His wife drives him to the airport, and you can't help but notice how worried and visibly scared she is. Her tears and feelings of uncertainty foreshadow the horrific events that follow. Viewers become emotionally invested knowing the captain has a loving wife back home. Meanwhile, back on the shores of Somalia, a dream-team of pirates is being assembled. Similar to the drafting process of a schoolyard football game, about 8 men are selected from the group, based on strength and determination. The Somalians grab their AK-47s, and climb into their motorized skiffs as they head to sea with only one objective to bring home money. Even though the Somalians are embarking on a journey of crime, all they want is a better life. The contrast of Phillips home-life versus life in Somalia is nothing but saddening. A part of you almost roots for the pirates to return home with their ransom money.
    When Hanks first steps foot on the ship, he goes right into captain mode. He immediately starts safety procedures and bosses around his lazy group crew workers. After finishing up his last safety drill, he spots 2 skiffs on his radar, headed his way quickly. One skiff ends up turning around, but the inevitable happens, and the Maersk Alabama is boarded by 4 Somali pirates. As Hanks sends the crew to hide out in the engine room, he does his best to distract the impatient pirates by offering them water and melon slices to snack on. But the leader of the hijackers, Muse (Barkhad Abdi), has had enough, and eventually takes the captain hostage on a small covered lifeboat, while demanding a ransom of millions in exchange for his return.
    The claustrophobic lifeboat consisted of Captain Phillips, Muse, and his 3 other helpers the right-hand man, the hothead, and the rookie. While in the lifeboat, Hanks begins to form a relationship with the rookie pirate, who's only 16 years of age and displayed just as much fear as Hanks. Hanks helps the youngster bandage his cut foot and tries to speak with him. He tells the Somalian that he is too young to be hijacking ships. The dynamics of their relationship was interesting. They both secretly helped each other, trying to avoid being caught by the hothead, who never hesitated to scream at Hanks and deliver a pistol-whip to his forehead. As the movie progresses, your concern for the safety and future of the young pirate is right there with your concerns for the captain.
    What follows is an intense cat-and-mouse game with the U.S. Navy and the little orange lifeboat, full of failed negotiations and uncertainties. Once the lifeboat is surrounded, it is clear that all 5 men are unsure if they will make it out of there alive. All 130 minutes accumulate to what is one of the most intense movie climaxes you'll see. And Hank's brilliant acting in the last 4 minutes caps the movie with a real, heartfelt ending that everyone must see themselves.
  93. Oct 27, 2013
    Captain Phillips 2013 Director: Paul Greengrass Tom Hanks brings another spectacular, emotional, well presented, and inspirational movie to the big screen. The movie introduced new characters but all of them did their individual roles with excellence. The content of the movie is very new to viewers and successfully introduces the life of pirates. When Captain Phillips leads this massive cargo ship from Jordan to Kenya, it was all supposed be a normal route. But, after several hours in the sea, Captain Philips and his crew faced the unexpected reality of pirates. The fear portrayed by Captain Phillips and his crew and the emotional rollercoaster and dramatic environment makes the movie very interesting to watch and enjoyable at the same time.

    As American, watching the Navy Seals plan and execute a successful mission to save a single American's life is a very inspiring moment and makes viewers proud. The last minutes of the rescue, the intense exchange between the pirates and the American rescue team and the situation inside the lifeboat was very dramatic and all characters performed their part with excellence.

    The movie is a masterpiece in all aspects and is a movie worth watching and a movie that will be remembered.


    Captain Philips Movie 2013
  94. Oct 27, 2013
    This is a well-made film! Although based on an actual event, there is no doubt in my mind that the embellishments of the story make it so much more theatrical.Yes, I know that that is the nature of a film based on fact. In other words, don't expect reality in a true-based event. However, for some reason, this did not connect with me. Tom is fine as are the cast but this is not anything that I would want to see again, ever and I found it grueling to see it once. Actually, I'm glad that I went to it and now see that most who saw it do not agree with my perspective. Obviously, my standards for a film of this nature are quite different. Perhaps the fact that I drifted off after about 10 minutes for about 15 minutes and then watched the rest of the film colours my perspective? C' est la vie! Expand
  95. Oct 26, 2013
    A terrific film that is well paced with many edge of your seat moments. Tom Hanks gives a fantastic performance that allows you to feel what a real life situation for a captain is like. A
  96. Oct 25, 2013
    I think one of the main reasons I didn't give this movie a higher rating is because I thought the last third just sort of droned on and fizzled out. Yes it ended with a bang, but the more interesting part of the story was when the captain was trying to outsmart the pirates and save his ship and crew. The last third of the story seemed as confined and limited as the actual physical space it took place in. They did do a good job characterizing the pirates, not making them likable, but making them human, instead of caricatures, simple violent thugs. A decent flick, but not sure why it is getting all the glowing critic reviews, the Halo that surrounds Mr, Hanks and all his works (since Joe vs. the Volcano anyway), perhaps? Expand
  97. Oct 25, 2013
    The film is presented with a rather impressive hand-held camera style, and the plot engages the audience with a balanced pacing of thrills. Tom Hanks is somewhat banal, and his character is oddly superfluous, though not absolutely. The real force is Barkhad Abdi, an amazing new talent. His character is both contemptible and sympathetic, and he brings a raw experience having grown up in Somalia. And I must add that his improvised line "Look at me, I'm the captain now", shows his capabilities. I support his Oscar buzz. Expand
  98. Oct 25, 2013
    Captain Phillips is an absolute must see film! A stellar performance by the acting god that is Tom Hanks under the direction of the ever dependable Paul Greengrass makes for a highly watchable film. One of the best films you will see for sure. It doesn't disappoint! Based on a true story, Captain Phillips (Hanks) takes command of the MV Alabama under orders to sail it's cargo through the Gulf of Aden to Mumbasa. However, during their journey, Somali pirates board the ship and take him hostage. From their Greengrass excels in doing what he does best. Delivering a suspensful and incredibly tense experience that will have on the edge of your seats wondering what waits round every corner. Barkhad Abdi's portrayal as the pirate leader Abduwali Muse was wonderful. But as the film heralds towards it's conclusions it's all about Tom Hanks. His performance is undoubtedly an Oscar worthy and he excels and steers the film over the finish line. The film exceeded all expectations I had, but then again it shouldn't have. Paul Greengrass has an impeccable track-record and Tom Hanks never lets you down, he's Hollywood gold! One of the films of the year. Definitely a must see! Expand
  99. Oct 21, 2013
    With a director like Paul Greengrass and a leading actor like Tom Hanks you can expect some action and drama. And it is delivered as expected.

    This movie is based on real events, the hijacking of a huge cargo ship Maersk Alabama by Somali pirates in 2009.

    Many people question the historical accuracy of the script. I am not going to comment on it. The movie itself is extremely tense
    and well made.
    Maybe the music is at times a bit too "dramatic" to my liking. But performance is solid across the board, and Tom Hanks once again demonstrated that he is one of the very best. I am confident he will be nominated for Oscar and very well may win it (for the third time).
  100. Oct 21, 2013
    A very interesting and thoroughly enjoyable film. Definitely one the best films that I have seen this year and a must see at the moment. Tom Hanks plays a great lead role and I was not disappointed after seeing this movie.

Universal acclaim - based on 48 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 44 out of 48
  2. Negative: 0 out of 48
  1. Reviewed by: Neil Smith
    Oct 21, 2013
    Squeezing every drop of tension from wet-ink recent history, Phillips only falters when making its protagonists mouthpieces in a broader geopolitical debate. Otherwise, it’s full steam ahead to the Oscars.
  2. Reviewed by: Kenneth Turan
    Oct 11, 2013
    The piercingly realistic Captain Phillips will exceed your expectations.
  3. Reviewed by: Peter Rainer
    Oct 11, 2013
    Greengrass is an expert hijacker, too. He hijacks our good sense.