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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 10 out of 18
  2. Negative: 1 out of 18

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  1. San Francisco Chronicle
    Reviewed by: Judy Stone
    With outstanding performances by Gene Hackman and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as the embattled father and daughter, the film is a remarkably mature treatment of conflict in a family whose members are fully involved in the problems of our times. [15 Mar 1991]
  2. Seattle Post-Intelligencer
    Reviewed by: William Arnold
    When it's good, there is no more riveting movie genre than a courtroom drama, and Class Action is one of the best in ages - perhaps since "The Verdict" in 1982. [15 Mar 1991]
  3. 80
    Grounded in a good cause but never puffed up or preachy, the father-daughter drama transcends the issues.
  4. Los Angeles Times
    Reviewed by: Sheila Benson
    Class Action s good, chewy entertainment, part courtroom pyrotechnics, part Machiavellian legal maneuvers. [15 Mar 1991]
  5. 80
    Apted gives this smarter-than-average script a slick look and expertly develops suspense.
  6. 75
    The screenplay by Carolyn Shelby, Christopher Ames and Samantha Shad contains dialogue scenes so well-heard and written it's hard to believe this is a Hollywood movie, with Hollywood's tendency to have characters underline every emotion so the audience won't have to listen so carefully.
  7. The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
    Reviewed by: Jay Scott
    It's an undemanding yet bright delight. [16 Mar 1991]
  8. 70
    Winning performances by Gene Hackman and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and potent direction by Michael Apted pump life into the sturdy courtroom drama formula once again.
  9. 67
    Director Apted has somehow managed to take one of the most contrived plots I've ever seen and make it seem, if not original, then at least way above average.
  10. The work of Hackman and Mastrantonio keeps the action afloat and more credible than it deserves to be.

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