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  1. 100
    This movie is NEW from the get-go. It could be your first Bond. In fact, it was the first Bond; it was Ian Fleming's first 007 novel, and he was still discovering who the character was.
  2. Casino Royale is fresh, actually fresh.
  3. Relaunches the series by doing something I wouldn't have thought possible: It turns Bond into a human being again -- a gruffly charming yet volatile chap who may be the swank king stud of the Western world, but who still has room for rage, fear, vulnerability, love.
  4. Flat-out one of the best Bonds ever.
  5. 90
    Casino Royale is quite possibly the best action movie of the year.
  6. 90
    This is Bond as we've never seen him, more naked, alive and mysterious than ever.
  7. 90
    What's appealing about Bond is precisely its unhip classicism -- its promise of clean, crisp excitement delivered without the interference of whiplash-inducing camera pyrotechnics, attention-deficient editing patterns, gratuitous color tinting and/or ear-splitting rock ballads.
  8. Reviewed by: Robert Wilonsky
    Craig, excellent in both art house endeavors (The Mother, Enduring Love) and blockbuster think pieces (Munich), has both a nasty streak and a soft side never before seen in the series; Fleming would recognize him as most like his literary creation: damaged goods in a tailored tux.
  9. 90
    The script updates Ian Fleming's first Bond novel to a post-9/11 world and scales back the silliness that always seems to creep into the series; director Martin Campbell (The Mask of Zorro) contributes some superior action set pieces but keeps the camp and gadgetry to a minimum.
  10. 88
    Craig gives us James Bond in the fascinating act of inventing himself. This you do not want to miss.
  11. Eleven years ago director Campbell made "GoldenEye," the first of the Brosnan Bond pictures. Casino Royale trumps it every which way.
  12. Fans of anyone other than Sean Connery who has played James Bond may want to look away, because admirers of Ian Fleming's 007 novels are almost bound to agree that Daniel Craig is the best Bond since Sean.
  13. 88
    This is no longer the James Bond we know from the '60s, '70s, '80s, and '90s. Welcome to the new world of MI6's most storied agent.
  14. Craig makes you aware of something that the Bond series, in its pursuit of steamy sex and cartoon action, quickly lost sight of: 007 is a killer. That's what he's licensed to do.
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  1. Jun 1, 2011
    Easily one of the best, is not the best, Bond films since the days of Connery. The dark and gritty tones are a welcome change of pace, and the story still manages to infuse humor in the right places, and in my opinion also in the right quantity. Easy 10. Full Review »
  2. Sep 24, 2011
    The movie is a revolution to the Bond franchise. Mark Campbell presents to the audience that James Bond is not a hero who kills the bad guys and gets laid with girls using his gadgets and slick words. Using Daniel Craig, he presents a Bond that actually gets hurt and looses the ones he love. Through this change of portrayal, Bond has become a stronger character and a worthy franchise to watch. Kudos Campbell (and you too Craig)!!! Full Review »
  3. JeffF.
    Nov 20, 2006
    The new Bond is a humorless stiff. One long pointless chase is followed by a long pointless fistfight followed by a long pointless card game followed by a long pointless shootout. We know who is going to win the poker tournament just get on with it. The movie just goes on and on and on. Other than Die Another Day this is the worst Bond ever. The thrill is gone. Full Review »