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  1. 50
    When the final twist has been turned and the last corpse has hit the ground, it is a film that could have been twice as good if it had been half as complicated.
  2. 50
    There's nothing hugely original going on here, but as twisty-turny crime thrillers go, this one is perfectly entertaining.
  3. If an Olympic competition for overplotted movie is ever held, Circus seems a likely contender for the gold.
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  1. MichaelP.
    Nov 28, 2006
    Check out this film if you like edgy thrillers! Interesting, quirky characters and clever dialogue, quite funny in places. The plot does get overly complicated by the end, but as it unfolds it constantly surprises you. There are no huge stars in the cast but the performances are top notch. I expected a dud when I rented it at the video store, but was very pleasantly surprised, a good find. Full Review »