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Summary: Six years after the atomic bombing of 06 August 1945, the school teacher Takako Ishikawa returns to Hiroshima on her vacation to visit friends and to honor her parents that died in the bombing. Takako was raised by her uncle and aunt. While in her hometown she stays with her friend, Natsue Morikawa, who has become infertile due to the side effect of the A-bomb. While walking along the destroyed city, she sees a former family friend, Iwakichi, who worked with her father, and is almost blind and has become a beggar. She pays a visit to his shanty in the slums and discovers that his grandson, Taro, is living in an orphanage since Iwakichi's shanty is no place to raise the child. When Morikawa tells her that three former pupils from the kindergarten have survived to the bombing, Takako pays a visit to each one of them and finds how the A-bomb and the radiation have affected their lives. Before returning home, Takako asks Iwakachi to let her bring Taro with her; but their bond is very strong.
Runtime: 97 min
Production: Kindai Eiga Kyokai
Genres: Drama, War
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Director Credit
Kaneto Shindô Director
Writer Credit
Kaneto Shindô Writer
Cast Credit
Chikako Hosokawa Setsu, Takako's Mother
Eijirô Tôno Cast
Jûkichi Uno Koji
Masao Shimizu Toshiaki, Takako's Father
Niwa Saito Natsue Morikawa
Nobuko Otowa Takako Ishikawa
Osamu Takizawa Iwakichi
Shinya Ofuji Cast
Taiji Tonoyama Owner Of A Ship
Takashi Ito Cast
Tanie Kitabayashi Otoyo
Tsuneko Yamanaka Cast
Tsutomu Shimomoto Natsue's Husband
Yuriko Hanabusa Oine
Producer Credit
Hisao Itoya Associate Producer
Kozaburo Yoshimura Producer
Setsuo Noto Associate Producer
Tengo Yamada Associate Producer Movie title data, credits, and poster art provided by: