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  1. One of the finest pieces of screen acting in the career of Juliette Binoche -- the actress playing the actress in this extraordinary film.
  2. Haneke illuminates beautifully the lives of his people with an eye for the revealing nuance and detail.
  3. 90
    The kind of art film that's rarely seen anymore -- the kind that trusts the audience to be as intelligent as the director.
  4. The thing that makes Haneke’s Code Unknown so enjoyable and effective is that that he says it in such a wonderfully restrained and light-handed yet suspenseful way.
  5. For those who've become increasingly conscious of the connections between strangers sharing a city, it's a challenge that's hard to resist.
  6. Reviewed by: Ken Fox
    With virtually no music and very little expository dialogue, this is one of the rare films with enough faith in moviegoers to let them figure things out for themselves.
  7. Code Unknown is a film you think more than feel. Though each scene is executed close to flawlessly, the cumulative effect is often oppressive. But at the center of the film -- the real reason it was made -- is Binoche, one of the genuinely radiant presences in movies today.

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Score distribution:
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  1. Aug 27, 2010
    Michael Haneke's 'Code Unknown' is he type of movie that the viewer earns as much as they put in. Every scene starts in the midst of its own premise, and with enough assumption and even more inference, one can discern what is going on, but only with preset motives (and as far as narrative goes, that is as far as I will delve...) Despite the narrative ubiquituies, the film covers some expansive issues - race relations, poverty, war, forced perspective, love - it would be detracting to say this movie encompasses anything less than holism throughout its 'cause.' The downside to this cinematic ideal is that the movie doesn't really contain a wholesome message that can radiate in any form; the presence of every concept is there, but despite whatever message, there always has to be some anecdotal tether to keep any interest in the given perspective. So once again, with enough knowledge of the ideas present, and with the ability to rise above dramatic cues and seize every situation at hand, this movie can be more effecting than any empirical literature - but I suppose that would be pretentious, wouldn't it? (Even assuming any of my friends read this far, it's only a matter of drunken pretense.......) Expand

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